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Hidden Waterfall in La Union ~ Trek Tangadan Falls

Continuation of the Trek

This is the 2nd part of how we did trek Tangadan Falls. If you haven't read our first post regarding this, you should check it first. See link below.

The unexpected activity that we found while trekking. 

After enjoying ourselves jumping cliffs on our way to the Falls, we took some more photos at the scenic view surrounding the said jump spot.

We didn't want to pass on the opportunity to take more photos as a remembrance. This time, we did it solo. The same spot offers incredible background so we used it a couple of times.

photo op
photo op
photo op

We continued our trek after fixing our things and resting. We passed by more rocks, crossed small river paths, at this time it was already around 11 in the morning. We had so much fun cliff jumping that we didn't notice the time, it was a bit hot as the sun is already shining brightly and there were fewer trees along the way.

The beauty of nature even while walking under the direct sunlight transcends imagination. The daily routine of office work and stressful urban life sometimes make us forget how beautiful our world is. Another reason why I have chosen to create a travel blog.

To retain wonderful outdoor moments and to serve as a reminder to my colleagues and readers how exceptional our world is and we should treasure and experience it.

trek tangadan falls
trek tangadan falls
trek tangadan falls

After quite some time we have arrived at the location of the waterfall. There were a number of visitors when we came, but still not that crowded. We took some pictures at the huge rock overlooking the falls and then settled ourselves at one of the smaller rocks a few steps down the huge one.

The odd thing about swimming in a pool or the beach compared to the falls is that it has a certain eerie feeling. I always feel a bit frightened swimming in the falls especially if its a deep one where I can't touch or see the bottom.

Swimming in deep areas(except for the pool) always make me a little bit uncomfortable even though I have confidence in my swimming skill but regardless of that I still didn't miss the opportunity to swim in Tangadan Falls add to that the fact that lots of visitors are swimming as well.

It is reassuring. Lol!

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tangadan falls
tangadan falls
tangadan falls

One Funny Story

So we have accomplished our itinerary to trek Tangadan Falls, and the next goal was to swim which we also accomplished. A short funny story happened while we were swimming on the said waterfall.

We went to the center of the Waterfall to experience the strong rush of water and play. A small raft is situated at the same place as well. It was filled with visitors/tourists that have come to the falls to swim.

We swam our way to the said raft to get a proper footing and feel the water gush unto our body. We reached the raft filled with people. It was really hard climbing the said raft because it is a bamboo raft full of moss.

So we were trying to climb up and my brother, having a hard time as well called one of the guys to pull him up. This guy without saying anything pulled him up.

When we're all sitting on the raft, the boatman ( one guy is operating it) told us to go down from the raft because it was rented by the group of visitors who helped my brother climb up.

To our embarrassment, we immediately went down the raft and later on was told that visitors need to pay if they want a ride on the raft. Lol! To cut the story short, we freeloaded on the paid raft ride the other group rented while authoritatively (but not in a rude way) commanding them to pull us up. It was really silly of us.

going to the raft
ready to be gushed
ready to be gushed
going to the raft

Things to Bring

After the silly incident, we just continued swimming without relying on the raft. Hehe!

It took us an hour to play and swim in Tangadan waterfall. We then decided to find our way back to the hostel.

If you plan to trek Tangadan Falls, we have some suggestions on things to bring.

  • Bring towels.
  • Sunscreen lotions
  • Camera (waterproof if possible)
  • Lots of water
  • Food to eat on the trek to Tangadan Falls
  • Slippers or shoes (don't wear the slippery ones)
  • First Aid(just in case although our guide has one)
  • Change of clothes
  • Floaters

You can definitely enjoy a picnic by the rocks in Tangadan Falls just don't forget to clean as you go(Claygo).

going to the raft

How to get to Tangadan Falls

It is very easy to find the way to Tangadan Falls.

  • The first option, check with your hostel or hotel accommodation if they can arrange a tour to the falls. This is the most convenient way as Tangadan Falls is currently gaining popularity.
  • The second option is to ask the tricycle drivers around town if they can give you a tour of Tangadan Falls. It might be cheaper but usually, they all have the same price
  • The third one is, before coming to La Union research for a tour guide that can bring you there. This way you can bring your car up to the start point of the trek. They have parking spaces there.

The last is beneficial to those who will drive their car to La Union.

There you have it our two posts related to the half-day tour to Tangadan Falls. Thank you for reading.

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