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Take Instagram Worthy Pictures Inside Art in Island

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Are you someone who loves art? Loves taking pictures? Always posting great photo shots in your social media channels? Art in Island might be a good place to visit near the Metro.

We love to take pictures which is why during the short day we spent in the Philippines, we took a peek inside Art in Island and took amazing Instagram worthy shots.

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Where is Art in Island?

Manila is home to numerous great museums to see. Our last vacation, we focused on this sometimes forgotten museums and we took a different path to our normal traveling.

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We visited these innovative museums and check what they have to offer to their visitors. In our previous article, we have shown you Dessert Museum. If you haven’t seen and read that content you can check it here.

Sweetest Museum Sneak Peak

On this article, we’ll show you another amusing museum which can be found in the Metro. A museum full of 3d creative art and designs that will surely test your creative thinking in taking photos.

The museum which is located in Cubao, Quezon City, in Metro Manila is home to numerous 3d paintings and murals that give the illusion to your pictures and unleashes extra creativity to your normal photos. It is dubbed as one of the largest 3d trick art museums in Asia. It is actually huge!

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With over 200 masterpieces, the place was created by 18 master painters with the aim of giving depth to the normal pictures and causing illusions when viewed at a certain angle.

Our Art in Island Experience

This time around the FeebleFeet tandem was not able to visit the place together so I, Ms. FeebleFeet instead came with my best friend to see the place.

It took around 45 minutes for them to reach the museum from their place of origin due to traffic and since they went by public transport. The place entrance was very spacious that can accommodate numerous vehicles for parking.

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It is better to visit the museum on weekdays or early in the morning. The reason behind is that, if you arrive early you will have ample time to roam the inside of the museum compared if you come in late. There is also a possibility that the number of visitors will be much more than what you will expect as schools usually conduct field trips on these places.

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We arrived around 12 noon after bracing the hustle and bustle of the Metro. We bought our tickets from there only as they don’t sell tickets online. Which again will be an added advantage for you as the line might be longer than anticipated. Although there are group tours which you can coordinate with the Art in Island management.

Inside, they will have a corner where visitors will have to leave their shoes behind. They will in return give you a corresponding number that you should keep in order to get your shoes back once you’re done with the museum.

Reminder: Make sure to safe keep the number which was given as they will charge you for the lose of the said baggage chip.

Visitors are only allowed to wear socks inside the museum to avoid damaging the arts and the murals which will be all over the place. The place is very huge and is really artsy. You will feel like you belong as the 3d art makes the illusion that you’re part of the art itself.

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20 minutes into our tour inside, one of the staff announced that there will be a short lights show, which luckily for us is included in the ticket. Not sure if the lights show is available all year round or maybe because it’s the holiday season.

It ended with fake snow sprinkling down, which is really fun especially for kids and of course to people who are young at heart.

The museum is so huge that you actually have to go climb stairs and down again. It is really time-consuming and tiring at the same time.

The whole tour took us 3 hours to finish, which in our opinion came by so fast as the place is very interactive. We did all we could to take photos and pose for our own Instagrammable pictures inside Art in Island.

It was really enjoyable and you’ll really appreciate how delicate the arts were, how detailed they went to create all the masterpieces and the illusions.

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We didn’t even remember that we haven’t had our lunch yet.

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pictures inside art in island
pictures inside art in island
pictures inside art in island
pictures inside art in island
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pictures inside art in island
pictures inside art in island
How to get to Art in Island

Via Private vehicle

This part is easy, just waze the address of Art in Island and it will pinpoint you to the exact location. The travel time will depend on where you’re coming from.

Address: 175 15th Ave., Brgy. Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippine

or you can check their Facebook page. They don’t have a website so you can just inquire via their Facebook page.

Via Public Transportation

Whichever place you’re coming from, it is very easy to locate the place. If you’re taking the bus, make sure to take the buses that will go along Cubao, Edsa.

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If you plan to take the train, the nearest MRT station would be MRT Cubao. From there, you can walk through Araneta Center Cubao. It will be roughly 15-minute walk from Araneta Center.


The museum has different admission for working adults and students.

Adults: Php 500/approx. Usd 10/approx. Aed 35

Students: Php 400/approx. Usd 7.5/approx. Aed 28

Children below 3 ft are Free

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Sunday, 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM.

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pictures inside art in island
pictures inside art in island
pictures inside art in island
pictures inside art in island
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Few things to keep in mind before visiting Art in Island
    • Bring your camera – make sure to bring your camera or any device with photo capabilities. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take Instagram worthy pictures inside Art in Island.
    • Take a good night sleep – The tour will take around 2 to 3 hours. If you’re visiting the place make sure to maximize it and the only way to maximize the tour is to have plenty of energy. So sleep well.

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  • Take a good breakfast – Again, if you’re planning to see the place, make sure you have enough energy to do so.
  • Wear comfortable clothing – This is pretty automatic. Even if you’ll be visiting a museum, make sure to wear proper and comfortable clothing as you will have lots of poses to go with your photos and the only way to stay comfortable is by wearing something appropriate and comfy clothing.
  • Wear fashionable socks – not really a requirement, but since you will not be able to bring your shoes inside, might as well wear pretty socks to go along with your overall outfit.

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  • Be mindful of other visitors – the place will be jampacked with visitors who would want to have their own Instagram worthy shots. Don’t force your way if some people are having their photo taking. Don’t spoil the fun, be respectful so that you will have an enjoyable tour.
  •  Come early – It is best to come early to avoid the crowd. If possible go on weekdays as well.
  • Be yourself – Unleash your love for art and pictures. Enjoy the place and the tour. Be wild, be fun, be everything you wanted to be in your Instagram worthy pictures.

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Be it for inspiration or for the purpose of taking pictures or just to unwind, Art in Island can be considered a great place to visit. It is in the middle of the bustling Metro Manila which is very accessible, you only need to look out for the traffic. We definitely recommend Art in Island to everyone. Til our next story!


pictures inside art in island
pictures inside art in island


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