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Come Play at Legoland Dubai!

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Who said that Legoland Dubai is for kids only? The Legoland Dubai is a huge theme park full of numerous Lego collections that both kids and adults will love to see.

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After our feature of how you can get to Riverland Dubai which is the main entry of Dubai Parks and Resorts, we now bring you to our adventure inside two of the three parks located inside this massive park.

In this article, we’ll provide you an overview of Legoland Dubai and small tidbits of details for you to enjoy your visit inside the theme park.

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Legoland Dubai

I believe most of us have heard of the name “Lego” but to give you a short background, Lego is a toy company which is famous for their building blocks that can be used to create different things.

Legoland Dubai is one of the theme parks present in the massive Dubai Parks and Resorts which is located in Jebel Ali.

Be mesmerized with their wonderful collections of iconic buildings in Dubai built with around 20 million Lego pieces.

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The theme park is the best place for families to visit, especially if you have kids who are aged around 2 to 12. They will definitely enjoy the attractions and the things they will see inside the theme park.

Our day at Legoland Dubai

Don’t get us wrong, even if the place is a park made for the kids, it doesn’t mean adults cannot enjoy the place as well.

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We visited Dubai Parks and Resorts last March and decided to buy a 2 park entrance ticket. The Dubai Parks and Resorts websites sells ticket online to their visitors.

They have lots of choices that you can go with depending on what you want to see. They have tickets for 1 theme park only, 2 theme parks in 1 ticket or you can go and get an annual pass if you think that you won’t be able to finish and enjoy all the parks in one go.

We opt for the Legoland Dubai and Motiongate Dubai theme park tickets. On our way inside Legoland (which we chose first because we thought we will not be able to take our time inside as it is for kids kind of theme park. Which we’re wrong btw.) we encountered a funny conversation with the park employee. Here’s the gist of the conversation:

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Legoland Employee(LE): Hi good afternoon! May I see your tickets please?

Feeblefeet(F): Sure! Here you go.

LE: As per your ticket you have a choice of two theme parks to visit. Please note that Legoland is a theme park for kids. (She said it in a very serious tone) Are you sure you would want to use the ticket here?

F: ……….(We both looked into each other).

Seriously, it was an obvious question. Of course, we want to use our ticket there, that’s why we went there in the first place.

F: (after a short silence we asked her). Do we have a choice? There are only three parks in here and we’re not familiar with Bollywood Theme park so definitely we’ll go with Legoland and Motiongate.

LE: Okay. Please go through the gate. Thank you and have a good day.

I don’t know if you guys laughed with this one, but we sure did find it funny. It’s like the employee is suggesting that we don’t go with Legoland since it is for kids only. Don’t get us wrong, we know Bollywood is a great theme park as well, it’s just that we would be able to recognize more things inside Legoland rather than Bollywood.

Anyway, we went inside like two excited kids ready to play and take pictures of structures made from Lego.

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Legoland Dubai Sections

Legoland Dubai holds a huge part of the Dubai Parks and Resorts land. Although the entrance to the park seems like it is very small, you’ll easily get tired with all the attractions inside.

First up on the list is the Legoland Factory.

This is a Lego store where you can get all your essentials. You can grab food as well from the said section.

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You’ll find a wide variety of Lego bricks inside and get souvenirs.

Next stop is the Lego City. This section consists of rides for kids and for your family. They can apply their skills and test it to drive cars, boats or planes.

They can also try to put out a fire as part of the Lego firemen team.

After Lego City is the Imagination section. Here, you can build your own racing logo cars and compete. You can enroll your kids for building robotics as well.

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Of course, the whole place is full of Lego displays that you can take pictures with.

Another fun part of Legoland Dubai is the Kingdom and Adventure sections. Everyone can take a ride to conquer the dragon on their very exhilarating roller coaster ride.

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There are also other fun rides inside these sections that you can try with your kids.

The last part and the section we enjoyed the most is the Legoland Miniland section.

Inside this indoor hall is a huge collection of Legos used to create a miniature replica of the most famous places around the Middle East.

You will find the iconic Dubai Skylines inside and some places around the city.

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The indoor place collection was created with around 20 million Lego bricks. Are you or anyone from your family has the artistic skill? Then you can have them try out building their own skyline in a 10-meter play table inside the hall.

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Legoland Park Timings

Weekdays – 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM

Weekends – 10:00 AM to 08:00 PM

You can check out as well the height requirements for every ride.

No Minimum Height Restriction:

  • Attractions & LEGO® Play Experiences:
    • Boating School – minimum 1 year old
    • Factory Tour
    • Police Headquarters^
    • DUPLO® Valley
    • Build-A-City in MINILAND^
    • Sea Port
    • Build and Test^
    • LEGO® Friends Clubhouse^
    • Discovery Centre (enter via The Sub Shop)
    • Secret Chamber of Amset-Ra^
    • Builder’s Guild^
  • Shows & Entertainment:
    • NINJAGO® The Realm of Shadows* at City Stage
    • The LEGO® Movie 4D at LEGO Studios 4D
  • Character Appearances:

Don’t forget our AWESOME, interactive, air-conditioned MINILAND dome is perfect for all the family.

Must be minimum 80cm:

  • DUPLO® Express
  • Submarine Adventure

Must be minimum 95cm:

  • Junior Driving School
  • City Airport
  • Rescue Academy
  • Kid Power Towers

Must be minimum 90cm:

  • Lost Kingdom Adventure

^Contains LEGO system small bricks. Choking Hazard | *Parental supervision is recommended

*This one is taken directly from Legoland Dubai website

Legoland Dubai is for young at heart as well

We have enjoyed our visit to Legoland Dubai. It is definitely a park for kids but this doesn’t mean that you with your friends or family members cannot enjoy the same place. 

We believe that it will still depend on your perspective, on your idea of fun and who you’re with.

Don’t miss out Legoland Dubai when you visit Dubai Parks and Resorts, it is definitely one amazing place.

You can check out how to get to Legoland on this article of ours.

How to get to Riverland, Dubai Parks and Resort

Watch out for our feature of the last place we visited inside Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Motiongate Dubai!!

Til next time!


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