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Meanings of Wedding Flowers that You Should Know

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Positivity is everything when it comes to wedding planning. You would never want to include anything that sends a negative message for the first ceremony of your married life.

Flowers as important elements for any occasion also have their meanings and you should take note of these kinds of flowers, to be guided on which ones to pick.

Carnations will always be a good choice, but it has been printed in some references that other shades of these flowers denote disdain and disappointment. On the other hand, pink ones speak about love.

Therefore, select the ones that have a positive contribution to the most special day of your life.

wedding flowers

Daffodils are rarely seen in a flower arrangement at a wedding. However, if you have a beautiful love story of having once an unrequited love, yet ended up exchanging your vows, these flowers are great picks.

If the wedding is in springtime, yellow variants can send cheerfulness for the occasion.

Dahlias are never excluded from the list, as they are symbols of elegance and dignity. Getting the best flower delivery Singapore to create you a hand bouquet made of these flowers and other kinds, it will always be a picture-perfect scene in the ceremony.

Daisies are also good options, especially for the young couple. Usually, these flowers are used in a summertime wedding. However, the meaning says that you can use them for any season as long as they are available.

These are simple flowers of innocence and purity. A backyard-like theme for your special occasion might need these flowers as your overall ornaments.

The Ivies are for fidelity, which is a good addition to your bridal bouquet. You can also browse an online gallery or inquire from an online florist, which other kinds of flowers can go with Ivies. They need not be the main ones, but their presence in your bouquet somehow sends a great meaning for newlyweds.

Lilies should be chosen carefully because just like carnations, some shades have other meanings. This flower has been a symbol of the Virgin Mary as it denotes purity. However, some colors like orange speak about hatred.

Tiger Lily, on the other hand, is all about acquiring wealth in Japanese. Therefore, be careful in choosing your lilies to order from a florist delivery service.
wedding flowers

Your wedding can be as beautiful as the flowers. Work with the best florist in the country so that you can get the best designs.

Incorporate the meanings of the flowers, because the meanings may be true or not, their beauty will not fade and their presence in your ceremony can fill the place with much happiness.

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