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Day Trip to Fihalhohi Island, Maldives and Fun Tube Experiece

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Day 3 of the Maldives Experience

We're back! After a short hiatus on writing and the numerous holidays that we have celebrated, we are now again ready to write about our experiences. In this case, we're planning to release the rest of the Maldives tour and go back to writing about Dubai and all the experiences we had last December 2019

The third day of our Maldives trip was a special day as it was our first day of being engaged and we wanted to celebrate this with a different kind of trip. This time around we wanted to try and see how a private island tour feels like.

The private resorts are one of the best selling points of Maldives as they are somewhat accompanied with the luxurious image and out of this world serene views of the oceans and the magnificent architecture of the water bungalows.

Learn more as we share our experience on our Maldives tour third day.

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Fihalhohi Island Excursion - Day 3

This day was special to both of us as what I have said earlier this was our first day being engaged. We'll be creating a FeebleFeet family in the future! Lol! Anyways, back to the main topic. We don't want our third day to be full of activities, we just want to lavish and the beauty of the Maldivian ocean.

We dedicated this day to see the ever famous water bungalows. The only way that you can use or experience the water bungalows of the private resorts is to stay there for a night which is quite expensive and was really out of our planned budget.

Luckily, Maafushi island tours provide private excursion trips to these private resorts for tourists to experience and stay for a day trip. It is still a bit costly compared to their other offered tours but it is way cheaper than spending a night in one of those.

Kaani Tours offers a lot of choices when it comes to providing day trip excursions to its guests. Part of their offers was Fihalhohi resort, Biyadhoo resort, Kandooma resort, Olhuveli resort, Rihivelhi resort, and Rannalhi resort.

We were overwhelmed by the numerous choices that we don't know where to go. The price range of the tours depends on how luxurious the private resorts are and the range is from $100 to $300 all in per pax.

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We asked Kaani Tours for a recommendation on which resort to visit and the main difference that made us agree to visit Fihalhohi is that we can get near the water bungalows which I believe will not be allowed on the other resort choices. Mainly because they would need you to stay in the resort for a night if you really want to visit the place.

Fihalhohi Island Excursion

We were charged $120 for the day trip excursion. The breakdown for this is $20 for the back and forth boat ride to Fihalhohi and the $100 is for the entrance to the resort. It includes a buffet lunch on their main buffet restaurant, unlimited drinks(soft drinks, juices, alcohol) for the whole day, and free stay on the resort for the day as well.

We believe it is a good deal already as it includes food and drinks so we won't have problems getting dehydrated. One thing that really makes me happy with all the tours here in Maldives is that you will never have a hard time drinking if ever you become thirsty as they are very generous when it comes to water and sodas.

We both agreed that we'll visit this place instead. We paid in advance just to clear our minds with the payment. We started our day with a sumptuous breakfast from the Kaani Grand Seaview restaurant and immediately went to the Kaani Tours located at the side to tell them we're ready for the excursion.

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The Boat Ride to Fihalhohi

Same thing as our first day with Kaani Tours, we had to wait with other guests who will be doing the same excursion trip with us. We went to the waiting area after securing two towels provided by Kaani Tours.

I was actually curious why we were provided by towels when there should be towels on the resorts that we'll visit. They said that they will not provide towels to day-trip visitors therefore Kaani Tours is providing their guests the towels.

After 20 minutes of waiting and preparation, the group again took a group photo (I believe this is for attendance so that they know which is guest went with the trip) and went on to the boat that will take us to our destination.

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You might be curious as the earlies picture showed only me alone in the boat while I was telling you here that we were in a group when we went out to sea. The reason for this was the fact that all the other passengers from the group all went to Adaaran Club Rannalhi resort while we two proceeded to Fihalhohi.

It was actually fun, it felt like we were on our own private tour to an island resort. Fihalhohi beach resort was a serene island. It was simply paradise, although I believe other high-end resorts would be much more beautiful.

But it was more than perfect for us. We just want some quiet place to stay and enjoy the sceneries of the ocean. We arrived around 8 in the morning and was greeted by resort staff. The boat then left us on the resort and we were told that they will come back around 5 in the afternoon to pick us up.

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Drinking in the middle of the day

The first thing we did when we arrived at Fihalhohi was the registration, immediately after that we went to ask where we can get and enjoy the unlimited drinks.

We were told to visit the bar near the water bungalows. The resort was a full island located in the middle of the Maldivian ocean therefore it is quite a walk just to reach one place. It did not bother us as the weather was really good that day and the numerous trees around the island gave shade to our path to the bar.

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We reached the bar while taking photos of the island along the way. We did not find that much guest during this time which was perfect for us. It was either still too early for them to wake up or maybe there really were a few guests, this we have not pondered much thought on.

At the bar, I ordered beer immediately as Maafushi island doesn't sell alcohol to their guests. There is only one place in Maafushi island where you can get this and it is in a small ship in the middle of the sea. Lol!

Ms. FeebleFeet, on the other hand, took one of their fresh juices. We sat on the numerous chairs located just outside the bar and started our chill day/relaxation trip.

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Buffet Lunch

We stayed on the same spot for quite some time as the view of the calm ocean was very relaxing. The number of guest on the bar immediately rise to around 8 people after an hour of staying there.

Everyone was just sitting at the outdoor part of the bar and doing their own stuff. We talked and took pictures of the place and drink to our heart's content.

We were advised that lunch would start around 12 noon so we just waited for it as we were still full from the breakfast we had at Kaani Grand Seaview.

Truth be told, if you want to just sit and relax, I believe private resorts are the best choice as it has very few people in it. The setting of the private islands gives of a romantic vibe for couples and family to just relax and enjoy each other's company.

It will not be a good choice for people person as the place is really quiet. I felt younger just sitting on that one chair near the shore. The fresh air and the wild sound of the birds around the area were very soothing.

At around 30 minutes before the buffet lunch, we packed our things and went our way to the buffet location which is again near the entrance of the resort. By this time, we consumed a total of three juices and 4 alcoholic drinks. The unlimited drinks part of the package was really good and worth the price. The only thing left to judge is the food. If it is as expected then the $100 paid for this excursion trip will be worth it.

We arrived at the big non-airconditioned hall of the buffet lunch. We were again escorted by the resort staff on the designated table. Fihalhohi has a designated table for every guest so we cannot just choose where to sit.

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At the same time, guests are arriving on the same hall and we found out that the resort has more than 100 guests in the whole island base on the number of people in the buffet hall.

The food is on par with a hotel buffet which was exactly what we were looking for as for the past 2 days we were eating island food. We're not saying that the island food was not good it is just that we wanted variation.

The buffet food was really good but I didn't see any alcoholic drinks being served on the buffet lunch. Just the normal juice, sodas and water. We spent an hour eating different delicacies which we love and so we filled our tummies with it.

Swimming near the water bungalows

After eating a sumptuous lunch we decided to walk around the island before settling on the beach near the water bungalows. We wanted to burn down and digest properly the food we ate and the island is not that big although it took us some time to circle it.

The island was beautiful, every spot was worthy of pictures. There are lots of rooms around the island that can simply accommodate numerous guests in a single day.

They have their own relaxation spa, a watersport equipment rental, vast white sand shore and you can swim everywhere as it is surrounded by the ocean. We arrived at the water bungalows after 40 minutes of roaming around the island.

We left our things on one of the chairs near the bridge to the water bungalows and started making our way to the water bungalows which in other resorts will not be allowed unless you are actually staying in one of the rooms.

The place was lovely. It was picture perfect! Although not quite what we have seen on the social media where there were slides and other things as well. The water bungalows of Fihalhohi resort is much simpler but nevertheless breathtaking.

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They have one veranda in the middle of the rows of water bungalows where you can sit and just leisurely watch the wide blue ocean. The water bungalows also have stairs connected to the sea so you can instantly swim from your room.

We wanted to reach one of the stairs as we were not allowed inside the rooms anymore but the current and the water is a bit deep for us to swim. We decided to just settle near the shore as the water is a bit deep as you go further near the water bungalows.

The lovely thing about the Maldivian sea is that anywhere you swim, you'll catch a glimpse of the sea creatures and you can clearly see it with the blue clear waters of the sea.

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Post-swim drink

We spend around 2 hours swimming near the water bungalows before deciding we had enough sun and salt. Lol! It was a fun swim and one on one date time for us. We were able to spend it peacefully with smile on our faces.

We took drone videos, photos, time-lapse, built ugly sand castles, swam, played games and it felt like the whole island is ours as there was no one else on this side of the island, aside from the normal staff who are just walking past by us.

We decided to go back to the bar which is very near the water bungalows to change, rest, drink and wait for our boat to pick us up. We again started on the alcohol and juice drinks.

We ordered some pika food. It is best to bring a small amount for the unexpected orders as the cards sometimes don't work. We watch as the afternoon wind brush our burnt faces.

Finally, it was time to say goodbye to Fihalhohi island resort. It was a fun experience that we know we would want to come back and see again, possibly a different resort next time.

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Fun Tube Experience

If you read our first blog about the Maldives trip, you will be able to remember the 4 watersport package that we availed on our first day of arriving in Maafushi island.

After the Fihalhohi resort excursion, we arrived around 10 minutes after 5 in the afternoon and it is still a bit bright. Since we have so much energy that day due to the chill excursion trip we decided to use another one of the watersport packages that we availed.

On our first day, we did the parasailing and the jet ski, which is why we were left with the fun tube and the kayak experience. We opt for the kayak as we wanted to just again enjoy the sea without doing anything much.

We opt for the fun tube because we thought this will be much more fun and will be easier than rowing a kayak (we were wrong. Lol!). Don't worry the fun tube is definitely much more fun than kayaking but it is not easy.

It would require you to give strength on your arms unless you want to fall into the deep ocean which was not a choice for us because Ms. FeebleFeet has sea fright. We were not able to take many pictures during the course but we did have a long video on our youtube channel.

The fun tube is pretty much like a banana boat, the only difference is that it can only have 4 people together in one fun tube. The thing flies in the air if the speed was combined with the waves of the ocean so there is a possibility of falling out of the tube.

We were able to hang on till the end but oh boy! It was really tough and tiring. It lasted a few minutes but it was all good.

After the fun tube experience, we decided to clean ourselves up and rest for a little bit before going out again to eat somewhere on the island. We went to a restaurant near our hotel which was inside an alleyway but has very good ambiance.

We ordered seafood dishes but what really hit my taste buds was the tuna fish curry. It was so good. The presentation was not that much as it looks more like what the local orders but it was one of the best dishes I ate in Maldives. I forgot the name of the place as of writing. I will update this blog if ever we see it.

See the photos below for the list of food we ordered. To summarize our expenses for the third day below is an illustration.

Fihalhohi Island Excursion

The third day was pricey because of the excursion trip and the small things that we bought for ourselves like pika food and coffees.

Total Cost - Day 3 - 2 pax

That ended our third fun day at Maafushi Island. We hope this article helped you decide if you're going to pursue the private island excursion or not. It is a bit pricey but is well worth the price. Wait for our day 4 turtle search which we'll upload faster than the previous articles.

Thanks for reading and make sure to share this on your social media if you find it helpful.



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