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Dubai’s Multicultural Festival Park – Global Village

The leading multicultural festival park opens up to its visitor again this year! The Global Village has now opened its door to its thousands of visitors this year 2018!

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October to November in Dubai means spring is almost over and it will be the welcoming of the winter season. Lots of things happen during these months up to December. Not only will the rain show up for a few times during this month, the humidity of the country as a whole will also be cooler.

The time for beach trips and summer escapades has come to an end. This time of the year, it is the boom of the Dubai parks where numerous activities are being done out in the open. Not only is it lovely to go out and have a stroll outside, but it is also the time for the numerous outdoor attractions to gain more visitors.

Few more weeks before the spring ends and the entrance of the winter season comes two of the most awaited park opening in the city. This is the much-awaited re-opening of the Global village and the Miracle Garden!

So what is Global Village?

According to its website, Global village Dubai is one of the world's leading multicultural festival park. The place features booths of different countries, nationalities, and culture inside the park. It is a wide open area full of the best products and dishes that the countries present offers!

Not only is Dubai Global Village a place where booths are present for shopping and dining experience, but it also has cool rides for the thrill and adventure seekers! You will not have time to be bored inside the park as the numerous entertainment, live performances, and spectacular rides will amaze you.

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This 2018, the multicultural festival park has expanded its reach with bigger and better attractions and world pavilion.

multicultural festival park
multicultural festival park

What to see inside this multicultural festival park?

So what can you do inside the park? We have described that you will not be bored roaming around the area and that you'll have so much fun checking out the different country pavilion.

Here are some of the things that you can experience and do inside the park.

Check out the beautifully designed country facade

Global village was built with the purpose of showcasing the different countries of the world. They did this very detailed and distinctive from one another by creating a beautiful facade booth entrance. You will feel like you're inside a school open day or festival where there are multiple booths with different signage for what each booth is about.

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The difference is that the booth entrance is created so high and very detailed like you're entering a castle. We have our own favorite booth which we enjoyed so much that we took lots of pictures in front of it.

Shop different native products

Booths will have lots of things inside like the Japan booth, they have a samurai and a girl in the traditional Yukata standing by their entrance and is very much willing to greet visitors and take pictures with them. Inside you will find famous products of the said country.

Shop for dresses or anything that fancies you without paying for a plane ticket to visit the country. At Global village, you can just check out that country's booth and look around. You might be able to find that one famous product that they have.

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One sample we have are these Korean ice creams, which is quite hard to find here in Dubai, but in the Global village, we just went to the Korean booth and alas! We were able to treat ourselves to a tasty ice cream.

The best part, we didn't have to visit any of those countries for real to experience a glimpse of what they offer in their country.

Take fun pictures at the country pavilions

Here is actually a chance that we will not miss out on. While experiencing the different cultures of all the nations that can be found in the global village, take out the opportunity to make memories. Take pictures while wearing their traditional dresses or any traditional products that is actually hard to find.

Experience the joy of visiting the countries even in your imagination. It is also a good time to learn more about their cultures, and sometimes photographs teach you all these things. Make sure to pose or take a photo on a design or facade that struck you the most.

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multicultural festival park
multicultural festival park
multicultural festival park
Try new dishes

One of the best things about having a huge multicultural festival park like the global village is the food that they sell inside. You will find different dishes inside that will sometimes shock you as you might have never heard of it before. Since the place is home to a number of different countries cultures, aside from the products they are also selling some of their delicacies and famous dishes.

It is a chance for you to grab a bite of interesting food dishes and also fill you curiosity with knowledge on how they make their food. It is something that will definitely taste good as it is presented in a way to also represent their culture.

If you're like us who loves our country food, then this place might also be a good place for you to try on those home-made dishes that you miss so much. They might be selling your favorite native dish or food product which can be hard to find here in Dubai. The pavilion representing your country might have what you're looking for.

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Enjoy dazzling and amazing performances

This year at the Global village, they have introduced the place with bigger and grander things to happen inside. Some of the things you can do inside are to watch live performances.

  • Street Performance

From time to time the park will have multiple street performances from professionals. You might be lucky that while walking around the park you will find people performing and entertaining the ongoing visitors.

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  • Cultural Shows

This year, the multicultural festival park is bringing in performances which are very famous in their own countries. They have performed in different stages already which makes these performances something that we can expect to be extraordinary. Have the chance to see them perform their best piece.

The first on their list this year are the Malevo, Ondekoza and the Urban Crew Dancers.

It is a good choice after walking for some time inside the park and enjoying what the pavilion has to offer. Seeing a great performance is a good alternative to walking around the park.

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  • Stage shows

Aside from the list of cultural shows that global village is offering its visitors, you can also watch live performances with different themes in it. These shows will cater to the kids, to the family, and to the adult audiences as well. The different themes of light comedy to a futuristic tale of flying acrobats were a great addition to this year's global village.

Catch out their shows on the website of global village as the timing for each show differs.

  • Superloop Stunt

They have a great addition this year with the introduction of the Superloop Stunt! You can watch gravity-defying performances that are guaranteed to make your heart jump in awe. The best part is, it is performed through a narrative. There is a story together with the unbelievable stunts.

This is definitely a new performance to watch out when you visit the global village. The live performance promised to give you a full ride into this action-packed story.

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multicultural festival park
multicultural festival park
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Watch the Lake Fire Show

We are sure that this year's multicultural park has become even bigger and is somewhat full of surprises. They have equipped the place with a lake fire fountain show. Experience the greatness of the largest underwater led screen combined with flamethrowers ( Yes, you read it right, flamethrowers!!) and spectacular fountains.

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It can be found at the heart of the park and can be enjoyed by every visitor that were able to find their way into the center of the park. It is a sure-hit, futuristic and exhilarating show to see.

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Play to your heart's content at the newly built Carnaval!

Global village has opened its doors to the visitors offering cultural experience and a theme park side much like a carnival. This 2018, they have opened a new fun fair place inside the park. They call it the Carnaval, pretty much like a carnival from your native places. They have built 31 thrill and fun rides inside the place, 25 booths full of fun games and prizes and 100 plus number of arcades around the block.

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This is something that we'll be expecting to be so much fun. Back where we lived our younger years, we were exposed to carnivals that come and go during festive seasons. It is a fun place full of pica food and cheap rides. Although rides inside this carnival will not be cheap we can be assured that it will be something amazing.

Don't miss this place out if you really want to enjoy your visit to the Global village.

multicultural festival park

How can you get to the Global Village - Multicultural Festival Park?

The park is located at exit 37, Sheikh Zayed road and Emirates road in Dubai. Lucky for all of us, it is very easy to reach the place. Aside from private cars, one can easily reach the place through public transportation.

Alongside other routes which are available the past years, this year RTA have added additional buses to accommodate the residents and tourists visiting the place. Below are the RTA bus numbers that you can take in order to get to the global village.

  • Bus no. (102) starts from Rashidiya Metro Station. 
  • Bus no. (103) starts from Ittihad Station and will pass by Baniyas Street, Al Rebat Street, and Nad Al Hamar.
  • Bus no. (104) starts from Al Ghubaiba Station and will pass by Sheikh Rashid Street, Al Jafiliya Metro Station, 2nd Za’Abeel Street, and Dubai-AlAin Street.
  • Bus no. (106) starts from Mall of the Emirates Metro Station.

The timings for the buses runs from and to global village are 3:15 in the afternoon up to 11:15 in the evening. Assumed travel time will be around 30 minutes.

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You can check on the RTA website for more information.

Park Timings

The park will be serving the public from 30th of October up to the 6th of April.

The park will be open everyday with Saturdays to Wednesday opening from 4 in the afternoon up to 12 midnight while Thursday, Friday and Public Holidays will have an extended time of 1 hour for closing time. They have dedicated Mondays for Families and Ladies only.


There are two gates to the multicultural festival park namely the "Gate of the World" and "Cultural Gate". The entry tickets will cost 15 Aed per person per day and they are giving free entrance for children below 3 yrs old and Seniors above 65 years old.

The tickets can be purchased by downloading the global village app or purchasing it at the ticketing booth near the park entrance.

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Things to take note before visiting the place

Public Display of Affection is not allowed

Pets are not allowed

Filming inside the park is not allowed

No skateboards or any kinds of skate gear is allowed

Dress Appropriately

What are you waiting for?

Truly the winter season is the best time for residents to go out and enjoy the sun and for tourists/visitors to visit the city. Don't miss out on checking the Global Village this year. With its, massive transformation, offering numerous activities and things to see, your family and friends will surely love the ambiance inside the multicultural festival park.

Let us know about your experience this year and write on our comment section below if you have experience Global village this year or in the past years. We love hearing from you guys! - Hire talented native English speaking writers to create articles for your website!

Watch out as we make another article regarding the opening of one of the best places to visit in Dubai during the cold months. We hope you enjoyed reading and may you be able to use the information we have provided.



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