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FeebleFeet Travel Must Haves

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Travel must haves are simply the specific things that a travel should have or usually have brought for a travel. It might be for a short vacation or a cross-country long term trip.

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Traveling has been a part of life for many, especially for the working employees who spend most of their time in the office. Traveling has become a way of taking breaks from work. Sometimes they do this to get a change in scenery or to move on from some things that they don't want to stay in their life.

Sometimes people do it to learn new things and to explore places which they have not seen before. Social media has been a huge influencer for people to travel. Social media showcase many good places around the world which excites people thus urging them to travel and see places.

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Travel Essentials

Seasoned travelers have these specific things that they can't go without or specific travel must haves that they bring with them to their travels. A reason for having these items is that it makes their travel more fun and complete if they have this.

These travel essentials also do make their travel life easier and with less hassle.

In this article we'll talk about travel must haves and why it is necessary to have if not all at least some of those things, its uses and what alternatives can we use if ever we don't have these essential things with us. You might find something that should be included in your list also or may be able to relate on our own travel essentials.

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travel must haves

Battery Chargers

One of the must haves for a trip, it may be a short or a long one. When we travel to different places, we make sure that we have our chargers with us. It will keep our phones and cameras to be usable for taking pictures, taking calls or getting information online.

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You might say that you can buy one or hotel accommodations will have stocks of this and you can just borrow it. It will still make a difference if you have brought one for yourself. Multiple chances might occur if you depended on the destination to have extra charges with them.

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Few examples of reason why you need to bring one.

The place you might visit will have no convenience or electronic stores nearby. If you're expecting to just buy a battery charger somewhere near the place you're staying.

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The place you're staying with will have no extra charger that you can borrow. This is usually the case but some hotels and accommodation do have extra cord and chargers for you to use.

The main reason you should have your own charger is that it might not be compatible with any cord available in the vicinity of the place you traveled to. I use a Sony Xperia mobile phone and as per my experience, the normal android cords will not be compatible with mine.

Also, if you have apple products it will also not be compatible if you went to a place where people are not used to using apple products. It will be a huge problem for you.

Alternatives: You can just buy or borrow from the hotel reception. But it is guaranteed that they will have spare or if they will have any.

travel must haves

Travel Neck Pillows

These neck pillows have become an essential travel accessories nowadays. It is especially useful for long travels. Like long hours of travel, delayed travel time where you have to wait for a long time, and uncomfortable travel positions. With a travel neck pillow, it will ease up all this problems and you'll have a comfortable travel.

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Long travel hours

If you decide to go somewhere far, usually by driving, your passengers can have a better sleeping position and can avoid having stiff neck with travel neck pillows. Long travel time will also feel a bit uncomfortable so a neck pillow can at least ease up your sleeping. This will come in handy if your seat will not have any place where you can lean.

Delayed Travel

Although most travelers would want to avoid this and makes additional planning before their travel, sometimes something will incur that will delay your travel. It might be some airlines travel delay, or you might have missed the last transportation going to your destination. This will get you stuck up somewhere to wait.

You can easily sit or sleep in a comfortable manner if you have a neck pillow. You will just need to find a safe place to sit and lean your back against and your good to go.

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Uncomfortable Seating Position

We may not have wanted it but there will be times where we have no choice but to take the place even if its uncomfortable. Situation dictates if we can choose not to take it and find a suitable one or just take it because you badly need to move or travel already.

We can usually experience this in public transportation, and a long drive with a public transportation will become exhausting. A good neck pillow can help you rest even if your position is not that good.

Still, a neck pillow can only do so much and in a really bad seating position even neck pillows might not be able to help.

Alternatives: You can use anything soft or your backpack to lean your neck on, it can't be done in all places specifically if you're on a plane.

travel must haves

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Pouch or Small Bag

A small pouch can be handy if you plan to roam around the place near your hotel or accommodation. It will be better to put all your important belongings into one small pouch rather than to bring your whole travel bag.

In most cases, it will not be economical and hassle-free to bring all your belongings for a short walk or when you're exploring the place.

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A small pouch or bag that can fit in your passport (for international travel), wallet, room keys and other small object that you will need when you go out.

Reasons why you need a pouch or a small bag
    • Dinner or lunch within the area of where you're staying will be some of the reason why you will go out.
    • Exploring a nearby museum or attraction with which you won't need everything that you have brought for the trip.
    • Going for a short walk around the area
    • Going for a swim or water sports activity

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A small couch can definitely be handy at these times. It will save you energy and you will be able to move better as the weight of all your things can be removed. The problem with having one small pouch is that, if from some very unfortunate event your pouch or bag was stolen then all you important belongings will be taken as well.

Make sure not to put everything in one place. You can also wear bottoms with pockets to ensure that all important stuffs are not in one basket.

Alternatives: If you don't have a small bag or pouch, you can use a body bag which is a bit bigger but will still do. Or just fill your pockets and only bring the most important.


Another important must haves are the earphones. Music lovers and the like should always have this in their travel bags or small pouch. What is the point of having music if you can't listen to it?

The earphones can help you pass some time while traveling. You can enjoy the view and have a relaxing travel if you have music with you. If you get one of those noise-cancellation earphones, then it will be even better.

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You will get the feeling like you're on your own and you will experience more in your travel. A word of caution though, you still need to be mindful of your surrounding as you might not hear something that is happening around you.

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Using of earphones can ensure as well that you respect other travelers, and to ensure that other travelers will not be disturbed with your music. Unless, you're traveling alone on a private tour or on your own private jet then I guess it's fine without earphones.

travel must haves

Small Bottles for Personal Hygiene

One of the most important item that you need to pack if you're going to travel somewhere far or if you will leave your place for a couple of days or weeks. Small bottles will help save you baggage space and weight. You can also bring small amounts of different variety of products.

Saving baggage space is very important especially for backpacking travelers. We all want to bring all our belongings, most importantly we don't want to be hassled by not having our preferred personal hygiene products with us.

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Taking advantage of the size of small bottles and its weight, a good three to four day travel can fit in inside those small bottles. It will not be a problem on your travel weight limit.

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If you're going to a place you haven't been before we cannot stress more on the importance of having an item that can capture photos. Lots of travelers will agree on this things. We all have mobile phones, yes we get it. Still it is good to bring something that is solely for capturing photos.

Mobile phones nowadays have camera built in with it and you can easily take photos with these things. Especially, if you have a top-notch mobile phone like the latest ones in the market. It is not a bad thing, it is actually convenient if you will use your mobile phones to capture those moments and those epic scenery.

Capture better photos with your mobile phone

A camera different from what you have on your phone will be handy in these kinds of trips. Not only will it have more memory only for taking pictures and videos, its functionality only focuses on capturing moments. Unlike your mobile phones which you use for other things as well.

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Things to consider when bringing a camera

It should be light - you don't want to bring something heave for a long travel, especially if you're planning to do lots of walking. This will eat up your energy just bringing heavy equipped cameras. A light and portable ones are good for these kinds of travel. You're not going on a photo shoot so you wouldn't want to bring all your equipments.

It should be easy to use - the camera that you will be bringing should be easy to use and can snap a photo or take a video with one click. The camera that you should bring should be able to just point and shoot, this is for your convenience as well.

It should last long enough - your camera should be able to last long in order to capture all those beautiful and unique scenery that you will find along your travel.

It would be best to bring something portable, can be charged easily and small enough to fit in your luggage. Mirror-less cameras from Fuji are our recommended cameras to bring.

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Alternative: If in case you will not be able to bring a camera to your travel, your mobile phone will do. It should be able to take clear and high quality photos. You don't want your souvenir photos to be blur and all.

travel must haves

travel must haves
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Plastic Bags and Dry Sacks

It is one of the very important travel must haves. This will save your electronic gadgets from getting damaged, will help you seal food to stop it from getting spoiled and can keep your things organized.

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It is very easy to carry and store plastic bags and dry sacks inside your luggage. It is lightweight and can be folded. It will not take much of your luggage space. Its uses varies depending on the situation at hand.

travel must haves

Save your gadgets from getting damaged

By bringing a plastic bag or dry sacks, your gadget will be safe from getting wet. It can secure your gadgets and electronic devices from getting wet and can stop water from damaging your items.

It will be beneficial as you will not be able to 100% predict the weather on the place that you will visit. A trekking adventure where you will cross rivers or small body of water can also be problematic if you don't have seal-able plastic bags.

Packing food

Packing food for the travel or trek can be done properly and in an organized manner by using these plastic bags. The seal-able plastic bags are good for storing your food inside your luggage and making sure that it will not get messy.

Food and meals that you didn't finish eating can also be stored inside these bags.

Keeping things organized

It can also keep your things organized. The small items that you have brought like bottles  can be stored inside these bags and can stop liquid items from spilling inside the luggage.

Wet clothes can be stored inside dry sacks as well so you will not have problems putting it together with your clean ones. You can separate used clothes and dirty slippers inside these bags and sacks.


Bringing wipes everywhere you go will provide more convenience and less hassle to you. Exploring new places and if you're the type to go on treks and outdoor adventures it will do you good if you have wipes inside your luggage.

It will provide additional health assurance to you as you're able to clean your hands when eating or if you have put your hands on something that might be dirty and full of bacteria.

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If there is no water within the vicinity or the area, the wipes can be used to clean one's self.

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Emergency First Aid Kit

While emergency kits are a given item to bring to any travel, most travelers tend to forget or disregard bringing this travel must have. We know, we're also guilty when it comes to having emergency kits in our travels.

travel must haves

This can help lessen the damage and provide relief to the person in areas where treatment is needed. It can also clean and save travelers from small accidents or problems. It is very easy to bring one as well, a combination of small pouch containing some medicine, vitamins, and other preventive products will do as a first aid kit.

Important things inside a first aid kit

Medicine - traveler will encounter lots of problems if not all while traveling, some of these are low bowel movements, headaches, motion sickness among other commonly known sickness.

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If you're prepared and have brought medicines for these problems then it will give you a less-hassle travel experience. Especially if the place is in a remote area.

Vitamins - this will come in handy in places where lots of your energy is being used. This can be a good alternative to provide the nutrients that our body needs.

Disinfectant and Alcohol - small cuts, bruises, and small open wounds can be cleanse with wound disinfectant and alcohol. By having this, one can make sure that the wound will not get worst and can help your skin heal the wounds faster. It can help disinfect the wounds as well.

Band-aid and medical gauze - having these items in your medical kit can help protect wounds and cuts from getting infected with more bacteria.

A medical kit can contain more helpful small things to keep you safe during your journey and help you in times of need. Never disregard having this on your travel.

FeebleFeet Travel Must Haves

We have enumerated things that we always want to have during our travels. These items we have mentioned can definitely ease up our travel. It is good to have your own list of travel must haves in order to remember the things you really need for your travel.

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There are a lot more of things that can be included in the travel items. You have to make sure that it is easy to carry, economical, needed, and will not take up too much of luggage space and weight limit.

What are your own travel must haves? Comment down below, and let us know all those other essential items that are good to bring during travel.

For more articles from FeebleFeet, you can check our home page and browse through "Get started". We have categorized all our articles for easy browsing. Hope you enjoyed this one.



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