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How to get to Riverland, Dubai Parks and Resort

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Riverland Dubai

FeebleFeet once again visited a famous theme park within the city. This time we went to visit Riverland, Motiongate and Legoland inside the newly built Dubai Parks and Resorts.

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If you’re like us(mostly just me as Ms. FeebleFeet actually went there during the soft opening) who doesn’t know that a visit to Riverland will cost you zero, yesssss! Zero dirhams to enter the said place.

Of course, you need to pay for your transportation or gas if you’re coming via private car.

You’re in luck! We’ll share in this article how you can get to Riverland by using the available mass public transport found in Dubai.

You will also get a glimpse of the place and things you can do and enjoy while you’re in Riverland

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About Riverland

So what exactly is the Riverland? What can you do inside and how can you visit the place.

Riverland is one of the places that makes up Dubai Parks and Resorts. Dubai Parks and Resorts is a huge resort destination mainly composed of three themed-parks (Legoland, Motiongate and Bollywood), one waterpark (Legoland Waterpark) and a themed resort (Lapita Hotel Dubai).

It is a huge place which is why it is quite far from the city. Not that far but is somewhat separated from the crowded places of the city.

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Riverland  is the entrance gateway of Dubai Parks and Resorts. It is where the bus stops, the parking area and the open area are located.

The great thing about Riverland is that one will not be required any ticket to visit or enter the place. Unfortunately, I don’t know about this, if I have known sooner then I would have visited the place.

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The place has a huge river with buildings surrounding it that looks like old European style. It this wide open area you can already take pictures of the scenery and enjoy the sweet vibe of the place.

Four Themed Zones

They have four themes according to their website which we personally saw as well when we went there. The first one is the Indian inspired plaza which will directly lead you to the Bollywood theme park.

It is most noticeable by the huge arms and hands in the middle of the plaza. The surrounding place also have restaurants ranging from casual dining to street style quick orders that is also in line with the theme.

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Next one is the Boulevard. This is the center plaza of Riverland. It is again full of beautifully designed structure plus a view of the river. Your kids can play on the grass filled with small trampolines.

They also offer street music and festivals in this area. The place were connected by impressive list of restaurants and shops to enjoy your day. You can also simply sit by and watch as the sun goes down on this place.

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Boardwalk is another zone of Riverland that is designed to look like the 1950’s design of Americas. The bustling street is full of engaging activities and shops to fill your boredom.

Another interesting part of Riverland is the French Village. Here, they created most of the old European style I was talking about a while ago. If you’ve watched Harry Potter, you might think that the said plaza looks like Diagon Alley.

Riverland has plenty of shops and restaurants already that will keep you and your family entertained. There are also lots of areas inside that will give you Instagram worthy shots.

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How to get to Riverland via Metro

Much to our surprise, it is really easy to get to Dubai Parks and Resorts or in Riverland, Dubai. It is soooooo easy that you won’t have a hard time getting to the said place.

Riverland is located inside the massive Dubai Parks and Resorts. And yes, Dubai Parks and Resort is near Jebel Ali. The exact address is Sheikh Zayed Road, opposite of Palm Jebel Ali.

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Yes it is far, no doubt about it. The good thing is, it’s pretty convenient to get there. This is how you do it.

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Take The Metro

Take the nearest metro from your place and travel to  Ibn Battuta Metro Station in red line. This will only cost you maximum 7.50 dirhams.

From Ibn Battuta Metro station, go directly to the bus station which is just underneath the Metro. From here, you can take the only bus that goes directly to Dubai Parks and Resorts which is the the bus number DPR1. It arrives every 45 minutes and the travel time to Riverland in DPR will be around 30 minutes.

Pretty easy ain’t it? If you miss the bus and can’t wait to get to Dubai Parks and Resorts, then from here you can hail a cab to bring you directly to the place. It is a bit pricey but atleast you will save time instead of waiting for the next bus to arrive.

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  1. Take the metro to Ibn Battuta Red Line
  2. Get down from Ibn Battuta and take the DPR1 bus from the bus station


  1. Take the metro to Ibn Battuta Red Line
  2. Hail a cab to bring you to the park.

If you have private car, good for you, you can just drive directly to the place. They have vast parking spaces to accommodate visitors.

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RTA Bus Timings for DPR1

The bus makes 26 daily trips from Ibn Battuta.

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Departure from Ibn Battuta:
Trip 1: 7:30AM
Trip 2: 8:45AM
Trip 3: 10:00AM
Trip 4: 11:15AM
Trip 5: 12:30PM
Trip 6: 1:45PM
Trip 7: 3:00PM
Trip 8: 4:15PM
Trip 9: 5:30PM
Trip 10: 6:45PM
Trip 11: 8:00PM
Trip 12: 9:15PM
Trip 13: 10:30PM

Departure from Dubai Parks and Resorts:
Trip 1: 8:10AM
Trip 2: 9:45AM
Trip 3: 10:40AM
Trip 4: 11:55AM
Trip 5: 1:10PM
Trip 6: 2:25PM
Trip 7: 3:40PM
Trip 8: 4:55PM
Trip 9: 6:10PM
Trip 10: 7:25PM
Trip 11: 8:40PM
Trip 12: 9:55PM
Trip 13: 11:10PM

As you can see, you can get there as early as 8 AM up to 11 PM in the evening.

Give ample time for your travel as well, especially on Fridays as the Metro station usually opens around 10 to 10:30 AM.

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Enjoy the outdoors at Riverland

That’s it folks! We hope that this article enticed you to visit Riverland and we also hope that we have provided you the easy and cheap way to get to the place.

You see, going to Riverland doesn’t have to be costly. The whole trip will only cost you at most around 25 dirhams per person.

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Take the opportunity to visit the place while it is still a bit cool. Once summer hits it will be a bit problematic to roam around the area as it is outdoors.

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