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How To Get To La Mer Beach For Less Than 10 Dirhams

Guide on how to get to Lamer Beach

So how to get to Lamer Beach for less than 10 dirhams?

We have featured La Mer Beach, the newest beach front attraction in Dubai and have promised that we'll teach you the directions on how to get there.

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Is going to La Mer expensive? Is the place very hard to locate? Is it far? These questions might be running on your mind.

La Mer Beach is located in Jumeirah and it is very easy to get there. Here are the ways you can get to La Mer Beach.

How to get to La Mer via Bus

If you're living near Burjuman take the C10 bus which can be taken at the Burjuman Mall side. Then get down at the Palm street which is on the opposite side of Jumeirah Mosque. You can check Wojhati and just pinpoint the Palm street or Jumeirah Mosque as your destination. This will only cost you one bus ride.

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How to get to La Mer via Taxi:

You can get a taxi from Burjuman, Jafiliya or World Trade Centre. These would be the nearest places if you're coming from the metro and would not want to take a bus to La Mer Beach.

How to get to La Mer via Car:

Pinpoint the location of the Jumeira Mosque. It will be the fastest guide to La Mer Beach.

See location map below.

But if you want to follow how we did it and save money on transportation, take the bus ride. From the metro stations, it will only take you less than 10 dirhams to enjoy La Mer.

Hope you enjoy your visit to La Mer beach. Visit it while the sun is still not that hot. Best time to come is in the morning.

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