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Burj Khalifa – At The Top | A View of Dubai from 124th and 125th Floor

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Burj Khalifa

At The Top

If we talk about Dubai, there's no way that the Burj Khalifa building will not be mentioned. Currently, standing at the middle of the city, this skyscraper is the number one in the list of the tallest man-made building ever built around the world. - Hire talented native English speaking writers to create articles for your website!

Tourists and residents alike, always think about this huge building when talking about places to see or experience in Dubai. It is also one of the best destinations in every travel site that you will visit that talks about Dubai or United Arab Emirates.

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Our last article talked about the Burj Khalifa lights that can be seen from just below it. The best places to view the lights and the Dubai Mall fountain show in one place. If you have not seen the article, you can check it out here.

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This time around we managed to get a discount so we decided to visit the highest viewing deck of the building. The discount is being offered by the Road and Transport Authority(RTA) of Dubai to its residents. If you're a resident of Dubai and is usually using the train for commuting purposes then this is for you.

This has always been the case on summer months. RTA will release vouchers for residents to use, which are usually found inside the metro stations. The only requirement is that you have a valid Emirates ID to present to the reception when buying tickets to the At The Top.

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We'll show you our experience below so keep reading.

At The Top

Burj Khalifa Records

To start, we'll first give you a short history of Burj Khalifa.

The talk about the construction of the tallest building ran from 2000 to 2004 when Dubai was still just expanding and creating opportunities to become one of the tourist hub in the Middle East and the world.

Around 2004, the construction company in charge of building the massive skyscraper started its operation to excavate the land where the tallest building will be constructed.

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A short trivia: Before it was called Burj Khalifa, the first name that was given to the skyscraper was Burj Dubai as it is located in Dubai. It was later changed to Burj Khalifa to honor the ruler of the United Arab Emirates.

The Burj Khalifa according to their site is the culmination of visionary ideals and solid science. The building itself amassed a great number of records broken and record high statistics.

Below statistics was gathered from the Burj Khalifa website: - Even Higher Conversions In 2018!

World Records:

At over 828 meters (2,716.5 feet) and more than 160 stories, Burj Khalifa holds the following records:

  • Tallest building in the world
  • Tallest free-standing structure in the world
  • Highest number of stories in the world
  • Highest occupied floor in the world
  • Highest outdoor observation deck in the world
  • Elevator with the longest travel distance in the world
  • Tallest service elevator in the world

With all these world records, anyone would anticipate to visit it even once and become part of history.

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Our At The Top Experience

As we said earlier, we got discount to the viewing deck of Burj Khalifa, the At The Top. The discount voucher was offered to Dubai residents to enjoy the same viewing deck with 50% off entry price.

The only thing that differs when you use the 50% off voucher is the timings of the viewing deck at which you can enter. With the voucher, you're only allowed to enter the place during 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM and 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM in the evening.

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We opt for the early entry as it is 10x better to check the viewing deck in the morning instead of the evening where the only things that you will see is the night lights of Dubai.

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The morning viewing will give you an opportunity to view Dubai in its entirety.

We went to the At The Top ticket reception which is currently located inside the Dubai Mall. That's one of the best part. The entrance to the viewing deck can be directly accessed through the mall.

If you plan to go, just get to the train station and alight at Burj Khalifa metro station. See the full direction below.

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How to get to Dubai Mall

The place is easy to reach. Below are the simple steps you can take.

  1. From your place of Origin, take the nearest Metro Station. Ask the counter agent or check how far your place is from Dubai Mall. Locate the Dubai Mall/Burj Khalifa Metro station and exit from the station.
  2. Take the right path after exiting the Metro.

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  1. Follow the pathway leading to the Dubai Mall.
  2. Just go straight and when you see the huge hall and the Kinokuniya Store then you have arrived at Dubai Mall.

You can also drive to Burj Khalifa. Follow the google maps to reach your destination.

We were there at around 12 noon, very far from the planned 10:00 AM start. Lol!

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During summer and the mentioned time there are less people who're going to the viewing deck which is good for us as we wanted to enjoy the viewing deck with less people.

Travel Tip: If you're not in Dubai and is planning to check the viewing deck, make sure to book ahead of time online as they limit the number of people in the viewing deck and sometimes the timing slots gets fully booked for the day.

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The path to the elevator to the viewing deck features a replica of the whole building near the entrance. A long pathway with history being mentioned on numerous television screens found inside.

Make sure to read these things while walking to get a little bit of knowledge about the building. They are also very strict with the things that you can bring inside.

Here is the list of prohibited items:

Prohibited items

  • Magic markers, spray paint
  • Aerosol cans
  • Glass bottles
  • Knives
  • Fireworks/explosives
  • Firearms/ammunition
  • Chemical weapons, mace/pepper spray
  • Multi-tools
  • Skate shoes or any footwear with wheel

They took my lighter before allowing me to go inside, but don't fret, you can get your prohibited belongings after the tour on their baggage counter.

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There will be a short line to the world's tallest service elevator as it can only accommodate a number of people to bring up. Once we were inside the elevator, we were amused by how fast the elevator went from floor 1 to 124th. It will take around 60 seconds for the lift to finish, which is pretty amusing I must say, it was really cool and you will not feel anything while going up except for the air pressure hitting your ears.

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The viewing deck was the welcome sight after getting off the elevators of Burj Khalifa. From here people from different places will take their souvenir pictures and videos to commemorate their accomplishment. It is now your job to find a good place to take your own photographs.

We went past the crowd and settled on a little space a little further from the entrance to get a good view of Dubai.

Here is a short detail of what you can find inside the viewing deck:

Details gathered from Burj Khalifa website.

Level 124

  • Be thrilled by the world's fastest double deck elevators, cruising at 10m/s.
  • Take a closer look at the world below through avant-garde, high powered, telescopes.
  • Step out onto the public outdoor observation terrace overlooking the ever growing skyline.

Level 125

  • At 456 meters, Level 125 offers a spacious deck tastefully decorated in Arabic mashrabiya for stunning 360-degree views.
  • Step on to, Dubai – A Falcon's Eye View that allows you to explore Dubai as you fly over the city.
  • Capture your Burj Khalifa moments forever and integrate reality and special effects with green screen photography
  • Set off on a virtual reality experience to the pinnacle of Burj Khalifa
  • Enjoy a new immersive experience; step on an inspired glass-floor with a twist. Feel the glass crack underneath your feet, as you explore the lofty heights from 456 meters in air.

We walked around both the 124th and 125th floor of the viewing deck and it took us around 1 hour to finish the tour as we were having lots of pictures and video taking for our vlog.

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You can watch the whole video here. FeebleFeet Vlog - At The Top

at the top

At The Top - FeebleFeet

The whole tour was finished and we had so much fun checking the view from the viewing deck. It is definitely a once in a lifetime experience and something that will be added to our life memories.

Even if there is not much to do at the viewing deck besides seeing the whole city from a different perspective, it is still a recommended place to check when you visit Dubai and if you live in Dubai.

The magnificent architecture is something that should be appreciated inside and out. We love the place so much and we'll definitely bring our loved ones to this place if ever they go visit us.

If you want more from this experience, you can opt to go to the higher viewing deck which is the 148th floor for an additional price.

That's it for our article with regards to the At The Top. If you find our article useful make sure to share it with your friends for them to get an idea of what to see and find inside the viewing deck.

Til next time.


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