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FeebleFeet Travel Blog Progress Report: 1st Month

Travel Blog Progress Report by a Newbie

We're here to present our first-month travel blog progress report.

We’re very happy to announce that our travel blog FeebleFeet.me is now 1 month old!! Yay!! This is an achievement for us at Feeblefeet because we didn't expect that our simple brainstorming would result in this blog coming to fruition.

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We wouldn't have made it to our first month if not for you, our readers who have been there to support and check out the site for new contents. We know it is too early to thank people but the simple things that you do to help us, like sharing our content, liking our social media posts and reading the articles we have put our heart into creating gives us the motivation to continue.

With that, we would like to thank you and would also request that you continue to support our travel and leisure blog.

Okay, on to the main topic. What is a progress report? Why are we making it? And why are publishing it for you our readers to see?

First, let us define what a progress report is. According to businessdictionary a progress report is an assessment which conveys details of goal that have been accomplished, list of resources expended, problems encountered and if the project has been completed on time and within budget.

 Why do we need a travel blog progress report?

  • It is to measure how much have we grown on our website project.
  • To see the things that we have accomplished.
  • To check if we've been able to achieve our goals.
  • To identify out the key problems and how we can resolve all the issues.

We wanted to measure all of these things and would want to record all the things we have encountered in order for us to gauge and plan our next move in the future for the improvement of the website.

We have now identified what a progress report is and why we need it a travel blog progress report, now you might be asking why we are publishing all these things to the public. One reason we have is that we want you to be part of our success, we want you to know of our story, and how we were able to come to this point in our blog and the things we have failed to do.

We also want to share our experience with future bloggers, aspiring writers, and readers who plan to be a digital marketer part time or full time. We hope that this progress report can give others idea, be able to help them start with their own projects and be able to provide a solution to beginner questions that we encountered while we were also starting.


Here are other examples of website progress reports.



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FeebleFeet Mission and Goals

Our website’s mission first and foremost, if you have read our first ever blog content on our website, we wanted to add more information about different travel places for readers and internet information seekers to easily research a subject. To be able to make better travel plans in the future with all the correct and useful resources in place.

FeebleFeet Goals

There were only a few goals that we have set for our website during the time that we were brainstorming on the website.

  • Buy our own Domain Name and Domain Hosting
  • Be able to write contents about our travel, at least 2 per week
  • Get 1,000 Page views for the first month.
  • Learn all the necessary things in order to get our website online
  • Be approved by Adsense
  • Monetize the blog
  • Get free trips in exchange for blog reviews
  • Get invited to events and media gatherings

These are our main objective when we started the blog, some are too outrageous at the time. We have very big dreams, and we didn’t know a lot yet so we were not able to produce realistic goals. During the planning and research stage we found out that we can monetize the blog, thus we have added some monetization goals into it.

Time Line

We have listed our timeline for the website below to see how much we've prepared for this blog and for you our readers to see what kind of preparations were needed. This can help determine if we're slacking or if we are actually doing anything for the project.


  • We started having the idea 2 weeks before March 30
  • Started learning and reading things about blogging
  • Seek advice from the experienced bloggers


  • April 1 we got ourselves a website name.
  • 2 weeks preparation for the website creation, design, theme and contents
  • Published our website to the world on April 12
  • Got our first view on the same day. (2 users viewed, us two only)
  • Applied to Affiliate and Ads Network
  • Added some Ads to monetize the website
  • Tested website speed and fixed it
  • Created Social Media Pages
  • Promoted the Site in Social Media
  • Got our first guest posting
  • Got our first 100 pageview/day
  • Reached 1000 pageviews
  • Published more than 2 articles per week


  • Finished putting content for 3 Countries
  • Applied to More Affiliate and Ads Network
  • Learned how to create better Featured Images
  • Achieved having 1 content with 50+ shares
  • Got our 2nd guest posting
  • Approved to more Affiliate Networks

These are a few of the things that happened to us. Later we’ll talk more about our total stats, expenses, income (if there is any).

Goals Achieved and Failed

Measuring which goals we have achieved and failed can help us in future decision making and planning for the blogs, not just in blogs but in everything that a person does, checking the progress by measuring goals can definitely provide insight on which to improve and what actions need to be taken to advance forward. Below we have listed which of our goals we have achieved and those that we still need to do moving forward.

  1. Buying a domain – this first goal is fairly easy, we just need the budget in order to successfully put this into motion. We have the choice of making a free website with a free domain by signing up to free website builder sites.


But that will hinder the growth of our website, in order to for us to realize our long-term goal which is to monetize the website we need to have our own domain. Achieved


  1. Buying a self-hosted websiteanother component of building a website is to get a hosting service from where to run your website. This is in order for your website to show on the internet. Again, this is fairly easy as we also just need budget on this one.


From our end, we first did a trial run as we don’t have any backgrounds on making websites and our basic knowledge of the whole digital marketing side is almost close to zero.


We were offered by one of our colleagues to get free hosting services by sharing with his hosting service. This was a great help for us as we’re still testing the waters and if we’ll be able to continue on this planned blog site.

Check out our affiliate link for our chosen hosting provider

After some time of testing and research, we have successfully transferred our domain to our own self-hosted platform. Achieved


  1. Be able to write 2 articles per week – The plan for this website’s content was to write at least two articles per week. This is due to the limited time we have because of our full-time jobs. 2 contents are already hard to deal with if we want quality contents on our website. This is part of our plan to do blogging part-time. We did go with a conservative goal that is attainable if we didn’t slack off. Achieved


  1. Get 1,000 Page views on our first month – Since we’re just starting out and no one actually believes that we’ll be able to achieve and maintain blogging, we thought that it will be hard for us to get 1,000 page views on our first month.


We have our expectations within reality as we are a new blog, we don’t even have someone who knows if we can write a good article for our readers to read. No one can vouch for us.


Google will definitely not be able to index our site that fast, according to what we researched it will take at least four months for your site to be able to get some readers from around the globe and for Google to notice your site.


We got our 1,000th view on our 18th day. Achieved


  1. Learn all the things we need to do in order for our website to run online – This particular goal was set into motion on the first two weeks of research that we did. We learned all about blogging and how we can create our own website for the world to see.

We dedicated time in order to learn the process of having your own website. If it comes to running our site online and having the necessary tools then we have made it as well. Achieved

If we’re to consider the plan to learn everything, then we haven’t done that, we’re still at the tip of the iceberg. We still have a lot of things we need to learn in order to continuously run the website. Needs Improvement

  1. Get approval from Adsense – Adsense is an ad network owned by Google that can help us receive income by doing a blog site. The plan is to put advertisements on our website that are clients of Google and have them pay us for advertisement fee.


The problem is that they have changed policies and it became harder to get approval from Adsense to be considered as one of their advertisers. We have tried to apply three times and were rejected thrice as well.


There are no ways to find out how Google grades a website as there are many factors. We will try again in the near future. Failed


  1. Monetize the Blog – Since Adsense have rejected our applications multiple times, we are now back to square one. Our main plan is for Adsense to pay us some income for putting their ads on our site. This was to cover all the expenses we have incurred during the initial stage.


We have plans to branch out but we didn’t expect it to be this fast. Our assumption was that we’ll be able to get in on our first month. We have researched some other ways on how we can get paid and get income from our blog which I will talk about on the Monetizing Strategies that I will talk about later. Needs Improvement


  1. Get Free Trips in exchange for Blog reviews – This one is still farfetched, we just want to put it there as one of our main goals as this is one of the ultimate perks of a travel blogger. To get something in return for giving a review of the place or locations that he/she has visited. Failed


  1. Get invited to cover Events and Gathering – Another outrageous goal for now from where we stand as of the moment. Our blog’s fairly new so unless we’re known actors already this will be a hard goal for us. We must first show our credibility and reliability before we get invited to an event to cover and make a review of. Failed


So in summary, we have achieved 5 of our first goals which are mostly easy goals and other longtime goals that we need to improve our approach plus goals that we have failed in. We’ll work harder to make those failed goals into success.

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2nd Month Goals

Now that we have analyzed the things we missed and goals we have achieved we will write down a set of new goals for our 2nd month.

  1. First up, the most important is our website traffic, so we’ll aim for 5,000 Page view for the 2nd
  2. We have received unexpected results on our contents by getting 1 post with 50+ shares so we’re aiming for 2 more contents with 50+ shares. 1 content with 100+ shares.
  3. Create 3 contents per week, 12 contents total for the next month.
  4. Pass the Adsense Application.
  5. We’ve started adding some ads to our blogs mid first month so hopefully, we would get to earn 10usd for the next month.
  6. We have done 2 guest postings for our first month. Let’s make 5 guest posts for the next month.
  7. Receive guest postings from other bloggers
  8. Receive Paid sponsored post from other bloggers and brands
  9. Create our very first digital product and sell it.

This is our 2nd-month goals if we have any other things that we want to add to our goals we will add it to our 3rd month.


For our 2nd month, we have listed some improvements that we’re currently working on to fully optimize our site and to give readers a better browsing experience.

  1. We are optimizing site web speed performance. It is currently doing a little bit better in loading our site, we’re still looking for more ways to make it faster.
  2. We’ve worked on getting subscribers to our list to get updates if ever we post new contents in Feeblefeet.
  3. We’re trying to make a list of the effective ad website to earn better income on our website. We’ll give an extensive list next time.
  4. We’re working on making a better image for our contents.
  5. Planning to shift to a better theme that can help optimize the site.

We hope to get a better result for our next month and be able to accomplish our goals. Look forward to our next month and see if we’re able to maintain and correct all those failures and missed things to do.

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