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4 Philippine Attractions Solo Female Travelers Will Enjoy

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The Philippines is a great starting place for solo travelers because of the many things it has to offer. Beautiful beaches, stunning sceneries, delectable foods, and hospitable people – these are just some of the things you can find in the Philippines.

Combine this with the abundance of 5-star hotels in Manila, Makati, and other optimal locations and you’ve basically got a country that is ready to cater to tourists and travelers – whether they be foreigners or locals.

Although most, if not all, locations are sure to provide adventures for solo travelers, we’ve listed some that are sure to satisfy the souls of solo female travelers. These are, by no means, listed in order and are all amazing and breathtaking in their own rights.


Located in the province of Mountain Province, Sagada is popular among those who are hoping to heal a broken heart, doing some soul-searching, and looking for solace away from the toxicity of the Metro. - Quality over Quantity Hosting. Not Unlimited from $2.95/month.

Its popularity may have risen due to local film called ‘A Little Thing Called Tadhana’ but its beauty and charm can only be felt in person. With a captivating mix of man-made and natural wonders, this place is sure to sweep away your worries and sorrows and cleanse your troubled soul.

It may be popular among those suffering from and looking for love but it is not closed to those who simply want to see unforgettable sights and sceneries and enjoy a little peace and tranquility.

Going to Sagada requires more than 8 hours of travel from Manila, but the travel time is more than worth it for those looking to get away from the crazy urban wilderness.

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At the northernmost part of the country is an archipelago province called Batanes. It is situated in the Cagayan Valley and is deemed to be the smallest place in terms of both population and land area.

In here, you can set your eyes on unspoiled landscapes including rolling hills, pristine beaches, steep cliffs, and deep canyons. The best part about travelling to Batanes is that you can almost guarantee your safety as the place has a crime rate that is close to zero.

On top of this, despite being part of a tropical country, the heat in the place isn’t as excruciating and temperatures can hit low numbers mostly because of its latitude.

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Catanduanes is one of those locations that boasts picture-perfect grasslands that are overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This island in the Bicol region is perfect for those who want a glimpse of the Philippines’ natural beauty and historic sites.

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There are striking rock formations that you can’t find anywhere else and renowned beaches like the Puraran and Twin Rock beaches.

Many liken this destination spot to Batanes, albeit being a little cheaper, so it’s perfect for solo female travelers who are a bit tight on budget.


The beautiful province of Romblon is found in the Visayas islands and is famous for its white sand beaches. It is a favorite among those that want to get away from the crazy beach parties of Boracay and it is perfect for solo female travelers that wants peace at the beach.

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Being not as crowded as other famous beach destinations in the country, islands in Romblon offers cheaper hotels but does not compromise on quality. Solo female travelers would need to ride boats to transfer from one island to another.

While some of these beaches are privately owned, some of the islands are a great place for camping having a more intimate and relaxing stay while enjoying the sound of the waves.

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One location that is considered as a haven for foodies is Vigan which can be found in Ilocos Sur. It is home to well-loved delicacies such as bagnet, longganisa, pinakbet, empanada and more – all of which are sure to satiate anyone’s palate.

Aside from these mouthwatering treats, you are sure to be in awe of its rustic beauty. Here you can take a stroll or ride a kalesa – a horse-drawn carriage – to explore the city which is filled with old structures that are dated from the Philippine colonial area.

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The unique and elegant building designs that mix Philippine, Oriental, and Spanish architecture is what allowed it to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site and among the New 7 Wonders Cities in 2015.

Key Takeaway

Although these places may not have high-rise and prestige 5-star hotels like in Manila or Makati, they more than compensate for that with their grandiose views and sceneries that are unlike any other.

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You don’t necessarily have to be nursing a broken heart or looking for love to enjoy these locations. If you’re hoping to get out of your comfort zone, seeking a little adventure or craving for some peace and quiet, you are sure to find comfort in these places.




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