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Review of Sharjah Carlton Hotel – Hotel Staycation Review

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Staycation United Arab Emirates

Staycation has been the norm these past few years for millennials and travel enthusiasts. This is why hotel industry has been booming and is continuously expanding.

Last holiday we were able to experience staying the night and visiting one of the hotels in Sharjah together with our friends. In this article, we’ll try to provide a review of the Sharjah Carlton Hotel which is located in the heart of the city itself.

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The long holiday that time makes want to get outside of the comfort of their homes as there is actually nothing to do during these five days, not sure about other people who might be still busy with work. But for us, the only choice to remove the boredom is to explore the UAE.

Fortunately for us, our group of friends wanted to do the same thing so we all agreed to find a place where we can spend the night together and just bond as we wait for the holiday to pass and of course to relieve stress.

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How To Get To Sharjah Carlton Hotel

Sharjah Carlton Hotel is pretty accessible to the general public as it is nearby landmarks like the ever famous Sharjah Aquarium that is a top tourist spot in Sharjah.

The hotel is also situated perfectly near the sea with a backdrop of the wide Arabian Sea which makes the place very cozy and perfect for short staycations.

There are multiple available transportation to get to the said hotel. If you’re coming from Dubai you can take the metro to Union Metro Station in the Red Line (approximately $1.5 or Aed 5). From there, aligh the train and go directly to the opposite exit of Al Ghurair Mall. Meaning if you went out of the station and you’re seeing Al Ghurair Mall, then that only means that you took the wrong exit.

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A mere 5 minute walk from the correct station exit, you will find the bus that will take you to Sharjah. This will cost a bit more around $3 or Aed 10. After taking the bus, ask the driver where can you go down that is quite near the Sharjah Aquarium. The bus driver will surely know this. Once you left the bus after arriving in Sharjah, you can just take a cab to the said place.

Lucky for us, we were able to get a private ride to the place. – Quality over Quantity Hosting. Not Unlimited from $2.95/month.

Review of Sharjah Carlton Hotel

Sharjah Carlton Hotel Review

Sharjah Carlton facade is quite lovely to the eyes. The design was built and inspired by old Arabian buildings. We can compare its front place to a castle figure. The staff of the hotel is very accommodating and helpful when we arrived to the place.

We were in charge of bringing water and some food as our companions have already checked-in the place. We booked three rooms to accommodate the number of people in our group.

The staff was quick to assist us in carrying the things that we brought. We were bringing a bunch of bottled water and boxes of pizza which he offered to be put on the hotel cart for luggages.

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The reception area of the hotel is a bit dim with low lighting and clean atmosphere inside it. Just straight from the reception is the restaurant which we did not visit as we brought our own food for dinner and breakfast already.

We were asked to surrender our ID and was provided the key cards for the extra room.

At first, we thought we would be riding the elevator as this is the usual norm when it comes to hotels. To our surprise, the room provided to us was separate from the main building and is located at the side that is consists of multiple rooms in a two storey long villa design.

I specifically like this setup as we plan to go swim in the beach and I find it quite a hassle to ride the elavator after swimming and drench in saltwater. This one is a big plus point for me.

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I said to myself, that this definitely feels like an out of town trip already.

Inside the Room

The room is quite common like any other bed and breakfast places. It consists of two single beds, a restroom complete with towels. Tables, chairs and cabinets for your things.

The only thing we noticed that is missing from the room were the toiletries, which we need to first request from the reception area. They also don’t have extra slippers on the room which we’re not sure if its because of the room we booked or it is the same for every room.

All in all, the room is the typical comfortable type, airconditioned is functioning properly, the room is situated in the best possible location. Except for the toiletries, we believe that everything is up to standard. We rate the rooms – 7.5/10

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The Pool and Beach Area

We did visit the beach area after resting and eating at our connected room.

The entrance to the beach area is located near the reception area which is a short walk to where our room is located. Since our room is located opposite the huge parking area of the hotel.

Before entering, they asked us our room numbers so that they can provide us two towels per room for our use in the beach and pool area of the hotel.

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The pool and beach area has a small play ground for the kids to use and enjoy. The pool area is a square type standard pool. We went around afternoon time because of the humidity and the not that bearable heat.

By the time we arrived at the beach and pool area it is quite crowded already as every hotel guest was thinking and avoiding the same thing. The humidity and the heat of the early 12 noon to 3 PM weather.

We passed on swimming on the pool as the number of guest can barely accommodate the it but the whole beach is huge even if there are lots of people swimming and sunbathing. There are lots of sunbeds as well that the guests can use and umbrellas to cover themselves from direct sunlight.

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The Arabian Sea hitting the backside, sand area of the hotel is simply magnificent and lovely although a bit hot because of the summer weather.

We were able to again visit the place in the morning to watch the sunrise and enjoy the whole area for ourselves as there are few earlybirds like us who used the area.

The beach is lovely so we’ll rate this area of the hotel and the staff were really accommodating and nice to guests – 8.5/10 

Overall Review

To summarize our short overnight stay at Sharjah Carlton Hotel, we can say that it is quite a good experience. We had so much fun as the rooms aside from it being the standard room, is the thickness of the walls. We were so noisy the whole evening as we were playing games and chatting with each other, but not even once did we hear the telephone ring or our neighbors knocking on our doors to tell us to tone down.

The swimming part is really fun and calming. It was a great choice and idea to spend the holiday in Sharjah instead of the usual Kite and Jumeirah beaches in Dubai. The place was less populated although still full of guests in the afternoon.

The cost of one room is not that expensive as well. We were able to get the rooms for Aed 200 per room. It was a good deal especially for us who came in group.

If you have time we definitely recommend staying at Sharjah Carlton Hotel for your overnight or holiday staycations. Hope you enjoyed our short review of the place. Comment down your reaction or if you have questions with regards to the place.

We’ll respond to your queries if ever we know the answer to it. Even if not, we’ll still respond. Thanks!



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