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5 Must-See Places in Jordan

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Must See Places in Jordan

We have seen a lot of good places after our recent trip to the country of Jordan. The must-see places in Jordan really are worth experiencing first hand.

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Jordan, in particular, is a really great country to visit with its natural wonders, exciting urban places, and good weather. We were lucky to be able to see Jordan while it was not yet hot and is still a bit cold (around 9 to 14 degrees). It seems during the time that we went to Jordan tickets are also on sale or a little bit cheaper as it is not on a peak season.

You can check out Skyscanner for cheap flight travels to the country. For our recommended airline if you're coming from Dubai is Flydubai as they have cheap tickets and great deals to choose from, not just for Jordan travel.

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Before we went to Jordan, we did our own extensive research on must-see places in Jordan and how we can fit it in our 4 days 3 nights schedule. We have checked the Jordan geography as well and how we will go from different parts of the country for a limited time.

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Countless days were spent on which places we will prioritize and countless blogs have been used as a reference for our travel journey. It is to ensure that we get the most out of our short vacation. We also have zero knowledge about the place and which are good places to stay in while in the said country. Below are some of the blogs that we have checked and followed.


The Crazy Tourist

The Culture Trip

Rough Guides

and many more.

What have we learned from our research? We found out that most of the blogs we checked and travel advice that we got, these 5 must-see places in Jordan are always their top choice. The other places that were not mentioned in this article are still a good choice for tourists.

Feeblefeet Top 5 Must-See Places in Jordan

Amman, Jordan

Amman is the capital city of Jordan. 40+ kilometers away from the Queen Alia Airport, first on our must-see places in Jordan, the said place is a good day 1 Itinerary for every visitor as it is one of the nearest places from the airport. The city boasts of different cultural and heritage attractions that tourists can visit within a day.

We have visited 2 of the most iconic attraction in Amman and we believe that these places should be part of anyone's itinerary when they visit the city.

amman citadel must-see places in Jordan

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Amman will be a good place for travelers as its amenities provides comfort to anyone. The city is full of restaurants where everyone can dine and experience Arabic cuisines, traveling around the city is also easy as different modes of transportation can be found in the area.

Best Places To Eat

Hashem Restaurant

  • It is one of the oldest restaurants in town. One of their main dishes is the Falafel. Locals and tourists alike visit this place whenever they go to Amman

Jasmine House

  • Designed like a 1950s villa, with Italian themed menu.

Reem Cafeteria

  • Makes one of the tastiest shawarma in town, you'll also be shocked with its shoebox size serving.

These are some of the lists of famous restaurants in Amman. For a wider list of places, you can check on this link.

Places to Stay

Badan Suites 

  • 33 km away from the airport
  • With built-in Wifi in each unit
  • with an exceptional rating of 10/10

Modern Deluxe Apartment

  • 28 km away from the airport
  • Near restaurants and US Embassy
  • with an exceptional rating of 10/10

Al Basem Hotel

  • 33.2 km away from the airport
  • Lots of shops nearby
  • with an exceptional rating of 9.5/10

For more list of great and cheap hotel deals, you can check this link.

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Things to do


2nd on our must-see places in Jordan, located north of Jordan, it is the largest city of the Jerash Governate. The city is a blend of Greco-Roman and the Mediterranean world. Unlike the south of Jordan, Jerash is full of green fields and weather is a bit colder in the said place. Isn't it cool? Jordan's weather differs from place to place. It is home to many Roman ruins which showcases Roman ceremonial gates, temples, and theatres. You can day a half tour in Jerash or stay the night at the place.

temple of artemis

photo credits to viator.com


Tourist will not be able to stop themselves from visiting and staying at Jerash. The ruins will definitely make even the people who are not fans of archeological sites excitement when they visit the place.

You can check more of Jerash from lonely planet.

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Best Places To Eat

Mountain Breeze Country Club

  • Situated just outside Jerash, this place will give you a taste of nature with its stunning backdrop of wildlife and lush green forest. It is a combination of Middle Eastern, European and Oriental inspired menu.

Jerash Rest House

  • Inside Jerash Ruins, you will find this distinctive restaurant that serves buffet meals to its visitors. they do serve alcohol, which is a good bonus part right?

Lebanese House

  • This restaurant will require a short walk from the Jerash Centre. They server sizzling, cold mezze and mouth-watering pastries.
Places to Stay

Olive Branch Hotel

  • Great rooms with balcony
  • Offers BBQ facilities
  • 149 reviews which you can check

Ream Hotel

  • great quality with an 8.4/10
  • Near Hospitals and ATM
  • Very cheap price

1955 Heart of Jerash

  • Very near the tourist spots
  • You get to rent the whole apartment
  • good for 4 people

We still suggest that you take a look at other accommodations in Amman and just arrange a one day tour with your chosen hotel or hostel going to Jerash. Compare prices with Agoda,

Check out our itinerary and expenses on this article to make a better plan on your Jordan travel

Dead Sea

The famous lowest point on land is the 3rd on our must-see places in Jordan, this specific body of water is one wonder of nature. The second saltiest major body of water, even the viral salt guy won't be able to handle it, joke! It was recorded that this body of water can't house marine life because of the water salinity.

It was stated that the salt from this place can heal various diseases and is being used by the people of Jordan to make skin care products.

You'll also be able to experience floating on water without even trying and check it off your bucket list. Very important tip, don't swim with your face down as the saltiness of the water may irritate your eyes.

You can read our full experience at Jordan Dead Sea in this article.

Dead Sea Jordan

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Dead Sea, Jordan

Swimming in the dead sea is definitely a rare opportunity which you can only get if you visit the countries surrounding it. It really is hard to just pass on this opportunity as you might not know when will be the next time you will visit the place.

For the best choices of swimwear, you can check out this site.

Best Places To Eat

Haret Jdoudna Restaurant

  • They serve traditional Arabic cuisine, which is good for food enthusiast and Arabic cuisine lovers. Restaurant designed is inspired by ancient cities.

Rover's Return

  • This is located along the shores of the Dead Sea. They serve mostly European dishes which will definitely suit your taste.

Dead Sea Panorama Restaurant

  • Serving Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, recommended for the vegetarians and veggie lovers.

For more food choices you can check out TripAdvisor. They offer insights on the best restaurants in town.

Places to Stay

Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea

  • Known for its number of hotels worldwide
  • Has a private shore at the Dead Sea
  • Complete with amenities

Holiday Inn Resort Dead Sea

  • Comes with free breakfast
  • With outdoor pool and spa
  • Offers a range of must-see places in Jordan

Ma'in Hot Springs

  • Picturesque view of the Jordan Mountains
  • Offers Spa with Dead sea treatments
  • lots of activities to offer

For a full list of the best-rated places to stay near the Dead Sea, you can check it out here.

This is one of our favorite must-see places in Jordan because of the experience it will give you, it is something rarely tried. Play around for a little bit by letting the Dead Sea water dry on your skin and you will see numerous bits of salt created. It was a fun experience for us.

Wadi Rum

Fourth on our list of must-see places in Jordan is the Wadi Rum, we have failed to see the said place because of the time constraint and many other factors. It is located at the south side of Jordan, basically the farthest from Queen Alia Airport but is the nearest if you're coming from Aqaba, which also have one airport that you can choose to be your start point.

The said place is also called the Valley of the Moon, sounds like a Mars movie title which is quite cool! It got its alias due to the fact that the said valley is surrounded by granite rocks and sandstones. You can find the highest elevation on the said place, different petroglyphs and great views of the Jordan desert.

You can check out other articles regarding Wadi Rum here.


Lonely Planet

A day will be needed in order to tour Wadi Rum.

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Wadi Rum

photo by wadirum.jo

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Wadi Rum

The whole place is huge and is a protected desert wilderness in the south of Jordan. Dramatic sandstones and natural arches make the place a famous destination for many tourists.

Many tours offer a half or a whole day visit to the desert.

Best Places To Eat

Rest House

  • This restaurant gives you an open-air dining experience bundled with buffet-style dining. The best place to watch the sunset at Wadi Rum

Rum Gate Restaurant

  • Another popular place to dine buffet-style. The place is famous because it is a good meeting place for travelers while indulging in tea and sandwiches

Caravans Restaurant

  • Bedouin tent style restaurant serving the best Middle East cuisines.
Places to Stay

Rahayeb Desert Camp

  • A picturesque view around the place.
  • Very near Wadi Rum.
  • Exceptional review 9.0/10.0.

Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp

  • Bedouin-style accommodation.
  • Serves continental breakfast.
  • Offers numerous Wadi Rum activities.

Bedouin Lifestyle Camp

  • Another place to experience Wadi Rum at sight.
  • Top class facilities.
  • Comfortable even if you're staying in the desert.

Lots of good places to stay in Wadi Rum where you can experience Bedouin lifestyle. Compare prices at Agoda.


Our last and definitely not the least of must-see places in Jordan is Petra. This is for us the best place to see while in the country. The Unesco Heritage Site is definitely on par with the best places on earth. It will be your loss to miss this one out.

Located at the southern part of Jordan, near the Wadi Rum area is also near Aqaba airport. If you're coming from Queen Alia airport which is on the middle-northern side of Jordan you wouldn't want to put this on your first day in Jordan.

Formerly the settlement of Nabataean Kingdom, this place is full of history worthy material and buildings. The place also encompasses old architectural techniques like stone carvings.

Find out more about our experience when we visited Petra.


The place is far from the airport, from Queen Alia it will take at least 3 hours to arrive in Wadi Musa where Petra is located. You can definitely take a day tour to Petra but we advise that you stay the night to enjoy Wadi Musa and Petra more and to remove the time constraint.

Best Places To Eat

Basin Restaurant

  • With a healthy selection of salads, this place is good for health conscious individual and vegetarians. They serve fresh falafels and numerous desserts as well.

Al Saraya Restaurant

  • Serves top-notch international buffet placed in an elegant banquet hall, which offers quality dishes that will definitely match your taste.

Oriental Restaurant

  • A main street favorite for many travelers, this restaurant serves tasty grills and Jordanian dishes matched with comfortable hang out designed for tired travelers.

Check this site for more of best places to eat in Petra

Places to Stay

Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp

  • No need to pre-pay, you can pay at the hotel
  • Experience Bedouin-style accommodation
  • Very close proximity to the entrance to Petra

Petra Sella Hotel

  • Get a view of the Petra mountains
  • The restaurant at the main floor offers international cuisines
  • Offers horseback riding and hiking trail activities

Movenpick Resort Petra

  • Top of the class amenities
  • Some of the rooms have a private balcony for your viewing pleasure
  • Situated very near Petra, shops, and restaurants

Wadi Musa has numerous accommodations that you can choose from depending on your budget and preference, you can check and compare prices at Agoda.

For all other articles regarding Jordan, you can check it out here.


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There you have our 5 must-see places in Jordan. We hope that this list gave you an idea of which best places to see if you have very limited time in the country. There are many more other places which were not on our list but are also worthy of seeing.

Jordan is a very beautiful country full of preserved history and culture. The Jordanian people are very friendly and helpful as well even if some are having a hard time speaking the English language. You can always try to approach one when you get the chance to visit the place.

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