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Peek inside the Sweetest Museum ~ The Dessert Museum, Manila

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Sweetest Museum

Have you been wondering what to find inside the Dessert museum? Wonder no more, as we will give you a sneak peek of what’s inside, what you can do and how you can go to the sweetest museum in Manila.

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The Dessert Museum is a one of a kind type of museum. It is not your usual museum that houses different items that are incorporated with historical significance or with deep meaning within it. This museum which we dubbed as the sweetest museum is more like a playground than a museum inside. The only significant thing that we noticed which is more likely can be found in a museum is the creativity that they have put to create this museum. It is very creative, full of witty art designs and room arrangement that are really lovely to look at.

The museum is composed of eight mouthwatering-rooms, each with its own theme or dessert that covers the entire room which you can take pictures, play around and taste sample sweets.

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Unleash the kid inside you and explore these rooms with your family and friends. The museum is open for all ages. You can have so much fun inside if you’re the kind who loves sweet and photographs.

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the dessert museum
the dessert museum
the dessert museum
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How to get to the Dessert Museum?

The Dessert Museum is located in one of the newest exclusive shopping address in Pasay City, S Maison. The place can be found below the high end Conrad Hotel Manila by Hilton.

The complete address can be found below if you want to locate it via Waze.

Unit 124, 126, 127a Coral Way, S Maison Mall, Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City 

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Private cars can go directly to the place which is located near Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay. You will not have problems parking as both Conrad Hotel and SM Mall of Asia has spacious parking space. If you’re coming from the south and would like to avoid the traffic situation going to Pasay, you can try going via skyway.

Just take any of the skyway entry and continue driving past the Airport Terminal skyway route and exit via Macapagal. From there just take a few turns and you’ll be able to reach the Mall of Asia Complex.

No need to worry if you’ll be parking inside the Mall of Asia as there’s a connecting walkway from the mall to S Maison.

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Public commuters can also easily reach the place by riding any of the buses and jeepneys going through Mall of Asia. The most common way is riding the public transport near Buendia LRT 1 Station. It goes directly to the Mall of Asia complex, which you can just then walk to S Maison.

Inside the Sweetest Museum

Below we’ll show you what it looks like inside this place overloading with sugar.

Once you reach the entrance of the museum you’ll be welcomed with a cake like entrance with dripping chocolates at the top. Here, you will find the registration where you will receive your entry bracelets (Note: Don’t lose the bracelet. You will get fined for losing it inside the museum.)

You will be using this bracelet as your entry ticket. It is also installed with a chip that you can use to get your free sweets inside the Dessert museum.

The main lobby is composed of donut sweets and pink colored walls. The door entrance is also shaped like an ice cream cone.

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After registration, you will just have to wait for your queue to get inside the museum as they limit the number of people inside to avoid over-crowding. Once it’s your turn you will be entering via a staircase up to a donut hole. Yes! A donut hole. That is how creative this museum is.

Disclaimer: The names used for the room was made up by us and by no means the real name of the Dessert museum rooms. We just wanted to be creative on our naming as well. Enjoy

Donut Room

After the donut hole is the first room, which is, you guess it right, the donut room! Kids and kids at heart can slide down to the room or like us can also take the conventional way of taking the stairs down to it. Lol!

The donut room has donuts all over the place. Donuts hanging, donuts glued to the wall, the room simply is surrounded by donuts.

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the dessert museum
the dessert museum
the dessert museum

The Other 7 Dessert Room

The Marshmallow lair

After taking our sweet time on the first donut room, we went inside this mallow lair which looks like heaven in a sense as the room is a combination of white marshmallow color and blue. At the center is a sweet kiosk where you can get to eat a marshmallow with chocolate fondue. You can metaphorically call it heaven.

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the dessert museum
the dessert museum
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Candy Corner

Before you arrive at this place, you will have two doors which you can choose to enter this room. These are the “Nice” and “Naughty” door. It’s up to you which one you will choose as both of the doors will lead you to the same room. It’s just so much fun to have choices rather than the boring one door pathway.

The candy corner room is more of a playroom with ropes that you can climb(maybe) or jump while hanging, much like Tarzan. A single colorful see-saw to check out which of your colleagues or family member is the heaviest. Lol!

Swings are also present inside this room and a candy booth for your sweet tooth.

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the dessert museum
the dessert museum
the dessert museum
the dessert museum
Rainbow Colored Ball Area

The title might not have a relation to a dessert but the room itself is pretty much full of colorful balls which can be compared to candies and chocolate coated balls. We were treated to a cup of different ice cream flavors inside this room. You can have so much fun inside swimming inside the ball pool area.

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Just don’t forget to remove your shoes and wear beautiful socks.

the dessert museum
the dessert museum
the dessert museum
The Snow Globe

Time for some action inside this room. It is simpler than the previous rooms but this room has a built-in snow globe with which you can enter and play inside while snowballs are flying all over the place. You can jump, chase one another or just throw the snowballs towards your friends. It is a fun, a little bit sweaty activity that you can try.

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You might ask, where is the dessert? or

You might think “snow globes aren’t desserts”

Don’t bother thinking, they will still give you your dessert inside this room. You just need to ask.

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the dessert museum
the dessert museum
Sweet Shop

After the tiring snow globe playground, you can rest easy inside this gift shop designed room and take your sweet time finishing your candy of choice.

Along the way, you will find staff that will take photos of you and your family/friends. You can get a copy of this photos at the exit of the said museum. The staff are very helpful, you can also ask them to take pictures of you using your own phones or cameras.

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the dessert museum
the dessert museum
the dessert museum
the dessert museum
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Cotton Candy Forest

Inside this place is a forest full of, again you guessed it right, trees made of cotton candy. Much like how you see it in fairy tales. Find the cotton candy maker at the end of the forest trail and receive a stick full of cotton candies! By this time I believe you will be thirsty and having too much sweets.

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Good thing dessert museum sells water inside the museum. You can get it from the candy and sweet booths along the way. The same booths you get the sweet included in the package.

the dessert museum
the dessert museum
the dessert museum


Hanging Lollipops

This is the last room inside the Dessert Museum. It is a bit cleaner and with less design compared to the other rooms inside the museum. Here, you can shoot pillow balls into a tall wall ring and you can also hang or sit on the upside down lollipops.

The 2 hours allotted for each visitors is enough to enjoy the museum. You can also have time to buy souvenirs on the exit lobby of the museum and get the pictures that was taken by the staff while you were inside the museum.

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the dessert museum
the dessert museum
the dessert museum

How much does it cost?

So, now that we have shown you what’s inside this instagrammable museum, you might be thinking how much is it really per person?

You can find the prices and promotions on their own website. We have linked the first Dessert Museum word on top of this article. And since we really love and appreciate your taking the time to read our articles, you can see below the normal rates for the Dessert Museum.

Ticket Price

Php 799 per person – Walk-In

Php 699 per person – Booking online weekend

Php 599 per person – Booking online weekday

This entry ticket includes:

Two hours of fun-filled and sweets overload tour of the museum.

5 to 6 samples of surprising different tasty desserts.

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You can buy water and souvenirs inside. Not included in the ticket price.

Team Building Tours

Php 900 per person – 30 pax

Php 800 per person – 50 pax

Php 700 per person – 100 pax

Inclusive of the normal package and a teambuilding facilitator

Birthday Rate

If it is your birthday you will be free as long as you bring one friend to accompany you. The ticket price for your friend will be Php 799.

Party Package

10 Person party

Weekday rate: Php 12,999

Weekend rate: Php 15,999

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20 Person party

Weekday rate: Php 15,999

Weekend rate: Php 18,999

30 Person party

Weekday rate: Php 18,999

Weekend rate: Php 23,999

Inclusive: 2-hour tour, free desserts, games, balloons, and explosion cake.

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the dessert museum


Dessert Museum | The Sweetest Museum

Location: S Maison, Pasay City

Ticket Price:

Walk-in – Php 799 per person

Online Booking – Php 599(weekday) | Php 699(weekend)

8 Dessert Themed Rooms (Not the official room names)
  1. The Donut Room
  2. Marshmallow Lair
  3. Candy Corner
  4. Rainbow Colored Ball Area
  5. The Snow Globe
  6. Sweet Shop
  7. Cotton Candy Forest
  8. Hanging Lollipops

That’s it. We suggest you book your visit online to avoid the hassle of lining up and also to get cheaper rates. The Dessert Museum is a fun interactive place that is best for the family and a different take on weekend hangouts. Let us know down below your thoughts and experience on this museum.

Til next time!


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