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Find the Cheapest Flight Tickets – 5 easy steps to book via Skyscanner

Find the cheapest flight tickets by following the guide below.

Are you one of those people who travels most of the time?  A travel enthusiast who is interested on getting the lowest possible flight tickets? Or just someone who wants to save up some money by buying months and months ahead of your departure time?

If you're one of us, this blog is for you. Have you heard of Skyscanner? For those who hasn't or have heard of it but have not tried using this very known easy trick of finding the cheapest flight to a destination then check out this 5 simple steps on checking for the cheapest flight by using skyscanner.

Before I start with the step by step tutorial, in order for you to follow through with it you should first open a new browser pointing towards skyscanner. See link below:

It will show you to this screen.

As you can see, our's is set to Dubai to Cuzco already as we're always on the lookout for cheap tickets to Macchu Picchu(which I will describe more on our content regarding our bucketlist)

Going back to the main topic, once you clicked the site link it will direct you to the homepage of Skyscanner. Here you can find deals with regards to flight, hotels and city car rentals. Since we're talking about cheap flight tickets we'll stay on the same tab as well.

Step 1

Input the airport where you will be coming from ( In our case it is Dubai, but you can definitely change it to your preference). After that fill in your destination as well, which airport, your next travel adventure is located. If at this point you just want to check the cheapest flight from your place of departure then just input or click "Everywhere". With this filter, Skyscanner will provide you with all the place in their list.


Once that is over, fill in the months that you would want to go to a place, the trick to finding the cheapest flights also comes from these filters. If you haven't planned when to go or might be thinking when will be the cheapest flight ticket for a certain place, you can find out about it by changing the depart and return month to "cheapest month" and click search flights.

With this filter Skyscanner will provide you with a list of all places starting with the cheapest fare.


Step 2

Once Skyscanner shows you the list of countries, pick any of the places that will be of interest to you. You can reconfigure the filter search by choosing a specific destination and just putting the cheapest month for your depart and from date.

Once you have chosen any of the destination. Click the arrow down, as it is possible to have multiple airports per area. You will again have to choose which airport you would want to go. You can check on Google for the location of these airports.

Step 3

Once you have chosen which place you're planning to go, Skyscanner will bring you to the specific dates with cheapest prices. You can choose your depart and return dates here with corresponding prices for each.

After selecting the dates, click on search flights and it will provide you with the airlines and flight details next.

Step 4

The website will now provide you a list of the airlines with the cheapest, the best and the fastest flight to your choice of destination. Pick the flight that is most suitable for your needs. Since we're looking for the cheapest, we'll take the first one on the list.

You can also edit your filters by choosing if you want a non stop flights, 1 stopover and more. You can also pick your departure and return time, travel duration and if you have a specific airline in mind that you would want to try.

One of my suggested airlines is flydubai, not only because I'm an affiliate of the merchant but is also because it has 90 destinations across 46 countries. Isn't that great? You can check their offers here if you don't find any cheap offers from skyscanner.

Skyscanner will then compare prices for each travel booking companies online to show you the cheapest flight for the chosen destination.

Step 5 

You can pick on any of the travel companies to book your tickets with. The last part of the booking shows which company is selling the tickets for the cheapest price which can then help you decide and plan for your flight expense.

After picking the travel company that will book your flight, Skyscanner will redirect you to the site of the travel company to complete your booking.

Always check that what you chose in Skyscanner will be the same amount when you get to the travel company page, if this is not the case choose a different company to book your flight.

Skyscanner flight prices might be a little bit different as these prices does not include online fees and other miscellaneous charge.

Before completing your booking make sure you accounted everything on the flight cost to avoid getting unnecessary add ons on your ticket.

That's it. Hope this guide to booking cheap ticket will ease your travel planning.

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