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Where is the new Dubai Fish Market? ~ Waterfront Market Dubai

Waterfront Market

Good day, Feeblepeeps! Wondering what to do on your weekend in Dubai? Not having the energy to cook and prepare your own food? Wanted to eat fresh seafood but don't know where to buy?

Look no more, we'll share with you our experience, how to get to and what to expect at the new fish market located at Corniche, Deira.

The old fish market or the usual fish markets here in Dubai are very hard to locate or go to as there are fewer places which sell fresh seafood to the residents. You can usually buy at big supermarkets but sometimes we would want to buy from a place which we know that it is fresh.

The old fish market which was also in Corniche, Deira was now transferred to a new and even better facility. It is now called Waterfront Market. Here you can buy fresh seafood from different vendors, a marketplace built for seafood products. The place was located opposite Dubai Hospital with a big airconditioned market hall for kinds of seafood.

Aside from seafood, they also have a similar hall for vegetables and other meat products. at the center of the said market, which to us looks more like a medium size mall, a hall for different stalls selling merchandise, clothing, food are also present. Outside Waterfront Market, near the creek side, there are restaurants available for people to dine and enjoy the scenery of the creek.

You will not expect the place as a fish market, as it looks more like a commercialized space. They also provide parking at the lower ground level of the marketplace. They even have ATMs just in case you fell short on budget.

The place is very clean, the fish smell will be there but is tolerable, you can even haggle nicely for the price of the seafood products you get from here. We bought shrimps, squid, and milkfish for around 20 dirhams a kilo for each seafood product. We suggest you bring an e-bag for convenience.

What I love the most about this fish market is the organized way of having the seafood products you bought for cleaning. They allocated one space for cleaning and making the seafood products for cooking. It was systematically designed, you first line up at the cleaning cashier counter to pay and they'll provide you with a receipt together with a pickup/collection number indicated on the receipt. They have a waiting area with a huge television screen posting the numbers that are ready for pick up

There will be a letter for each counter with which you will get the cleaned seafood, in our case we got the letter D for counter number 4.

No need to rush for anything, no need to fight your way in just to have your seafood products cleaned, waiting area is as comfortable as how you see it on the pharmacies and lastly price for cleaning is very cheap. It costs us 2 dirhams for a kilo of seafood.

Usually, people go to the market in the morning to get the fresh products, we came around 10:30 AM and the place is already bustling with Dubai residents planning to cook fresh seafood for lunch. If you're like us who chose not to prepare the food ourselves or has a really hectic schedule with which you have limited time or to just simply bask in the sun and eat outside, they have a place for you too.

Outside the marketplace, on the creek side, like what we mentioned earlier they have restaurants where you can sit, dine and enjoy the serenity of the sea. One restaurant in particular (possibly they will have more in the future), will cook the fresh seafood you bought from the inside and serve it to you. The restaurant name is "Paluto" which translates to "have someone cook for you" will cook your fresh products into assorted dishes of your choice. Filipinos are very familiar with these kinds of service, so if you have gone to the Philippines or is a local of the country then you will probably know what we're describing.

The cost of having your food cooked is cheap as well. They charge a minimum of 25 dirhams for a kilo and you and 10 dirhams extra for rice and unlimited drinks per person.

After eating, we went for a short walk to see what else the marketplace has to offer. We checked the clothes and other merchandise from the center hall stalls.

If you don't have anything to do or would want to eat fresh seafood straight from the market, head down to the new Dubai Fish Market in Waterfront Market, Corniche, Deira. It is on the opposite side of the Dubai Hospital. See link below on how to get to the fish market.

Directions to Waterfront Market.


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