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Head Out To The Largest Summer Indoor Sports Venue

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Dubai Sports World

One of the most exciting things for us during summer is the opening of Dubai's Largest summer indoor Sports Venue.

Imagine having to play or do outdoor activities outside on a 40 to 50 degree Celsius temperature? It'll be too hot to play outside even in the early morning or night. It is due to the humidity of the place during summer. Yes, it is good that you will sweat more but it will definitely be hard for everyone to do outdoor sports or fitness activity.

What if we tell you that you can still do your outdoor activities outside without having to play or be under the direct sun rays. That you can enjoy unlimited time indoor doing your sports or fitness activity without getting tanned or sunburn.

With Dubai, there are unlimited possibilities and one of those possibilities is the opportunity to play and enter the largest indoor sports venue.

Introducing Dubai Sports World!!

Dubai Sports World

Largest Summer Indoor Sports Venue

It is the largest summer indoor sports venue in the United Arab Emirates. With numerous courts for different sports inside the facility, it is a huge air-conditioned space that can hold multiple sports events at the same time and the best part about it is that entrance fee is free!

You just need to register at the registration booth before you enter the place. Some of the sports courts have fees on it.

And no need to be embarrassed or think deeply on this one, whether you're a professional athlete, a complete sports newbie, audience, and spectators, whether you just want to play for fun with colleagues, or compete to play. You can definitely do it at the largest summer indoor sports venue.

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So which sports can you try on this place? Below is the list.

largest summer indoor sports venue


Boasting as the largest summer indoor sports venue, Dubai Sports World created an oval inside that can accommodate people who love to jog. An oval runway was in place along the venue circling around different sports courts.

You can head out here and jog anytime, as long as you want since the entrance is free and the jogging path is open for all which is good. You get to workout and jog without having problems with humidity.

They have also installed nets on the courts and pitches to stop balls and other equipment from flying from anywhere so that you'll have worry-free jogging.

largest summer indoor sports venue
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They have 6 indoor football pitches inside that you can rent and take advantage of. You can rent the pitches per hour and price range depending on the hour. It cost as low as 280 to 500 aed depending on the size and time that you plan to rent the said pitch.

Prices may vary depending on the court availability and usage, so book early by contacting Dubai Sports World.

Definitely a good spot for friendly games or if you're planning an office team building or sports Friday for your colleagues.


Inside are three professional tennis courts for visitors to use, you can either do singles or doubles on the said court. Price range from 100 to 150 aed per hour. Prices may vary depending on the court availability and usage, so book early by contacting Dubai Sports World.

You can also take classes at Dubai Sports World as they offer training and lessons for everyone. You can find out more on their website.


This year, the largest summer indoor sports venue is offering 12 badminton courts which are all rubber mats for visitors to use. Yes 12 courts, it seems badminton court rentals have been great last year so they're offering that many this year. Prices for an hour of usage is very cheap as well, it ranges from 30 to 50 aed.

Prices may vary depending on the court availability and usage, so book early by contacting Dubai Sports World.

Enthusiasts and athletes out for training can definitely take advantage of the said deal, you will not be disappointed with the venue so the price is a bargain already. They do advise users to bring their own equipment even if there are available equipment for use as it is only limited.

largest summer indoor sports venue
largest summer indoor sports venue


Rugby players can have their share of fun too as Dubai Sports World is offering 6 rugby pitches for visitors to enjoy. The pitches differ in sizes and you can definitely reserve a spot for you and your colleagues. They haven't mentioned the price for the pitches' rent but you can definitely inquire to them directly.

They suggest to bring your own equipment as well to avoid problems and for you to enjoy your game.


Everyone can really enjoy their stay inside the largest summer indoor sports venue, they have installed cricket pitches as well for the fans and enthusiast to play on. They have nets surrounding the court as well for safety so you will not have a hard time fetching the ball when it flies off after batting.

Prices start for as low as 100 aed on off-peak hours but may vary depending on the availability and usage. Best to contact them directly for reservations and inquiries.


Playing volleyball at the beach can be a bit hard during this season but no need to stop yourself from enjoying a game as Dubai Sports World has 2 indoor volleyball courts for visitors to enjoy. They have seats as well for your friends to cheer you on or watch your game.

Price ranges from 110 to 160 aed per hour and may vary depending on the court availability. Check it out on their website for more info.

largest summer indoor sports venue

Ping Pong

Aside from Tennis and badminton, the largest summer indoor sports venue also offers 8 badminton tables for visitors to use. Price ranges from 10 to 20 aed per hour and it varies depending on the availability. Check it out on their website for more info.

You will be required to bring your own equipment to enjoy the facility as there are limited things to borrow.

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Fitness Classes

Dubai sports world offers a variety of fitness classes for all ages like Zumba and Yoga. It is available 7 days a week and if you're interested you can sign up directly at the place on a first come, first serve basis. You can check out their site for full class schedule.

You can also take the time to use the different gym equipment provided in the area. Fees apply to the gym usage.

It is in partnership with Gold's Gym so you'll definitely know that it is top class.


Due to the overwhelming demand for basketball courts last year, this year the largest summer indoor sports venue expanded the number of courts available for the players.

From 6 last year, they now have 8 official standard basketball courts that you can book. They have added half courts as well for street basketball which can be favorable for a small number of participants.

Price range from 60 to 90 aed on the street basketball courts and 110 aed for the standard size. You will have to check with them the price as it sometimes varies depending on the usage and availability of the court.

largest summer indoor sports venue
largest summer indoor sports venue
largest summer indoor sports venue

New Additions

Aside from the usual sports facilities last year, they have enhanced and included new facilities for athletes and spectators to enjoy the place.

The Ninja Warrior obstacle course is still in the same spot but a bit bigger. Located in the middle of the indoor facility, people can test their skills and technique on the hard to finish course.

Gymnastics area was added as a replacement to the skate park last year. Gymnasts can use the available beams, bars, vault and tumble tracks to practice their skills.

Virtual Reality Games were added to this year's list as well

Not sure on this one, possibly because an event was held the last time we went there. They have added virtual reality Golfing, PC related games and virtual reality Shooting games to some of the areas inside the venue.

There's also two battlefield virtual reality game, much like paintball but without the safety limitations as it is laser technology. This one is confirmed to be a newly added attraction at the site.

largest summer indoor sports venue
largest summer indoor sports venue
largest summer indoor sports venue
largest summer indoor sports venue

How To Get To The Largest Summer Indoor Sports Venue

You must be excited and feeling pumped up after what we have discussed regarding the largest summer indoor sports venue.

It is very easy, you can just go by train or bus to World Trade Center. You can easily locate the place if you pinpoint the World Trade Center Metro Station.

Once outside the metro station, just head to the World Trade Center Hall located at the far end place and go left to the sports hall.

It is open from 8:00 AM to 1:00 AM until September 8, 2018.

We're all done now! Head out, have fun, and compete with your friends in this very comfortable indoor facility. A piece of advice from us, wear appropriate sports attire and don't forget to warm up before you play to avoid injuries.

In case you get injured, you can head out to their first aid station for assistance.


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largest summer indoor sports venue

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