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Activities That You Can Try in a Desert Safari Tour

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As a resident of Dubai myself, I’ve been to numerous Desert Safari tour and every time I went as part of different groups I always find myself admiring the desert.

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I have tried different tour groups as well mostly in Dubai but I have tried an Abu Dhabi desert safari tour as well.

Most of the tours have the same major activity that they have on their tour Itinerary, some will have additional activities which you can get for additional costs as well.

Dubai Desert 4x4 Dune Bashing, Sandboarding, Camel Riding, Dinner Tour

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You might be thinking, why are we talking about the desert during this time of the year? This is to clarify that we don’t want you to try the desert safari tour on a summer, specifically on months April to October. The heat might be overbearing for anyone because of the humidity of the country.

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Why are we suggesting the desert safari tour?

It is highly recommended that visitors and tourists coming to Dubai should at least experience the desert safari tour once. Mainly because of the picturesque 360 view of the desert, the fine sands of the Middle East, the slopes of sand that differ day by day, the chance to play and experience different desert activities and cultural interactions.

It is definitely a different experience, if not in Dubai you can try any desert tours in the Middle East or any place which offers the same.

You can find out more about the Dubai desert Safari tour in one of our guest post article here.

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desert safari tour

Activity list Dubai Desert Tour

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is an activity where you will be one of the passengers of a 4x4 vehicle and a professional driver will drive you through a bumpy ride in the desert sand slopes.

It will pretty much feel like riding a roller coaster. You will be expected to wear a seatbelt as you will bounce back and forth, left and right on the course of the Dune Bashing.

This is somewhat an exhibition of how strong the 4x4 car is and how good the driver is as well. It will be a fun ride which I believe everyone will get to try for free as the end route of the Dune Bashing is your desert camp. Unless you make any special arrangements, it will be the same for everyone.

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Camel Riding

The base camp of the Dubai desert tour will have some desert animals in it, mainly the camels. The campsites will sometimes offer free camel ride or a paid one, depending on the tour that you got. Usually, it is free.

The Camel is a very tall animal. It sits while folding its long knees, so you better hold tight when you ride it and make sure that you’re holding tightly at the handle. Once it starts standing up it will not care about the people riding it and your guide will not be able to help you out.

The only way to do it is to hold tightly and follow with the Camel’s movements. It is pretty much safe, I’ve seen a very minimal incident where the riders fell off while the camel is standing or sitting back down.

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camel riding

Base Camp Interaction

Interact with the people at the base camp, you might learn a thing or two about the lifestyle they have in the desert. Experience the good Arabic coffee that they offer to their visitors while engaging in an informative dialogue with them.

Some base camps do have interaction with their pet Falcons, have the chance to touch one or have a good photo and caption it with something cool like "The new prince of Persia" Lol! You can also try the Arabic dresses if ever they have one at base camp and enjoy taking pictures.

Kidding aside, there are numerous other free activities you can try inside the base camp.

Get a Henna Tattoo

Most of the desert safari tour camps offer free Henna sessions for the tourists. If you fancy some hand decoration that you can wear for a couple of days, you can try having a Henna tattoo.

They offer simple Henna tattoo designs that are really pretty and they do it very extensively. With this, you get one free souvenir from your visit to the desert.

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Try the Shisha

Shisha is basically a water pipe that is widely used to smoke tobacco. It is made by heating the tobacco in a charcoal and inhaled through a water contained bottom.

It is sometimes mixed with other syrupy ingredients to make it smell nice. You can do it with friends while enjoying the desert afternoon weather (assuming you tried the desert safari tour on cold months and not summer).

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4x4 ATV ride

This activity is for the drivers and thrill seekers. Most of the tours I went to have ATVs available just outside the camp vicinity for tourist rental. Some tours may offer for it to be included in your desert activities.

These All Terrain Vehicles or most commonly known as ATVs are very easy to drive. There's one button for acceleration and another for braking.

ATV ride tip: Most of the ATVs I experienced will only run if you push the accelerator button and will automatically slow down if you release the button. With this in mind, for easy and safe driving don't let yourselves to get used to using the brake unless it is necessary.

If you release the button, the ATV will run slower giving you easy control over the steering gear. I've had many encounters where they press the accelerator button and then pressed the brake at the same time which resulted in the driver flying away from the ATV or stumbling because of the sudden deceleration.

Another thing, if you're not comfortable with the speed and you feel like you will not be able to handle the steering gear when it becomes to fast, do not panic and push the acceleration button too much as this might cause unprecedented accidents.

Always proceed with caution, this activity is sooooo much fun if done correctly and safely.

atv ride

Watch Amazing Performances

During the dinner time at the base camp, they will show you some amazing performances like belly dancing. Most of the tours I went to, has a stage at the middle of their base camps and it is the place where performances were held at night.

They also have some other performance which will again vary depending on the tour group that you have joined. This activity is something that you will not be able to avoid since it is shown during dinner.

If you're lucky you might be able to also watch the traditional Tanoura Dancing which is usually augmented with different props and lightings, sometimes pyrotechnics.

Spend the night at the desert

If you are planning to try every available activity at the base camp and you feel that you might become too tired after doing all the activities, you can opt to get an overnight desert safari tour. Some tour companies offer overnight desert safari tour to its visitors.

Spending the night at the desert will add a different experience to your normal desert safari tour, you will be able to experience desert bonfire (depends on the tour group) and hear the sound of the desert animals at night, then wake up to a cold desert morning. Yes, it can be very cold in the desert especially during colder months.

These are some of the activities or events that you can experience if you choose to stay the night at a desert base camp.

desert safari tour
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Don't Miss out on the Opportunity to experience the desert!

We have given you a list of possible activities that you can try once you book a desert safari tour. We assure you that it will be a fun-filled day of new experiences.

Some of the tours that we recommend.

Dubai 4x4 with BBQ Dinner

Dubai Desert Tour with Live Performances

Overnight Desert Safari Tour

A piece of advice from us is that if you really want to experience the desert, prepare to spend some money. Not too much money, don't avail the ridiculously high tour prices, just make sure to do a decent research on the best tours to avail. Paying the cheapest will also get you the cheapest tour experience, which is not advisable and you might be disappointed with it.

With all this in mind, we hope that the activities we listed above made you excited about the possible experiences that you can have.

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