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Feeblefeet Travel Bucketlist

Hi Friends!!

We hope you gained sufficient knowledge from the Jordan Travel tips and experience posts that we recently added. One of the goal of this website was to provide travel and leisure ideas to you(our readers) by sharing the costs, itineraries, experiences and other somewhat unlucky circumstances that we will encounter.

Another one of our goal for starting this blog site is to list and document our travels and hopefully by monetizing the blog or by other opportunities that might come our way, we'll be able to travel to the places that we would want to see.

With this in mind, we want to also share with you first the places we would want to see or visit in the near future.

Ultimate Place Bucketlist (Might never happen)

Feeble List

  • Disneyland Hongkong: Listed as one of the largest theme parks in Hongkong, Disneyland has become one of the most sought after destination kids around the globe(some adults also) and that didn't exclude us. We once dreamt(still dreaming about it) of seeing the place and to roam around disneyland and unleash the kid within us, with no care in the world. It might be a silly dream for some, might not be new to most of the people as a lot have visited the attraction but it is a dream that was kept within me, a dream of seeing the place and the fireworks which for me(feeble) made Disneyland Hongkong magical.


  • Empire State Building, New York: It was once hailed as the tallest in the world before the emergence of other buildings, we cannot deny the fact that it is still one of the magnificent buildings ever made. Seeing the building in the movies and images when I was a kid, I became obsessed with the idea of visiting New York to see the said building together with the crowd and city lights of Times Square.


  • Santorini, Greece: is an Island in the Aegean Sea, southeast of Greece. This is a place I would want to see first hand because the place looks serene and it is very captivating in the images that I see. It feels like it can calm my mind and give me peace and a place that can definitely relieve my stress. I would want to soak and swim in Santorini and would also want to just admire the scenic views.


  • Paris, France: It is the capital of France and the centre of finance, commerce and fashion among other things. It is best known for the Eiffel tower, and being the woman in me I'm also a fan of romance would also want to be here someday. What else can you think of when you say romantic places? The city of love definitely will be on your list. Aside from the Eiffel tower, I would also want to see the Ponts des Arts to see the love locks, which I believe is now not allowing anyone to add love locks on the said bridge. Therefore my only choice is to admire the locks which was left by the lovers who came before me(cheesy).
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  • Big Ben and the Red Telephone Booth, London: Last on my list is the Big Ben which is actually the nickname given to the Great bell found at the north end of the Westminster Palace but was sometimes also refer to the clock tower located at the same area. These two iconic place(together with the telephone booth) are again shown in the movies that I use to watch when I was younger and was as well engraved in my heart as a place that I would want to see someday.
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Feet List - It is now my turn to enumerate my list.

  • Machu Picchu, Peru: It is a 15th century Inca structure located at a mountain ridge in Peru. It is sometimes called the "Lost city of the Incas". Obsession with this particular place started when I was still a young kid, playing this one game on my Playstation 2 which made Macchu Picchu one of the quest place alongside other places as well. I don't know why but that particular photo of Macchu Picchu stucked with me and since then I dreamt of standing on the said same place with which the character of the game stood(it may sound senseless but that is how I feel about this place).
- picture from lonelyplanet

Last time I checked Skyscanner for air fares going to Lima it costs 100k when I converted to Peso(around 7 to 9 thousand dirhams). So for now, we'll just park it as part of our bucketlist until the time that an opportunity to visit the place arrives.

You can check our tutorial on how to use Skyscanner for your next travel booking here.

  • Chichen Itza, Mexico: Like Macchu Picchu, it is another one of those old civilization. It is built in the Yucatan state by the Maya people. It is said to be one of the largest of the Maya cities and one of the mythical greats. Chichen Itza means "at the mouth of the well of Itza" according to chichenitza.com is the 2nd most visited site in the country. Again the obsession I got from wanting to see theses places was influenced by that one game which I remembered now. It was shadow hearts, it is where I heard both of these places.
- from Visit Mexico


  • Niagara Falls, border of Canada and US: It is a collective name of the three waterfalls that is found on the border of the said two countries. Famed for its beauty, it is definitely a place that we look forward to seeing in the near future. I've always been fascinated by the picturesque view of waterfalls and  would want to get an opportunity to see a huge waterfall like Niagara falls. That's why I'm putting it on my ultimate bucketlist.
- from niagarafallsstatepark.com


  • Colosseum, Rome: Also known as the "Flavian Amphitheatre" is the largest amphitheatre ever built. It was use for gladiator battles and other public spectacles. It got on my list because of the movie Gladiator. Aside from the movie, we all cannot deny the fact that the ancient building's facade and interior is reminiscent of the old Roman civilization. Again a historical landmark that I cannot miss.


-from the web


  • Paro Taktsang, Paro valley, Bhutan - also know as the Taktsang Palphug Monastery and Tiger's nest. It is a Himalayan Buddhist site situated on a cliffside. This should definitely be part of the list for travelers who loves to trek. Also those who love to take awesome pictures should include this magnificent location. I wanted to see this place again because of my childish nature, who sees this place as something from an anime film and of course the reason which I stated earlier as well.
-from earth trekkers

Places To See This Year - We're planning to check out the countries below in the following months or possibly early next year.

  1. Tsibilisi, Georgia
  2. Goa, India
  3. Siargao, Philippines
  4.  Maldives

There you go, our initial bucketlist which we plan to update once we get new ideas and inspiration from other travelers as well.

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Hopefully we get to visit the places on our list especially our Ultimate Bucketlist. Help us cross this list by supporting our blog and continuing to read our updates regarding our adventures.

While waiting, check out our other articles featuring places we've been through and things that we have learned along our journey. Click feeblefeet for more travel and leisure ideas.


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