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Philippines Wake Parks – Wakeboarding at Republic Wake Park

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Looking for fun ways to spend your summer? Want something new and adrenaline pumping? We have tried these sport a couple of times already and can definitely say that it is a fun way to spend your weekend and summer afternoons. We'll feature one of the first Philippines wake parks in this article.

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A couple of wake park has been established in the country due to the popularity of the sport. People in the country have been very outgoing these past few years.

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Mainly due to the fact that it has become easier to travel, marketing of places and location was made easier with the help of online guides and many people have come out of their own comfort zones to try new things.


Wakeboarding basically is a surface water sport that involves riding a board over a water surface, pretty much like surfing/surfboarding. The board used for wakeboarding, called a wakeboard is rectangular in shape and a little smaller than your average surfboards but a bit bigger than skateboards.

All of these sports have one common feature, they all require boards to play the sport. The idea of wakeboarding came from the combination of skiing, snowboarding, and surfing as described in Wikipedia.

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Motorboats Vs Cable Wake Parks

The first wakeboard sport was played by getting towed by a speedboat and dragged across the open sea. One cable is attached at the back of the motorboat while the other end was being clutched by the person doing the wakeboarding.

Later on, investors and businessmen invested money to create man-made water parks especially designed for wakeboarding.

Usually, cable parks have circular courses with cables around it and ropes moving in a circular motion. These ropes are being held by wakeboarders to skim through the course. The automatic cables are the substitute for motorboats to pull the players to gain speed and momentum.

Wake Parks

These cable parks boast speed comparable to a moving boat in the water. It is cheaper compared to renting boats which is why it is preferred by many. It is also the reason for the number of Philippines wake parks built.

Being pulled by motorboats in the open sea can give you a refreshing feeling compared to doing it in a wake park. Being outside in the natural body of water is much more thrilling.

While the good thing about wake parks is its pocket-friendly cost. You will be able to play much longer paying on a wake park rather than renting a boat and be pulled in the open sea.

Types of Boards

Wakeboards comes in different sizes that you can choose depending on your height and weight. It varies because one needs to comfortably float in the water to be able to wakeboard properly. I got a general size guide chart from captaindingleys site which you can use to select the right board for you.

General Wakeboard Size Chart

Check each wakeboard manufacture and model for exact size recommendations!

   Rider Weight (lbs)             Wakeboard Length (cm)

 Under 100                            130 or Under

90 - 150                                 130 - 134

130 - 180                               135 - 139

170 - 250                               140 - 144

       200 - 275+                           144 or Greater

Once you have found the right board for you, you can also look for wakeboard gears which are also needed in order to play wakeboarding properly and safely. This will include vests, helmets, and a good board shorts.

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Other types of boards include those that are used for wakeskate doesn't have bindings in it and works like a skateboard where you wear a especially designed water shoes with it.

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Philippines Wake Parks

Philippines Wake Parks

Due to the growing popularity of wakeboarding, multiple wake parks was built in order to support the demand for wakeboarding. This is because of the cheaper cost of cable wake parks. The wake parks currently present in the Philippines can be found mostly in Luzon, while the rest in the Visayas (Cebu).

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These wake parks accept visitors daily. They usually provide the gears to be used for wakeboarding, which includes the board, helmet, and vest. This is beneficial to beginners and first-timers. Mainly because beginners are still at the crossroad of deciding if they want to continue playing the sport or not.

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Wakeboarding gears will cost money. Money that you can use for other things, so newbies will definitely think twice before purchasing brand new gears. First timers will not be able to test it without proper gears. It is a reason why they lend all users with gears to get more people to wakeboarding.

Republic Wake Park

One of the wakeboarding spots we love to go to is the Republic Wake Park at Nuvali, Sta Rosa, Laguna. Technically it is the nearest to our place but it is not the only reason we go there, it is one.

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Everyone around the metro will have an easy access to this place via the expressway. It is near the international airport in Manila as well. Visitors can come on a day visit to the place and go back to their accommodations in the metro or if they have a scheduled flight the next day to other provinces.

It is very easy to locate, you can just follow your Google maps to the venue. People know the place very well as it is one of the emerging chill/hangout places in the south.

How to go to Republic Wake Park?

This guide from Nuvali ph can give you an insight on how to go to Republic Wake Park

Via Private Vehicle:

  • Head over to South Luzon Expressway
  • Exit to either Sta. Rosa or Greenfield City/Unilab/Mamplasan Exit
  • Locate Nuvali and inside you can find Republic Wake Park

Via Public Transportation

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From BGC:

  • Take a Jam Liner Bus from Market Market to Nuvali via Jam Liner Bus


NUVALI to Makati – 6:00AM and 6:30AM
Makati to NUVALI – 5:30PM, 6:30PM and 7:30PM


NUVALI to Makati – 8:00PM
Makati to NUVALI – 10:00AM



Balibago Terminal to NUVALI – All Day
NUVALI to Balibago Terminal – All Day
*Makati (Corner of Courtyard Drive and Station Road, Ayala Center)

Commuters can now take the P2P bus to and fro Nuvali.

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P2P Bus

Makati (via Skyway) to Solenad Terminal – All Day
Pick-up points: Circuit Lane and Glorietta 2 Palm Drive

Solenad Terminal to Makati (via Skyway) – All Day
Drop off points: Ayala Center Paseo de Roxas cor. Ayala Ave. and Circuit Lane
*Makati (Corner of Courtyard Drive and Station Road, Ayala Center)

Commuters can then get to Republic Wake Park via the shuttle in Nuvali. You can find out more on their website on how to go to Nuvali by clicking out the link above.

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Philippines Wake Parks
Philippines Wake Parks

Republic Wake Park Timings and Pricing

Republic Wake Park operates on a daily basis. Their operating hours differ from Monday to Thursday and Friday to Sunday.

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Monday to Thursday

08:30 AM - 05:30 PM

Friday to Sunday

08:30 AM - 10:00 PM

The weekday timings close early as a few people visit the park these days but it is also beneficial if you want to hog all the cables to your self. Fewer people means more playing time for you. If you're trying to learn the sport and wants less crowd, avail their weekday schedule.

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Republic Wake Park Pricing

Here is a complete list of pricing which I got from the Republic wake park website.

philippines wake parks

They have a very affordable pricing for different purposes. It is very flexible and accommodating. Beginners can avail the one hour or two hours session. Gears are provided for free. A deposit is just required in case you lost or decided to keep without letting them know the gears that they lent you.

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Night Ride is available from Friday to Sunday as well for those people who want to experience it at night or is not available to play in the morning.

They also have weekly, monthly and annual passes if you plan to be serious about the sport and if you're living nearby the place. It is very much recommended if you have the means and time to do it every day for a month or two.

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For professionals and casual players, they also lend board for a fee. This is different from the beginner board as this can be used to jump on the ramps and has much better quality.

They offer professional coaching as well for the enthusiast who want to be really good with this sport. The deposit for the helmet and the RFID can be refunded once the gears are given back to the reception area.

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Here is a clip of my failed attempts.

Philippines Wake Parks

Room Rates

If you have decided to stay for one more day and would not want to move away from the park, worry no more. Republic Wake Park offers a place for you to stay during your visit.


They offer rooms which are good for two to four adults in one room. Basic amenities are provided inside the room. The list is below.

  • 2 Single bed / 4 single bed
  • Television
  • Aircondition
  • Dining table
  • Coffee table
  • Cabinet
  • Daily Cleaning of floor bathroom

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Their deluxe bedrooms are an upgrade of the standard bedrooms. The deluxe rooms are much comfortable and can fit for a small family of two adults and one kid. Amenities include:

  • Queen size bed
  • Television
  • Aircondition
  • Bedside table
  • Daily Cleaning of floor bathroom


If the standard and deluxe rooms weren't able to satisfy your taste and would want a real fantastic wake park experience try their premium rooms. Premium rooms will give you a view of the surrounding wake park and can enjoy the breathtaking sunset while winding down your tired body.

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A balcony is included in the room to provide you with open air in case you want to sit outside and enjoy the night. Below are the amenities included in this premium room.

  • King Size Bed
  • Cable Television
  • Aircondition
  • Coffee table
  • Wakepark View
  • Cabinet
  • Side Drawer
  • Sofa bed
  • Daily Cleaning of floor bathroom

Perfect for two people. They have other amenities that you can get upon request. Below is the list.

  • Shuttle Services
  • Laundry Services
  • Towel
  • Room Cleaning

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While my friends are killing the sport. I have no idea as to why all my attempt fails.

Philippines Wake Parks
Philippines Wake Parks

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Experience it first hand

We have provided you with all the essential information regarding wakeboarding. From describing what wakeboarding is and the gears needed in order to play the sport we have provided you the first step to actually trying it.

We assure you that you will not regret trying it. The beginner course is perfect for everyone, and you will get an adrenaline just from that. Still, nothing compares to the adrenaline you can get from trying the professional course. It is really hard as you can see from the number of attempts I did.

I and my friends have played the sport a couple of times already. As you can see on the photos they have already invested money for their own boards and gears. I was able to play it a couple of times but have stopped due to transferring abroad.

A better choice than Tagaytay

It is still a good way to spend a short summer vacation or place to hang out during the weekends as Tagaytay will be overcrowded with people at the same time. If ever you get bored with the traffic, take a detour and head straight instead to Republic Wake Park.

It is an experience worth having.

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