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What to bring for your Jordan Travel and why do you need a Jordan Pass?

Save money by purchasing the Jordan Pass.

We believe that having no advance planning regarding a place that we want to visit will give unexpected problems during our travel. It is the reason why we created this blog was for our readers to have more information regarding a place that they would visit in the future for a much better planning experience.

We will discuss the things we think are essential if you want to have a smooth Jordan experience.

Jordan Pass

The Jordan Pass is an all in one ticket pass to over 40 attractions in Jordan especially Petra. It is tailored for tourists who wants to see most of what Jordan has to offer. So what is included in the Jordan Pass and what are its benefits?

  • It offers hassle free one time entry to the Jordan tourist sites listed in their brochure. For the list of included places see the Jordan Pass website.
  • It comes with brochures of all the attractions in Jordan which can help you plan in advance.
  • It is handy, you can print a hard copy which you can show to the ticket officers for validation or you can just keep it saved in your mobile. The pass has a bar code which they will scan for you to enter the premises.
  • The most important part of is that it waives your visa fees. Note that this doesn't mean that you won't need a visa anymore. Before I explain how it works let me explain first why this was the most important feature of the Jordan Pass.

See below illustration:

As you can see on the illustration, having the Jordan Pass will make your visa fees waived as well the entrance to other attractions are waived. Entrance to Petra and visa cost alone compared to Jordan Pass will help you save 10 dinar(convert to Dubai dirham that's 50 plus dirhams difference).

But hold your horses, there's a condition if you want to get the said discount.

As per the website, for a tourist to have his/her visa fees waived(meaning no need to pay for any visa related things) one should stay in Jordan for at least three nights.

So if you plan to go to Jordan over the weekend then the Jordan Pass is not a good choice for you. Another condition is that you must buy the Pass before arriving at Jordan or else they will not waive your visa fees.

If you are planning to stay for 4 days, 1 week or 1 month then Jordan Pass is a must have for you. Below are the Jordan Pass Package that you can choose from.

If you plan to visit Petra a couple of times during your stay in Jordan then the 3 day visit will make you save the most. Note that Petra at night is not included in the said Pass, you will have to book it separately.

The Jordan Pass gives you a one time pass to the other attractions. Check the Jordan Pass website to purchase.


If you didn't properly plan the clothes that you will bring to Jordan you will possibly have problems exploring the country.

Jordan is mainly a plateau consisting of valleys, gorges and mountainous areas. You will see even their houses are situated in valley terrains. The climate during the month of November to April will be cold with chances of rain while the other half will be a dry season.

If you're planning to go during the cold season we suggest that you bring clothes that will keep you warm but comfortable as well. Even if you're planning to explore and walk a lot it will still be cold because of the wind during the said months.

Unless your tolerance to cold weather is high then comfortable travel clothes is fine. Weather ranges from 17 degree Celsius in the morning down to 7 degrees at night(it differs depending on which month you travel).

Jordan is a conservative country and it is best if you dress properly during the travel to Jordan. One should avoid wearing clothes which shows sensitive parts of your body or clothes that have prints which may offend the locals. We suggest long skirts for women or pants(jogger or jeans) will do for everyone.

Footwear should be something that can be used for long walk or running as most of the attractions will require you to walk uneven terrain and climbing steps. Avoid wearing loose slippers and formal shoes as this will give discomfort and may cause more harm on your travel.

For beach wear, anything will do, private resorts are not strict with this as long as it doesn't get too much attention. Still be smart and be mindful of what to wear.

Luggage and Accessories

For the luggage, yes anything is acceptable as long as it is within your allowed check in baggage but we suggest that you pack light. Bring only the necessary things that you need, picture in your mind the things you will wear and how many days you will be staying in the country plus at most 2 extra clothing. This will save you space on your luggage.

We suggest bringing backpack instead especially if you're visiting for a short trip and would want to maximize your time by visiting as many of the attractions as you can. Arrival and check in time will also be something that you might not be able to control therefore leaving your things at the hotel counters if its only a few, will give you less to worry about.

And if you're like us who planned to change places every day then it would be wise to have few things with you. Packing light will also be favorable if you use public transport as there will be no place for your big luggage.

Regarding accessories, even if its safe in Jordan tourist should still be mindful of their belongings, therefore wearing less or no accessories will be beneficial. Bring only things which you might need.

It is also better to bring pouch bags or smaller bags for when you go out of your accomodations or hotels so that you will have something where you can put your travel essential items like passports, visa copies, documents and anything which you might need when you visit a place in Jordan.

Passport and other Tourist documents

Passport should always be with you when you travel outside or if you go anywhere in a foreign country. Other travel documents should be on hand as well, never leave it on your accomodations as you might need it.

Travel Tips

  1. Always have your Jordan Pass with you or keep a soft copy on your mobile when you visit the attractions.
  2. Passports and other Travel documents should be within reach at any time.
  3. It is best if you have at least basic Arabic language knowledge as some Jordanians do not speak English.
  4. Make sure to first ask how much will it cost you for a ride or anything that you will buy or avail and make sure it is clear.
  5. As much as possible take only the metered taxis, this will save you money traveling across Jordan.
  6. Buy food and drinks outside the attractions as it is much more expensive buying inside.
  7. Always bring water, you will need it especially on long walks.
  8. If you plan to arrange for a car during your tours, try looking for other tourist who will take the same tour. It will help you save money for the car cost. We suggest moving in groups of 4.
  9. ATMs are located anywhere in Amman, especially inside the malls but in Madaba and Wadi Musa there are less so it is better to have sufficient cash on hand just in case you need to buy or pay for something.
  10. local small hotels/hostels/apartment might not accept card as well.

I know most of what we mentioned are pretty much common knowledge but we still included it here as reminders.

Did you get what you were looking for? If not, let us know and we'll try to answer your questions.






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