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Level Up Your Travel Photos with This Phone Add-on Accessory

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Hi readers! We're assuming that you would want to level up your photos for your social media or for any other purpose without the need of buying expensive accessories that's why you're reading this. At the end of this article, we hope that this Phone add-on accessory will give you more information regarding the said product.

Don't get us wrong, buying the fine and correct equipment can definitely give you better quality photos. If you don't want to pay a huge amount of money or is currently not able to pay for those accessories. This item might be for you.

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Phone Add-on Accessory

Nowadays, almost everyone owns a smartphone with a decent camera that they use for capturing photos. It is easy and convenient to bring and can be taken out as quickly as possible. Plus it is multi-purpose and built in so you will definitely have it with you wherever you go.

Your phone depending on the quality will still limit your ability to capture your subject. It may dismay you as you're not able to take the view or image that you wanted to portray because you used your phone as a capturing device.

It might look plain and boring, which would be fine if you're taking pictures on gatherings or parties but if you want to take a photo of something wide or a picturesque view, your phone camera might not be enough.

It is the same case for us, we go to places and capture images and views but was sometimes dissatisfied with the outcome as it is not what we have in mind. Luckily, we have come across a certain accessory for our phone that enhances the photo quality and adds a little artistic view to it.

phone add on accessory

How to Use

These are the Phone Clip-on Lenses. What exactly are clip-on lenses? How can you use it? Why would it be beneficial to you?

First, let's define a Clip-on lens.

Clip-on lenses are technically smaller lenses that you can attach to your phone by clipping it and then adjusting the focus to align with your smartphone camera.

It gives an artistic sense to your photos and provides enhancements to the old boring images. It is portable thus it gives convenience to its user and is very easy to use.

How do you use it?

  • Choose the lens that you would want to use to capture a certain image. It can be a wide angle, fish-eye or macro lens. We will talk about the difference of the three later, so continue reading.
  • Clip the lens to your front or back camera.
  • Align the lens with your smartphone camera.
  • Take pictures.
how to install clip-on
how to install clip-on

Wide Angle, Fish Eye and Macro Lens

We have bought a lens bundle including these three different type of lenses.

They are the wide angle, fish-eye, and macro lenses.

Wide Angle Lens

Wide angle lens enables more of the backgrounds, scenes, subjects into the image. Better application of the wide angle lens is when you're taking pictures of landscapes as it gives a wider view of the subject. Your normal square or rectangular image will have more length in it providing better photos.

You will have an easier time of including more on your pictures without the need of using high-end types of equipment like dslr cameras. We used it mostly to capture picturesque views and sceneries that we usually cannot fit with the use of smartphones only.

For samples of Wide Angle lenses, you can check our other travel blogs here. We used a wide-angle to capture the beauty of Dubai Creek on this sample.

Al Seef Dubai, Sample Wide Lens photos

phone add-on accessory
wide angle lens sample

Without Wide-angle Lens

wide angle lens sample

With Wide-angle Lens

Fish-Eye Lens

Fish-Eye Lens is a type of wide angle lens as well but it gives off a different view to its users. It provides a visual distortion to create a wide panorama or hemispherical images. It gives an artistic design to your already wide angled image. Same as wide angle, you can definitely fit more subjects if you use the fish-eye lens.

It makes the image much more interesting than the normal rectangular wide angle. There are many uses for a fish-eye lens that you can discover and use for a better image composition.

You can check our photos on our recent Jordan trip for samples of fish-eye photographs.

Amman City Photographs, Samples of Fish-eye Lens

Fish eye lens
fish-eye lens sample

Without Fish-eye Lens

fish-eye lens sample

With Fish-eye Lens

Macro Lens

Macro Lens or the term macro has always been associated with close up photography. It enables a detailed view of a certain subject, usually smaller subjects to become clearer.ra.

It gives a vivid view of the things that we usually don't see with the normal eye. This type of lens captures smaller images and make it a big one on your camera like a magnifying glass.

We have tried using it a couple of times to test it but wasn't able to use it on our travel photography yet.

macro lens
macro lens sample

Without Macro Lens

macro lens sample

With Macro Lens

How to choose which lens to buy

There's also the telephoto lens but since we haven't used it yet we cannot give you an honest review on the subject.

Now, that we have provided you with the different kinds of lens and how you can use it. Next up is what to consider when buying these phone add-on accessory.

  • Consider first your budget - How much are you willing to spend on this phone lenses? Will you be using all of it? Will a bundle or a single piece of the lens be right for you? Putting into consideration how much is your budget will help you a long way in deciding if you want to buy all the different kind of lens or buying just the most useful for you. We have to admit we haven't been using the macro lens most of the time. This should be the first priority if you want to invest in these lenses.
  • The material of the lens and quality - taking into consideration which materials were used for the product can help you decide if the amount your paying for is worth it. You should always go for quality rather than cheap products as quality products will definitely work for a long time.
  • Convenience - You should also consider how easy it will be to use the lens? Is the clip on stable, will it be easy to bring when you go outdoors. Will it fit inside your bag? Having an easy to carry lenses can help you in packing lightly if its small, you can possibly fit it in your pockets as well.

These are some things to consider when you're planning to buy your new lens. Make sure to research or inquire which lens is good for use.

You can check out our links below for quality lens.

For Middle East

Quality 3 in 1 Lens bundle in Souq


Quality 2 in 1 Clip-on Lens at Gearbest

Telephoto Lens on eBay

I'll update these links once we get a link from Lazada for orders in the Philippines.

That's it for our content regarding clip-on lenses. We hope that you can use this very easy trick to level up your travel photos and add some spice to your next trip pictures. You can check this article related to buying a clip-on lens that we used for our research as well.

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