We at Feeblefeet created this travel blog to help people get ideas, information and guides that they can use on their future travel. The goal is to give a review of the places around the city, the countries to visit and things to keep in mind before travelling to better plan the trip.

This blogs main niche market are the Filipino expats living in the middle east who wants to travel to nearby countries. This will be helpful to them as we will share our experiences first hand.

Dubai expats and locals as well since most of our travel will revolve around Dubai as our starting point with some few exceptions.

Travelers who would want to visit Dubai and the Philippines as there will be more articles these two places because we know most of the good places in the said locations.

This can help and provide guidance to everyone who wants to travel to the places that we will visit so that they can make better plans, comparisons of expenses and location recommendations.

This site is currently a work in progress as we fill it with content regarding travel and alike. If you want to share your travel experience but don’t have a platform to do it, you can share it with us and we’ll publish it on our site for other people to see. Send us a message through our contact page.