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Roam The City Like A Resident With this Very Helpful Dubai Travel App

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Lost in the City

New in the city of Dubai? Ever wish there is a helpful Dubai travel app that you can use to get around the city? Spent more cash on cabs to get to a place? Asking strangers for the location of a place or how to get to a place?

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Time to stop worrying as we have found a very helpful Dubai travel app that you can use in order to locate a place and travel around the city like a resident.

If you're the type of person that would want to see Dubai from a different perspective and is very much open to the idea of taking trains and buses from one place to another then this app is for you.

New to Dubai and would want to get by with fewer expenses? Dubai cabs are cheaper than usual cab fares but are still quite pricey. Especially if you're traveling from a far-off destination. The good thing is that trains and buses in Dubai are on a different scale and are top notch. Very clean and orderly, almost all places in the city have bus stops and train stations as well which you can take advantage of if you know how and where to go.

This is where the said helpful Dubai travel app comes into play. Have you heard of the app "Wojhati"?

If you are new in Dubai or will be in Dubai for a couple of weeks for vacation, you might not have heard of the said app yet. But if you're living in the city and have not heard of the app, you're missing a great deal while spending more traveling around the metro. If you're the type who has money to spend on cabs, this might not be for you but who knows, there some new experience and perspective that you may get by trying to move around Dubai by buses and trains.

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Helpful Dubai Travel App

So what is Wojhati?

Wojhati is a journey planner created by the Roads and Transportation Authority of Dubai to help residents and visitors alike to have an easier way of moving around the city.

This is a free app that can tell you how you can go from one place to another by train, bus or by cab. Yes, you read it right, although we're saying that you can go to a place with this app with cheap means we still cannot miss riding a cab especially on places that are possibly remote or has a very far train or bus stops.

The good thing about this helpful Dubai Travel app is that it suggests not just one way of going to a place so that you can weigh your options. If you want to travel fast or economically it can provide you with numerous options.

It can show you the right combination of going to a place and providing you detailed information on where to go and how to get to your destination.

Wojhati Logo

How to use Wojhati - Helpful Dubai travel app

To get started.

Download and Install the app from the app store, it is available for Apple and Android users. Simply type in "Wojhati" or you can use Dubai journey planner on the search bar and look for the one with the same logo on the image below.

Once installed you can start using it for free! It will not take much of your phone memory.

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Take note: You can only use the app if you have an internet connection so make sure you have located or planned your trip before disconnecting from the internet.

wojhati app - helpful dubai travel app
wojhati app - helpful dubai travel app

Helpful Dubai Travel App Features

Input your current location or the place you plan to start from in the "From" text box.

Then, input your destination on the "To" text box.

and that's basically it, Wojhati would run and show you possibilities on how you will arrive at the desired destination.

The good thing about this app is that it will show you bus and metro timings, especially in Dubai you should be at the bus stops or train platforms on the suggested time in order to catch a ride. It will be particularly easy for train stations since train intervals are only 3 to 5 minutes but buses will have different interval timing per bus stops.

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Which is why this app is very helpful because you can plan your time in order to catch the bus going to your desired destination. It also has maps inside it showing how many stops will your bus have before arriving at the desired location. If you're not leaving instantly you can set it up to your desired date as well and it will provide you different bus and train timings during the date you set.

It records your previous search as well to ease search of the route that you will need to take. The app covers most of the places around the city so you can use it to locate the most convenient route to a destination. You can even suggest to the app which transportation you only would want to use.

To do this, just go to the settings and adjust the options to your desired output. You can also check the menu for feedbacks and news regarding transportation.

This very helpful Dubai travel app has helped us find our way around the metro. This can definitely aid you on your travel while seeing the beautiful places in Dubai economically. Try using it now or test it to find out how useful the said app is. You can play around the app to get a feel of how to use it.

Hope this article helped you in some way. Leave us a comment regarding your thoughts or if you have other app suggestion on traveling around Dubai. For more places in Dubai that you can explore check out the link below.

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