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Spend A Day in The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence(JBR)

Have you heard of Jumeirah Beach Residence or JBR? If not, then you're definitely in for a treat! Jumeirah Beach Residence is a place in the heart of Dubai. It is filled with different tall buildings. A lovely urban setting with numerous commercial establishments.

One would be in awe of the place. It is relatively amazing and calming to walk around the place. It is actually one of our favorite place in Dubai.

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It is a place full of vigor and life. An urban setup made to please the crowd and make them want to stay in the vicinity. There are also lots of offices here which is why you will be able to see people walking to get to their offices.

A tram was built in order to efficiently explore the area. It is connected from the red line of the Dubai Metro.

This time, we visited "The Beach JBR" which is a long pathwalk within Jumeirah that has multiple restaurants and hotels to accomodate the people visiting the place.

A weekend or weekday afternoon along this place will rejuvenate your tired body. It is a place that everyone will definitely enjoy.

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What can you do in The Walk JBR?
  • Eat at different restaurants available in the vicinity.

The place is full of different coffee shops and restaurants to cater to your cravings. It ranges from fastfood to high-end family restaurants. It does not lack dishes of different origin and background.

It is one of the reason Dubai is a famous place for dishes. Places like the walk and alike will have multiple establishments with different cuisine influence due to the number of expats and nationalities currently living in the city.

  • Swim at the open beach.

There's no better way to enjoy the beach than to swim in it. Pack your bags, ready your sunblocks and prepare your bikini or swimwear. The beach in JBR is a really great place to have a tan, swim and just enjoy the Mediterranean sea background.

It is very family friendly as you can go here with your kids, place beach games like beach volleyballs. Play toss ball (just be careful as there are lots of people here). Teach your kids to swim, or just play tag at the beach.


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  • Take a picture and admire the 3d graffitis

As you walk along the pathway in JBR, you will come across walls with amusing art. There will be multiple stairways and walls that were decorated with wonderful 3d drawings.

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You definitely can't miss taking a picture with these huge wall arts. Enjoy different background, wear different poses and just have fun with the moment. It will be seriously fun especially if you will do it with your family and friends.

  • Play and Test your skill at the floating obstacle course

If you're swimming in the public beach of JBR, then why not try this fun attraction in the water. Aquafun is an inflatable park situated in the heart of the beach in JBR. It is a full-blown water obstacle course where you can play, swim and test your endurance.

It is a perfect place for your family or friends to bond while swimming in the water. You could say that this is another twist instead of casually swimming. The best part, they offer life jackets together with the entrance fee which is also good as people who don't know how to swim can then try and have fun at the said park as well.

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This definitely a great choice for the adrenaline junkies and thrill seeker! Although it is only a dinner setup, which we must say will happen up in the air. Yes, you read that right! The dinner will take place while riding an outdoor dine-in area that will lift you up in the air have your dining experience while having a 360 view of JBR.

You can celebrate all the special occasions here. It is a fun and very unique way of having your food. Get a picturesque of the surrounding like no other. It is definitely one of the best seat in the said place, especially for those people who would want to just watch the sunset.

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  • Admire the luxurious vehicles

If you just want to take a stroll and would not want to break your bank. Then after admiring the beautiful graffiti in this long strip, you can also admire the passing by or parked cars. You will see multiple luxurious cars dashing the drive way of the strip.

  • Watch movies at the Luxurious cinema of Roxy Cinemas

If you suddenly have nothing else to do even with the multiple things you can do by the beach and by strolling. You can then head on to their cinema. The Roxy Cinemas situated by the beach of JBR is also a very good place to hang-out with family and friends. - Hire talented native English speaking writers to create articles for your website!

It offers a different cinema vibe with its very unique cinema design and top-class cinema experience. Everyone will definitely love the experience of watching a movie from one of their cinemas.


How to get to The Walk, JBR

Private Vehicle

If one is going by private vehicle, it will be pretty explanatory. Just head out to Jumeirah Beach Residence from your GPS or Google Maps and it will provide you the directions to the place.

There are multiple of parking nearby the place but be sure to be early as it is somewhat crowded and full of people by the afternoon. You might experience the traffic jam if you come in too late, especially on the weekends.

Public Transportation

There are lots of ways to go to JBR, but the only one we have tried and by far would be the easiest is by taking the Dubai Tram. You can ride the tram by either going down on Damac or DMCC station(previously JLT Station). From there, you can walk directly to the Tram station.

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A piece of advise, the Tram station will not have any gates and one can simply go inside the train. Be very careful, checkers will constantly ride the train to check if the passengers have tapped in their card.

Make sure to tap your card on one of the machines located opposite the Tram door. You will find multiple machines there where you can tap your metro card. You can always ask if you're unsure where to go.

Once this is done, just ride the Tram going to either Jumeirah Beach Residence 1 or 2. From there you can walk the long strip and find things that you can enjoy.

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Lots of things to do in JBR

There are certainly a lot more things  that you can find and enjoy while strolling or when you visit JBR. Some of the things we also haven't tried yet. You just need to spend a day or half day and see what the place has to offer for you. This will depend on what you find interesting and something that you can enjoy.

Don't miss out now as the Ber months and the following winter season will be the best time for you to visit and stroll around this long strip. Feel the cool breeze and relax in the soothing ambiance of the place.

What are you waiting for? head out to The Walk, Jumeirah beach residence and see what else you can find. Share with us what you think is the most fun or relaxing thing to do in The Walk.

We look forward to hearing from you and see you on our next travel and leisure article.


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