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La Mer Beach Dubai, A Quick Look At Dubai’s Newest Beachfront Attraction

The newest outdoor destination in Dubai has open and it's popularity has been going up for quite some time now.

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Kidding aside, have you heard of the place called La Mer beach?

Well it is a new beachfront destination located in Jumeirah. It is a combination of retail and leisure attractions together with a public beach. It recently opened to the public and is now garnering attention from the residence of Dubai. People of different ages will definitely  enjoy having their weekend spent in this place. It is the latest addition to Meraas' projects, the developer behind Boxpark, Al Seef, and The Beach in JBR.

Curious on what you can do at Dubai's newest beachfront attraction? Here are few things.

Public beach

First and foremost, La Mer beach Dubai was built at a beachfront location in Jumeirah, residence and tourists can visit the public beach and swim or just leisurely bathe in the sun with the convenience of having commercial establishments a few steps away from the beach. The place is really nice and the beachfront is installed with shower areas, small playground for the kids, different water activities that you can try like jet skiing and paddle boarding. Especially now that summer is almost upon Dubai, the relaxing ambiance of the place can definitely give you the summer vibe that you can ever ask for.


La Mer beach has built several establishments near the beach/shore side. The place is surrounded by coffee shops, restaurants with different culinary backgrounds and food stalls near the shore, You will have a hard time choosing as each of the places will entice you with their fancy interiors, cozy dining area, great terrace view of the arabian gulf and mouth watering food selection.

Retail Shops

Together with the numerous restaurants for your dining pleasure, La Mer beach also has lots of retails shop to choose from where you can buy apparels for your beach wear and also outlets having the latest in fashion trends. The long stretch is occupied with different stores for your outdoor shopping pleasure. Your shopping experience would definitely be so much better because of the artsy structure of the place.

Artistic Outdoor Structure

The place was designed for people to enjoy different ambiance, be it a summer vibe, a pleasant atmosphere for outdoor shopping, park like designs of places for you to relax or have a picnic. La Mer has all the things you would want to do on a weekend. The detailed graffiti in the outlet walls made La Mer's surrounding very pleasant to the eyes. There are some places also that looks like a small residential area and treasure chests scattered everywhere. We enjoyed taking pictures with the wall arts. With Burj Khalifa at your backdrop and on the other side is the magnificent view of the Arabian Gulf, your eyes will definitely not see a single part of the place that will bore you.

We didn't go for a swim when we visited the place but instead enjoyed strolling the place while waiting for the sun to go down and appreciate how beautiful mother nature is, complimented by the urban atmosphere of the place made it even better.

If you're looking for a place to go on a weekend in Dubai, put La Mer in your list as the place will definitely give you the refreshing weekend vibe to release stress and unwind. Plus, it is very near the residential areas especially for those who are living in Satwa. If you're far from La Mer, you can still go as the place is commuter friendly as well so it's very easy to locate.

You may want to visit it soon while people visiting the place are quite a few. Once all the other constructions in the area are done the number of tourists and residents alike will definitely go up and it will be harder for you to enjoy the serenity of the place. Your other choice would be visiting La Mer on a weekday as there will definitely be fewer beachgoers on those days.

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How to get to La Mer Beach 

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