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Make the Most Out of Your IMG Worlds of Adventure Experience

This article was made to share our IMG Worlds of Adventure experience with tips on how you can maximize and enjoy your visit.

We have provided you with places that you can visit before the summer actually hits in the UAE. La Mer and Al Seef are both good places to spend your weekend outdoors in Dubai. Both places offer magnificent building design, awesome surrounding, and both places give a feeling of peace to its visitors.

If you haven’t read the reviews on La Mer and Al Seef. Read it here.

La Mer Beach, the newest beachfront destination in Dubai.

Take a walk by the bay at Dubai Creek in Al Seef.

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While it is awesome to see those two places this time we will recommend a place that will give you adrenaline rush with exhilarating rides, cute and cuddly mascots, top of the line interior designs.

Guess where?


And your guess is right, our next suggested destination is the IMG World of Adventure. Owned by the IMG Group, IMG World of Adventures is Dubai’s first mega themed destination.

The whole place is huge at it can accommodate up to 20,000 guests a day, the best part about this place is that it is all indoors. Meaning you can stay here for a whole day without having to face the blazing heat of the sun.

Take note it is the largest temperature controlled indoor theme park destination in the world.

Too exciting right?

The theme park has a wide array of rides that you can try. From the adrenaline pumping rides for the thrill seeker and adventure junkies, the childhood reminiscent attractions based on your favorite Cartoon Network characters and the widely popular heroes of Avengers plus the nerve-wracking Dinosaurs zones.

Aside from the thrilling rides, the place also offers various dining places inside the park filled with designs based on the four zones. They have (namely Avenger Zone, Cartoon Network Zone, IMG Boulevard and the Dinosaur Zone). You can also shop inside and get your own marvel or cartoon network items and apparels. Soon they will also open up a cinema inside with 3D IMAX technology.

There are too many things to look forward to your visit. Convinced already?

Let us give you some valuable tips for when you visit the place.

  1. Come Early – Especially on a weekend, it is advisable to arrive early in the morning as soon as the park opens. There is plenty of parking in the area but like what we said, the place can accommodate lots of visitors. If you arrive together with the crowd, most of your time will be spent lining up for the rides, which we don’t want to happen to you.

If you want to maximize your IMG World of Adventure experience and your time inside, get up of your bed early, prepare and head over to the location as early as you can. Park Timings are as follows:

Opening Hours:

Sunday to Wednesday – 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Thursday to Saturday – 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

The opening hours are subject to change so be sure to check with them first a day before you visit just to make sure that the park is open by the time you arrive.

  1. Don’t bring too much unnecessary things – If you’re the type that will go there to try on every different ride that the IMG World of Adventure has to offer, pack lightly.

It will only take you one whole day so it is not necessary to bring lots of different things for the visit. Unless, if you have your own private car then it is fine or if you don’t plan to try almost all of the rides and is just there to accompany someone.

IMG World of Adventure also offer lockers for people who didn’t heed our advice or wasn’t able to read our content before heading there. You just need to pay locker fees and voila! You can use it to your heart’s content but is only valid on the day of your visit.

So for us, we suggest you don’t bring too much to fully enjoy and roam the place as lightly as possible.

  1. Don’t take the Thor Thunder Spin as your first ride – Why are we suggesting this? The Thor ride will make you dizzy and it is best suited for the teenagers, young adults and definitely recommended to the thrill seekers.

You will need a strong heart and head as this ride will spin you high up 360 degrees and will leave you tired after you try it. If you’re not sure of your capacity to handle the said ride but still wanted to try it, then make it your last ride.

Why do we think that you will take it first? Well, the Thor Thunder Spin is located near the entrance and possibly because of your excitement to try all the rides as fast as you can. You will take whichever ride you see once you get inside the park.

Nevertheless, we’ll give this ride a score of 9/10. 9 because of the dizzying effect it leaves behind but the overall ride is one of a kind.


  1. Don’t miss out on exhilarating recommended rides – If by some chance that you have to just pick some of the rides to try because of time limitation or any other factor. Take our list of recommended rides for young adults, adventure seeker, and thrill seekers.

Check our lists of recommended rides for you to try.

We graded them also according to the suitability of the ride to the visitors who will ride it.

  • Avengers Battle of Ultron

    This ride will take you to the city where you will have to fight the villains together with the avenger team. It is a 4D ride where you will feel the shock of being on the scene of the fight.

    • Thrill Riders – 6/10
    • Young Adults – 9/10
    • Kids – 9/10
  • Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge

    It is a short roller coaster ride with seats that spin while you ride it. A little bit dizzying but is not something that you cannot manage.

    • Thrill Riders – 8/10
    • Young Adults – 10/10
    • Kids – 8/10
  • Thor Thunder Spin

    We did say not to take it on your first ride but it is still on our list of the must-try ride in IMG Worlds. Just be ready at it will definitely make you dizzy. Make sure you didn’t just eat something heavy as you might throw it all up. Don’t waste money, ride the Thunder Spin first before eating or at least wait for the food to be digested before trying the ride.

    • Thrill Riders – 10/10
    • Young Adults – 8/10
    • Kids – 7/10
  • The Velociraptor

    One of the exciting rides in IMG Worlds of Adventure. This one can be on par with the most thrilling roller coaster rides.

    • Thrill Riders – 10/10
    • Young Adults – 9/10
    • Kids – 8/10
  • Predator

    A roller coaster which has a shorter duration than the velociraptor. We’re fond of roller coasters so this will definitely go to our list. Who doesn’t love roller coasters?

    • Thrill Riders – 8/10
    • Young Adults – 9/10
    • Kids – 8/10
  • Forbidden Territory

    This ride will bring you to a jungle-like theme with dinosaurs in it. A narration of a story will be included in it, suitable for older kids but should be done with supervision. You will immediately be hooked on the story and will feel like you’re inside a real jungle.

    • Thrill Riders – 7/10
    • Young Adults – 9/10
    • Kids – 10/10
  • Dino Carousel

    A dinosaur themed carousel, kids will definitely love it. Kids at heart will like it too (we rode this one LOL). It was so much fun

    • Thrill Riders – 5/10
    • Young Adults – 7/10
    • Kids – 9/10
  • The Powerpuff Girls: Mojo Jojo’s Robot Rampage

    This ride is a circular motion ride. Aside from the circular motion of the ride, your own seat will also spin sideways which will definitely give you a dizzy feeling.

    • Thrill Riders – 9/10
    • Young Adults – 9/10
    • Kids – 8/10
  • The Amazing ride of Gumball

    This ride will bring you inside a house themed virtual reality, equipped with a gun on your ride you will have to shoot all the targets that will appear for the duration of the ride. After the ride, the screen will show you the score you accumulate along the ride. We enjoyed this ride so much that we went inside thrice.

    • Thrill Riders – 7/10
    • Young Adults – 10/10
    • Kids – 10/10
  • Adventure Time: The Ride of 000 with Finn and Jake

    suitable ride for kids and kids at heart. This is a chill, storytelling ride which will definitely be loved by fans of Finn and Jake.

    • Thrill Riders – 4/10
    • Young Adults – 8/10
    • Kids – 10/10
  1. Wear comfortable clothing - IMG Worlds of Adventure has lots of rides that will bring you up and down, make you twist and turn and sometimes roll also. It is necessary that you wear the proper attires when taking this ride to avoid inconvenience.

It is also to make sure that you will be able to try everything IMG Worlds of Adventure has to offer. Wearing skirts, low neckline shirts, slip-on and slippers will somewhat hinder you and will make you uncomfortable to take on all the rides.

  1. Smokers can bring in their cigarettes – You might be thinking that with the huge area all temperature controlled, you will have to go outside the premises to smoke. No need to worry about that IMG has created smoking lounge inside the theme park for visitors who are smoking.
  2. Watch out for the street performance – There will be places at a specific time where you will be able to see dance performances and other shows around IMG Worlds of Adventure, make sure to stop, watch and don’t forget to give them applause for their performances.
  1. Put Velociraptor and Amazing ride of Gumball in your must-try – These two are the most fun ride we have tried inside IMG Worlds of Adventures. Velociraptor will definitely give you the hype and sensation that you’re looking for a roller coaster. I believe it is the highest roller coaster in IMG Worlds of Adventure.

Gumball, on the other hand, is like an arcade game ride where you compete with someone for the highest score by shooting targets on the ride. It is definitely addicting because of the end score and because we’re a little bit competitive.

  1. Don’t bring food inside - Food is not allowed inside IMG World of Adventure, so if you’re planning to get there by commuting don’t bother to bring food. There will be lots of food stalls and restaurants inside the theme park.

You can try the Lazy Town Feast (Cartoon Network Feast). It is a family-friendly restaurant designed with your favorite Cartoon Network characters, serving international cuisines on a casual dining setup. Plus their milkshakes are very tasty. Yum!

Lastly, make sure to have enough sleep so that on the day of your visit to the attraction you have your full energy to roam and explore the theme park. Most of your time will be spent walking inside so make sure that you have a bottle of water as well.

There you go we have given you tips on how you can enjoy your IMG Worlds of Adventure experience to the fullest. IMG also offer private parties and corporate events which you can check on their website.

For more information regarding IMG Worlds of Adventure check on their link below.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

Let us know your thoughts on our tips or if you have other tips that you can provide to our readers by adding it to our comment section.

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