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Ras Al Khaimah Holiday Staycation at Hilton

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Ras Al Khaimah Holiday Staycation

Ras Al Khaimah holiday staycation will definitely be one of the most search topic this coming Eid Al Fitr celebration. Are you excited of the upcoming holiday? Have you made any plans yet?

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It is just around the corner and people from Dubai are definitely planning for the holiday. Most of the residents and expats in the country will have free no work days in the coming week.

Some of the people will spend their time at home while some will look for new places to visit and relax during the holidays. Getting away from the usual scene at work can definitely re-energize the body and become much more productive.

Research shows that taking a break from work lessen the stress of employees and avoiding the feeling of being burnt up leading to unproductive state of employees. This is where the topic about the Ras Al Khaimah holiday staycation comes into play.

Ras Al Khaimah holiday staycation is a good choice for many of the employees who don't want to go out of the country but would also love to go somewhere aside from Dubai.

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ras al khaimah holiday staycation

Why choose Rak?

Rak or Ras Al Khaimah is one of the seven emirates that makes up the UAE. Found at the northernmost part of the country, is known for its numerous staycation places along the Arabian Gulf beaches.

It is a perfect spot for people who wants to de-stress and unplug themselves from the busy city life.

Below are some of the reason why you should relieve your stress in RAK and have a Ras Al Khaimah holiday staycation.

  1. It is very easy to go to RAK, it will take less than 2 hours to arrive at the place.
  2. Lots of beachfront to choose from.
  3. Numerous high-end and budget-friendly staycation places.
  4. Best for overnights and weekend escapades.
  5. Multiple activities to choose from that are for all ages.
  6. Amazing and picturesque view of the mountain and the sea.
  7. No need to book plane ticket as it is within UAE

There are a lot more reasons to have a getaway at RAK but will not enumerate all as it might take me all day to tell you all the good things about it.

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Hilton RAK Staycation

There are lots of high-end staycation places in Ras Al Khaimah. Some of the top names in the F&B industry has a hotel built in the area. You will not have a hard time looking for deals on where to spend your weekend or overnight escapade.

Budget-friendly accommodations are also present, you just have to do a little more work on researching the best place for your alloted budget.

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The first time we went to Ras Al Khaimah or RAK, it was summer at that time. We stayed at Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort and Spa at Al Maareedh Street - North Ras Al Khaimah.

A short background about Hilton, it is one of the most recognized hotel brand in the industry today. With more than 540 hotels and resorts around the world, specifically in 78 countries on six continents. With Hilton you'll know that your staycation will always be a good one.

(Please note that we didn't get paid by Hilton to advertise them, this article was written with our own experience while staying at the hotel)

The brand started its business in 1919 which was founded by Conrad Hilton. Properties are either owned, managed or franchised by independent operators of Hilton.

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arabian sea
ras al khaimah holiday staycation
ras al khaimah holiday staycation

Ras Al Khaimah Holiday Staycation at Hilton RAK Resort and Spa

We went to Hilton RAK Resort and Spa by renting a family van to pick us up from Abu Dhabi (where some of our colleagues are staying) and Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah to have a convenient travel to the place. You can definitely go to RAK via bus if you go to the bus terminals.

Where did we stay?

We took 2 rooms which are good for 4  adults and 2 kids in each room. The room was very spacious with 2 queen size beds, a huge cabinet, flat screen television, and a great view of the Arabian Gulf. The bathroom is equipped with a shower area, a bathtub and European style toilet.

The two rooms we occupied is also connected by a single door which makes it a big room good for 8 to 12 people.

Our favorite part of the room is the veranda because of the overlooking view of the Arabian Gulf which gives a picturesque view of the hotel and the sea. You will not be able to help but take pictures of the surrounding because it's too good to miss out on it.

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The veranda is equipped with a table and chairs for your viewing and smoking pleasure. The room is well designed with its peaceful ambiance, slick wall decors, and well-placed pieces of furniture.

Truly Hilton knows how to provide a relaxing environment to its guest. You can check their wide selections of guest and suite rooms in this link.

ras al khaimah holiday staycation

First day Ras al Khaimah holiday staycation

Since we checked in late, we decided to call it a night and do our activities the next day......

What's for breakfast?

Hilton offers buffet-style breakfast for their guests. A wide variety of food delicacies are awaiting the guests who chose to stay with Hilton.

Different kinds of pastries are grouped in one table, they also have a place for different breakfast dishes for the heavy breakfast eaters, a kid food section for the young ones designed in a cute way to entice kids to eat, multiple selections of juice, milk, and other beverages.

They also have chefs to cook food according to your liking. Being the binge eater in the group, I ate and tasted almost all of the food served at their buffet table.

hilton buffet
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List of Restaurants at Hilton

If you don't want to take the buffet style breakfast or would want to have more food choices, you can also check out the listed restaurants in Hilton.

  • Al Maeda
    • Their newest restaurant which is very famous for their contemporary Lebanese inspired restaurant. One of the most sought food here is the smoke lamb and fish saiyadiah.
  • BN Cafe
    • Can't start the day without coffee? Head out to this coffee shop and indulge yourself with their freshly brewed coffee accompanied by your choice of waffles and cupcakes.
  • Maarid
  • Pura Vida Restaurant
    • Famous for their Brazilian churrasco slow grilled meat during dinner, to the mouth-watering burgers and braised ribs, or their freshly prepared quesadillas, this place is an absolute choice for a great dining experience.

You can check out their full list of dining experience on this link.

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The Fun Part! Swimming

The Hilton resort and spa in Ras Al Khaimah is located on a beach shore and is sprawled on a 1.5-kilometer sand. You will not have a problem with the crowd in this place and would be able to swim up to your heart's content.

Beach stools and chair are strategically placed near the beach for people who want to lay down and enjoy the sea breeze. The place also has cover for sun protection so that you can lay there all day without the worry of burning your skin for the sun rays.


This makes it a perfect Ras Al Khaimah holiday staycation for us, we know you'll love it too. Best be ready with your latest OOTDs and swimwear.

Hilton resort and spa also offers different kinds of activities which you can enjoy while staying at the resort, especially the kids. Below are some of the activities which they do offer.

They have pools also which is good for people who would want to swim minus the saltiness of the water, they also have pools with salt water in it instead of the normal chlorine water.

We did swim at the beach for quite some time and enjoyed playing at the shore by making sand castles.

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swimming rak
swimming rak
swimming rak
swimming rak
swimming rak
swimming rak

Party Time

After spending the time at the beach, we went straight to the pool to swim. Which unbeknownst to us, will be the start of our own group party.

Hilton also has lots of places inside the resort where you can just chill or eat out while watching the sunset at the Arabian Gulf. They offer alcoholic beverages for the guests who are in their right age to enjoy and party the night away.

They have a bar at the poolside where they serve a variety of alcoholic beverages and mixed fruit punch. Take note it is exactly at the pool, so you can still dip at the pool while drinking your beverage of choice.

Although it is not allowed to bring your drink while swimming, you must sit at their pool bar stool and finish your drink only from there. It is still cool since you get to swim and drink at the same time.

pool bar
drinking at the bar

Is it a good Ras Al Khaimah Holiday Staycation Spot?

We can definitely say that it is a great place to stay or have your weekend spent on. So far, it is our top choice for a Ras Al Khaimah holiday staycation.

With its top of the line amenities, great food choices and serving, the number of activities that you can try, and the beach side which is not crowded. Everyone will definitely love the vibes at Hilton resorts and spa.

You can check out Agoda for a list of discounted and available resorts in the area

For more inquiries, you can visit their site or you can call them at the numbers below.


AL MAAREEDH STREET, RAS AL KHAIMAH, U.A.ETEL: +971-7-228-8844 FAX: +971-7-226-0022

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swim at hilton
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Hilton Resorts and Spa is only one of the resorts which you can find in RAK and is a perfect choice for your Ras Al Khaimah holiday staycation. 

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Look out for another Ras Al Khaimah adventure we did, we'll update this article once the new one is done.

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