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A Quick Guide To The World’s Best Surf Beaches

If you love the beach, whether that be relaxing on the sand and soaking up some rays or heading out into the water to ride the waves, you may well be wondering where the next beach destination on your list of places to visit should be.

There are so many beaches in the world, and many are iconic for their clear blue waters of powdery white sands, but we thought we’d bring you a quick guide to the beaches across the globe that are the best for surfing! Read on to hear more about a few of our favourites.

Banzai Pipeline


The mother of all waves, the Banzai Pipeline is the crest every surfer dreams of riding one day. It is a reef break in Hawaii, where modern surfing was developed, and it is a truly humbling tube of water.

While many surfers will not yet be at the level required to take the pipeline on, but it’s well worth a visit whether or not you’re actually experienced enough to brave it right now! It truly is picture perfect to behold.

If you visit in the summertime when the waves are flat, the reef offers some of the best snorkeling you could hope to find.



Mavericks is a famous surf spot just north of Half Moon Bay, and in some weather conditions, it has even been home to monster 60-foot waves, which are seriously gnarly to take on.

A surf competition is held annually between November and March if conditions allow it, and the twist to the contest is that nobody knows when it will actually be held until 24 hours before it starts.

There have been several documentaries filmed that tell the story of the history of Mavericks, and it is certainly well worth visiting to check out yourself in person.

Banzai Pipeline

Banzai Pipeline

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Sultan's Break

Sultan's Break



What could be more perfect than surfing in the Maldives? Sultans is arguably the best spot to do so, and its claim to fame is that it never closes out, whether the waves are big or small. Takeoff is possible behind the peak before the wave meets the reef and slingshots into a speedy and spacious tube.

It is hard to imagine a more stunning destination than the Maldives whatever your holiday plans may be, but the existence of sultans really is the icing on the cake if you’re a lover of surfing.



Total beginner? Then Europe is home to just the spot for you. Ann’s Cottage recommends Biarritz as the perfect spot for those just starting out. The rolling peaks you’ll find here are easy to learn on for beginners, and there are also some spots for the more experienced surfer to have fun on as well.

This elegant seaside town has been a popular tourist spot since the 1800s and touted as a top city break as well as a popular surf spot.


We hope this has given you some inspiration for best surf spots to add to your bucket list! Be sure to follow advice on conditions if you are heading out to surf any time soon.

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