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Cliff Jump Spot Near The City – La Union, Philippines

Have you heard of cliff jumping? Any cliff jump spot you might know of? Have you tried cliff jumping in La Union? Have you been to La Union?

Why are we asking too many questions? Lol! This article is all about the cliff jumping spot in San Gabriel, La Union.

When you hear about La Union, the usual topics that you will hear would be surfing. Why it is a good place for people who want to learn surfing and why it is beneficial to head to La Union instead of other places for surfing.

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Surfing in La Union, Philippines 

If you have then good job! Back to the topic, you may be thinking or most people post this question in their heads. "What else can I do in La Union aside from surfing"?

Last January, if you read my previous article surfing in La Union I stated there that we went back to visit the place. I've been to La Union a couple of times already and I always hear about a good waterfall spot near the municipality of San Juan but haven't really tried visiting it or even look for it. I was having too much fun with surfing and staying by the shores of San Juan.

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Finding Tangadan Falls

During our last visit we wanted to try something new and thus we tried asking people around regarding the waterfall spot, we even checked pictures online and tried checking for ways to get there.

Tricycle( a type of motor vehicle, 3 wheels) drivers around the area have told us that it is very easy to come to the location of the waterfall, it will be around 30-minute drive to the said place but we would need a guide as it is not that easy to locate.

We seek the advice of the person in charge in our accommodation and she told us that we can get a tricycle to bring us to the place, they even know a guide that they can recommend to bring us to the location of the waterfall. You will need to trek in order to reach the place as per the residents of San Juan.

We made up our mind and booked an early morning trek to the waterfall. The driver brought us to a secluded place in San Gabriel(another municipality of La Union, after San Juan). The tour included for him to bring us to the place and then take us back after to our hostel.

The guide who our hostel in charge contacted met with us on the set off point (the same place where our driver dropped us). He informed us to buy water already for the trek, it is essential as there will be a few stores on the way to the waterfall and it will be much more expensive along the way.

So we bought some water and started the trek.

San Gabriel
trek to the falls
trek to the falls

The Trek

The trek to the waterfall is not that hard, we went across the plantations and rivers. You will definitely enjoy the trek as the view of the forest gives off a feeling of bliss. Especially for the visitors who got used to the urban setup.

Saw some Carabaos(water buffalo) along the way, insects which I have no idea what they're called, and all the usual stuff you see when you go on mountain trekking. We came across one small store along the way as well, with which we confirmed that the price for water has gone up.

We cannot blame the store though as the manpower and energy needed to bring the consumables to the said location will be high. We decided to sit for a while as we're not on a hurry and would want to enjoy the view (this was the excuse I came up with, seriously we were just tired from the short walk. Lol!)

Then, after a short while we have arrived at a location with a bigger river view with high cliffs and a plain terrain on the other side of the cliff with one small hut built at the middle.

At this time, we were asked by our guide if we would want to jump on the cliff? As this is a cliff jump spot/place.

We were surprised to hear this as this is not part of our plan, we just wanted to see the falls but we never thought that there would be a freebie adventure on our way to the said location.

What exactly is a cliff jump?

It is actually pretty much explanatory but for those who don't know according to MacmillandDictionary, cliff jumping is the sport of jumping from high places into the water.

And the place we were brought to is a cliff jump spot.

We were so excited with the idea of jumping from a cliff so we immediately said yes to our guide's offer.

Oh and they have built a pulley sort of cable with a carriage(good for one person) connected to the two cliffs that visitors can ride and experience the thrill up in the middle with no harness, just a seat and the view of the river down below.

cliff jump spot
cliff jump spot
cliff jump spot

Cliff Jump Spot

So we first went to the available rest hut, to put our things down and made some preparations for the jump. Our guide explained that there are three spots on the said place where we can jump, depending on how high we want to jump. There is one low cliff at the riverside in the middle and then two other jump-off points on the cliff across from where we're seated.

We chose to jump on the cliffs at the opposite side from where we are. The one in the middle is a bit low for us but you can definitely try it on just to test the waters.

We took turns doing this so that we can capture videos and pictures for each other. We first tried the lower of the two cliff jump spots.

cliff jump spot
cliff jump spot
cliff jump spot
cliff jump spot

It was one of the best feelings ever! It is a mix of anxiety, fright and electrifying.

Anxiety because obviously we were jumping on a cliff and we wouldn't want anything bad to happen to us, which sometimes cannot be avoided especially when you're doing things like cliff jumping. You can't even see how deep the river is but I'm sure we cannot reach the bottom of it while standing.

We were a bit frightened, who wouldn't? No one's swimming in the river at that moment. I think people rarely swim on this part of the river since it is deep. The thought of hitting one of those big rocks with one wrong jump will cost us huge damage.

It is our first try also, we have no idea what awaits us at the bottom of the river or what's in the river.

Our guide told us that kids from the nearby village use to go here in summer to swim. I think that is reassurance that we can definitely swim in it and nothing weird is underneath.

Electrified by the fact that we will jump and experience free falling into the water, something we can definitely cross out on our bucket list. Elated by the thought of flying even for a second, we were like kids who were excited to try the new slide in the resorts.

But before we came to a decision our guide reassured us that it will be fun and no danger will come to us if we follow his guidelines.

First, he asked us if all of us know how to swim, this is an essential part of cliff jumping, especially if you don't know how deep is your landing point. Anyone who wishes to try jumping in San Gabriel rivers, make sure you know how to swim. Or at the very least inform your guide that you can't swim.

Our guide has a floating tube for lifeguards so he told us that if anyone doesn't know how to swim can use that one.

You may ask how? Will it be dangerous?

The plan our guide told us is that he will jump first, then after we follow when he establishes his position. There will be the risk of danger definitely but you can avoid it if you listen to what your guide had instructed you to do.

cliff jump spot
middle cliff jump spot

After all of us finished jumping on the cliff and now with a smile on our faces because of the successful jump, was again invited by our tour guide to try once more.

This time he's inviting us to jump on the highest part of the cliff ( so my face went back to the worried look, hehe kidding). Since we all had a successful first try, we wanted to do it again so we took on the challenge.

The difference with jumping on our first try was huge, although the first one was a bit shorter when it comes to height, we were contemplating on whether we will jump or not. The second time was done in a breeze, we were confident and having fun already, no feeling of fright and uncertainty as we have done it perfectly the first time.

If you want to try cliff jumping this is a place which you can visit. It is near from the urban cities and is very accessible. The best part of trying it here is that you can jump numerous times, it is unlimited, and you only need to pay the guide and nothing else.

The guide fees will bring you to this place and to Tangadan Falls which was our main objective from coming in San Gabriel in the first place. I will talk about Tangadan Falls on another post.

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guide jumping

To summarize it all, you can get to the cliff jump spot in San Gabriel by getting a guide to bring you to Tangadan Falls. It will be shown to you at the midpoint of your trek to the falls.

The water was cold so not advisable to do on colder months, but on a summer weather, the cool water will definitely refreshen you.

Lastly, make sure to also do a little stretching before jumping into the water to minimize injury. Check out the continuation of the story where we trekked Tangadan Falls here.

Let us know of your experience or if you have other options for cliff jump spots. Write us a comment below.

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