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What is a Travel Insurance?

Often times we see posts or advertisements telling us why we badly need travel insurance or something in the line of "great travel insurance deals". We all know what insurance means but for the sake of explaining why we need it and why it should be part of our travel essential arrangements we'll define it here.

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Insurance according to Investopedia is a sort of contract, represented in a policy promising its buyers (individual or entity), to receive compensation or much better called as a financial protection against sudden losses. Insurance covers lots of different possible money losses, mostly in health, house, vehicle and lots more.

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In our world today, getting insured is a must and is better rather than wasting lots of money paying for unexpected future sudden losses. Travel insurance at first looks like additional expenses when traveling and usually, admit it or not this expense is not part of our planned budget.

But is travel insurance important? You have been to many travels and you didn't get an insurance but you're still fine. So do you badly need travel insurance? The answer is "YES"

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Reasons why we badly need travel insurance

We listed down some possible events in the future that you may or may not encounter, and how travel insurance can possibly save you a huge sum of money or how it might be convenient for you to have a travel insurance.

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You need to cancel your flight

In the event that you need to cancel your flight due to unforeseen events, you can reimburse the expenses you had for the flight tickets and all from the insurance company. This will reduce the loss that you will experience. List of unforeseen events that will likely lead to you canceling your flight might be:

  • Injury or illness
  • Problem with your work schedule
  • Natural disaster around your area
  • Some unforeseen danger happening in your destination
  • Misplaced necessary travel documents.

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It can cover medical cost

Let's assume that your flight was not cancelled and you're able to go to your planned destination, suddenly you felt ill or sick and would be needing hospitalization. With limited budget on your travel, a travel insurance to cover your costs will be a great help to you. The medical cost that is usually covered by travel insurance are:

  • Emergency medical transportation
  • Basic medical expenses
  • Dental expenses
  • Ad&d benefits

Lost or Stolen Luggage

If your luggage got lost or misplaced during check-in, this will be the time you will realize how you badly need a travel insurance. Stolen or Misplaces/Lost luggage can be reimbursed with the right travel insurance package deal. You can save a lot if you'll be able to reimburse some of the money used to buy the said items below

Sharing a short story: I have one friend who had her luggage misplaced by the airlines that she flew with while coming back to the Philippines. It took her numerous follow-ups, stress and wasted time because of the lost luggage which contains clothes and souvenirs from her recent trip. After a long time, she got some of the money and not all to cover for the expenses. With travel insurance, this might be easier if the guidelines were followed correctly.

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badly need travel insurance

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Badly Need Travel Insurance Reasons - Continuation

Passport or Visa got lost or stolen

If you happen, through very unfortunate events lost your passport or got it stolen by someone, this will cause a huge problem. With travel insurance, the list of problems that you might have will be lessened because, like what we said why we badly need travel insurance, we can also reimburse the payment for passport replacement and the immediate processing of it via the chosen travel insurance package.

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Coverage on any Personal Liability

Suppose you have the right to rent and drive around the place you traveled to. Sometime during your stay, you accidentally hit someone or damage something which then led to you owing medical assistance to someone or got sued to pay damage to property cost. This will lead you to owe people a huge sum of money, luckily the right travel insurance can cover these sudden expenses as well.

You can check an in-depth explanation regarding travel insurances in this site, TravelInsuranceReview.

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badly need travel insurance

Types of Travel Insurance

Just because we gave you reasons why you badly need travel insurance before you take on your next vacation it doesn't mean that you can just purchase any travel insurance out in the market. We must first check the different type of travel insurance as it might be overwhelming at times.

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Comprehensive Trip Insurance

Like what we said earlier, you can't just buy any travel insurance that you see in the market. It is best if you identify the need and which insurance type can compensate the said need.

This type of plan mostly cover all the unforeseen future events that might cause you more money than initially planned. Examples are flight cancellation coverage, any interruptions, weather cancellation coverage, medical emergencies, stolen and misplaced luggage, evacuation and a whole lot more which insurance companies bundle up with this type.

It is the common choice for travelers and tourists as this mostly gives the needs of the travelers.

Medical Travel Insurance

This type of insurance covers mostly the medical assistance and emergency needed by travelers. This includes accidents, emergency evacuations, repatriation and other needed hospitalization benefits when traveling abroad.

Ideally used by businessmen on trips, long-term students abroad and expats who live in a different country and doesn't have their medical coverage from where they're currently living.

Read more on the types of travel insurance from this very informative site. Check it here

Travel Accident Insurance

Like most of the life insurance provided, this plan also covers the same benefits for travelers. It focuses on life term benefits and accidental death and dismemberment benefits for long-term travelers, especially those who are staying for an unknown number of months or years.

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Special Coverage Insurance

Travel insurance has evolved and have focused on certain things or need to keep up with travelers budget. It might be for a special need only like car rental coverage, personal liability, certain medical expense coverage, and anything that doesn't fall into the normal travel insurance plans.

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Evacuation Travel Insurance

This type of travel insurance deals with medical evacuations or international security evacuations. This covers the expenses needed to evacuate a certain place wherein security is currently unstable. Usually taken by travelers who come to remote places where hospitals and medical attention is quite low if the said place can't provide the proper medical treatment this insurance can assist in paying for immediate evacuation.

Annual Travel Insurance

Instead of taking or buying a travel insurance every time you go outside the country to travel, you can just avail an annual travel insurance to cover you from sudden expenses. This type of insurance is best for frequent flyers, academic travelers, long-term multiple business travel.

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What to consider when buying travel insurance?

Now that the idea regarding why you badly need travel insurance has been laid out, what we need to do now is how do we know if an insurance package is good or not?


The first thing you need to know is what is covered in the insurance that you want to buy, which considerations would you want to be covered, what is not included and which need you to want to cover the most.

It might be medical, trip cancellation, loss or theft, security, and personal liability. Once you have identified which of the said reasons you want to be covered, it will be easier to choose a travel insurance.

Coverage Period

You need to also check if up to what extent your insurance will cover, will it be used for one-time travel only or it can be used for a certain number of times.

Destination Coverage

Be sure to also check if your travel destination will be covered by the travel insurance you wish to avail. Some travel insurance will not cover remote places or places that they have very little to no connection at all. It might be problematic if something happens and you will realize it late that the place you went to is not covered by the policy.

Not Included in the Coverage

It is best to see what are the activities or certain events that will not be included in the policy that you're buying. It is best that the insurance your buying has a very little list of things that they will not cover.

You should always identify and check the list carefully in order to prepare and plan better if the said travel insurance is the right one for you.

There are definitely much more things that need to be considered in order to buy the correct travel insurance for you. It doesn't have to be hard, you just need to find the right sources to read in order to decide on the best travel insurance. We have come across one online source (reviews.com) that reviewed the best travel insurance in the market. Their research can help you make up your mind on the best travel insurance in the market and will also add on to why we think that travelers badly need travel insurance.

You can check out their website and see their in-depth research on the topic. It might give you a better understanding of the best travel insurance provider in the market today.

Check out their website and article here - The Best Travel Insurance 2018

It definitely is a must to get and secure a travel insurance, as much as we want our travels to be smooth and problem free, we sometimes cannot avoid certain events that will bring us inconvenience to happen. Therefore, having a backup or in this case, a travel insurance can help us minimize the cost that one will incur if problems arise during our travel.

With this article as a start, we hope that we made you understand why you badly need travel insurance before buying your flight tickets or traveling somewhere abroad.

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