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See the Citadel and Roman Theatre

The last thing we wanted to do is to see the citadel and Roman Theatre.
Our last day in Jordan came in the blink of an eye. Waking up and realizing we only have a half day left to roam around, we decided to quickly finish our breakfast and preparations to see the Citadel and the Roman Theatre. Our place was a 10-minute walk or more (depends on how fast you walk uphill) from the Citadel. Across the hotel is a stairway which leads to the upper parts of Amman. We followed the said stairway as advised by the hotel receptionist, along the way we ask people as well on how we can go to the Citadel to not waste time on searching it.
Stairs leading to the Citadel

If you plan to walk I advise you bring at least one big bottle of water, although at that time the weather is nice as it is around 14 degrees Celsius only it will still be better if you have something to quench your thirst. After a couple of lefts and rights, we arrived at the entrance of the Citadel. You can use your Jordan Pass to enter the Amman Citadel, which we did or else you have to pay at the ticket booth if you don't have the Pass.

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At the time we entered the place there are a small number of tourist group already inside, which is still fine as it is not yet crowded at the time. Instantly as you entered the gate of the Citadel, you will see the amazing landscape of Amman. You will be able to have a 360 view of the city as the Citadel was located at a high place compared to the rest of the city. It will give you an idea of how Amman was built.

The surrounding area was full of stone ruins from the Roman, Byzantine and Umayyad periods. Filled with green grass like how you see it in places where there are lots of cows or sheep but with ruined buildings. There are also pillars along the pathway up to the center which you can take a photo while overlooking the whole city of Amman.

At the center of the Citadel is the famous temple of Hercules, two towering pillars with huge stones placed on top of it looks like the entrance to the said temple which cannot be seen in today's age. This is where the bulk of tourists were, taking photos while in the middle of the two pillars. The view was magnificent especially when the sun rays align with the pillars, it showed an amazing sight like an entrance to someplace magical. At the back are some more pillars that were supposedly the cornerstone of the said temple which was the only remains of the said building.

To take a great photo of the Temple of Hercules with your phone, you will be needing one of these.

After taking some pictures with the temple, we then proceed on the way to the church and came across a big statue of a broken hand, they call it the "hand of Hercules".
At the side is old cave-like holes which looks like an old prison or tomb.

At the far end of the Citadel is the Umayyad Palace which I think looks like a church in the inside, as we make past the said palace there will be more ruins which will look like a maze because of the pillars which divided the places into a different room like area. It took as an hour going around the Citadel taking pictures, seeing the ruins and appreciating the Amman City view.

After that, we decided to descend the place to check another site which is located nearby. The Roman Theatre, from the Citadel you can get a good view of the Theatre. We again asked the people around on how we can walk down towards the Theatre, one Jordanian guy told us to use the nearby stairway that leads to the main highway where we can cross and visit the said site. The first gate inside will be free, from there you can take pictures of the Theatre already but if you want to go inside and experience the place first hand, a ticket needs to be bought again from the booth but as usual if you have the Jordan Pass you can just show it to them and have them validate the Pass.

The entrance to the theatre is like the back room of a stage which possibly is the props area, you can come out from any arc doors leading to the main seating hall. I took some time to feel the air while standing on the stage facing the few tourists and locals sitting in the bleachers. Lucky for us, the volume of the tourist group is still not done with the Citadel tour so we were able to enjoy the Theatre with less crowd.

After taking some photos on the stage, we ascended the stairs leading to the stone bleachers. Caution: Not recommended for those with phobia on high places (kidding). Climbing the stairs, one should be careful as the stairs are very steep and the steps going up are not proportion and might lead to people slipping or falling. But once you made it to the top again it will give you a magnificent view of the whole theatre and the area outside. It is a good place to hang out especially in the morning when the sun is not yet hitting the whole theatre. Around 11:00 AM, almost all of the bleachers are still shaded from the sun (not sure in the afternoon). We spent another hour at the theatre admiring the old building and what was left for us to see.

We made a side trip to the souvenir shop beside the theatre where we bought things for as low as 1 dinar. After that, we went back to our accommodation to prepare and catch our flight which was 4 in the afternoon. We hired one cab driver to bring us to the airport (the same driver who brought us to our hotel accommodation in Amman). Our budget for the trip was 25 dinar as this is the normal rate which hotel transfers and cab drivers are asking.

The airport is a 30 to 45 minute drive from the city depending on the traffic. The same driver was offering to bring us to Jerash early in the morning and then drive us to the airport for 40 dinar which we declined as we don't have that much time anymore and my colleague would want to see the Citadel first. Finally got tired of offering us the trip and us declining, our persistent driver instead offered to drive us to the airport as he said it is hard to take on during the rush hour. He offered it for 15 dinar, which is cheaper than the normal rate. Although with cheap price definitely comes with low-quality service. We didn't mind the fact that his cab is a little worn down and the AC is not turn on when he was driving it and the fact that he was smoking while driving us to the airport.

The cab was running fine, the weather outside is good and it not hot, plus almost all the cabs that we rented during our stay in Amman, the drivers smoke while passengers are inside their car. All in all, we arrived at the airport without the hassle of looking for a cab, if you don't want to follow this, we suggest you talk to your hotel reception regarding airport transfer or book in advance so that you will not be able to have a hard time looking for one.

We're lucky we didn't have a hard time going back to the airport. The trip to Jordan was simply amazing, the old ruins and spectacular views of places, sheep everywhere, the very helpful locals, the cold but nice weather, the mouth-watering food and lastly the value for our money. We definitely recommend visiting Jordan for at least a week. We're not able to cover all the famous places in Jordan with only 4 days in our itinerary.

We will definitely be back to explore the other areas of Jordan. We made a separate post for the Itinerary that we followed and the total budget we used on our travel to Jordan.

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