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The Impressive Collection of Louvre Abu Dhabi

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Louvre Abu Dhabi

Hi there! We’ve been gone for some time but now we’re back with our feature of the Louvre Abu Dhabi!!

Yay! We’re so excited to show you the impressive collection you can find inside this magnificent museum.

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When we hear of the word Louvre, we usually think of the world-famous museum in Paris, France. Well, it was great news for the whole United Arab Emirates when they announced and finally built a branch museum based in the country!

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Now residents in the GCC countries need not visit Paris, they can easily fly now to UAE and visit this world-class attraction.

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But, like any other enthusiast, we also wondered (although we have not seen the Louvre in Paris) what can we see and expect inside the said museum in Abu Dhabi?

Let us show you what’s inside the museum!

louvre abu dhabi

Where is Louvre Abu Dhabi?

First of all, we’ll talk about how we went to the said tourist attraction.

Coming from Dubai, we took the bus that will take us to Abu Dhabi from Al Ghubaiba Metro Station. From Burjuman, we paid 5 dirhams each to reach the said bus station.

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After a 1 and a half bus ride, we arrived at the Abu Dhabi bus station. From there, we took a cab and paid around 30 dirhams for a cab ride to the museum.

The Louvre Exterior

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is vast and is situated near the sea which gives a very relaxing vibe and a view of the city skyline. It was quite far from the bustling city and is surrounded by lush green park-like place.

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The main building is strategically and creatively design to suit the museum. And we can tell without exaggeration that it was really magnificent. It will give you a high-end feel of the place.

We booked our tickets online to avoid the hassle of lining up in the ticket booth as we went on a weekend. Entrance to the museum costs 63 dirhams which is very cheap and affordable.

You can check the maps below to see where Louvre Abu Dhabi is located.

louvre abu dhabi
Inside the Louvre Abu Dhabi

The entrance to the park is a bit meticulous as you will run through a security check first. It is quite acceptable as the pieces inside the place were very costly.

The museum is divided to 8 to 10 parts which pertain to different eras and themes. Below are some of the collections we found interesting inside the attraction.

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Polishes Axes: status symbols (?)

Polishes Axes: status symbols (?)| | France | 4000-3000 | BCE Jadeite

The first one in our list is the polished axes from France. Estimated to have been created during 4000 – 3000 BCE. These axes were used as status symbols during the early period in France.

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Cuirass | France, Marmesse | 1000-800 BCE | Bronze

The next collection that has received our interest is the old golden armor again from France during the 1000 – 800 BCE. It is used to express one’s prestige and honor. 

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It looks well fitted to its wearer to highly emphasize the wearer’s good physique.

Stele in the name of Tutankhamun, pharaoh of Egypt

Stele in the name of Tutankhamun, pharaoh of Egypt | Egyptian civilization – Egypt, Abydos | About 1327 BCE | Pink granite

This collection is widely used in legends, stories and sometimes movies. The infamous pharaoh of Egypt has a wide array of interested audience. We for one were very amazed by this collection.

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The stone slab with ancient writings in it shows the greatness of Tutankhamun. The writings have shown the pharaoh of Egypt as a being who mediates between man and gods.

The piece was found around 1327 BCE in Egypt.

Sarcophagus of Henuttawy: coffins and mummy’s wrapping

Sarcophagus of Henuttawy: coffins and mummy’s wrapping | Egyptian civilization – Egypt | 950-900 BCE | Painted wood, stuccoed and painted cloth

Ancient royalties in Egypt believe in the afterlife. Therefore, they usually bring together with them in their deathbeds their exquisite possessions and usually done through a traditional burial ceremony.

Henuttawy, a royal princess, to ensure her survival in the afterlife was buried in a coffin with inscriptions and painted decorations to ensure protection during the process and into the afterlife.

This piece also shows the mummy’s famous burial wrapping.

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Bust of Alexander the Great (?), king of Macedonia

Bust of Alexander the Great (?), king of Macedonia | Hellenistic culture – Greece, Delos | About 100 BCE | Marble

This half face stone sculpture was created for the famous conqueror and king Alexander the Great.

He is well known for having conquered a huge piece of land and uniting the Greek Kingdom of Macedonia.

He’s been known as a youthful and brave King during his time. His beautiful hair was somewhat used as the basis for the creation of mythical figures.

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Bodhisattva, intercessor between the Buddha and his followers

Bodhisattva, intercessor between the Buddha and his followers | Kushan empire, Pakistan, Gandhara, Takht-i-Bahi or Sahri-Bahlol | 100-300 CE | Schist

Another interesting piece is the Bodhisattva which is an intercessor between the Buddha and his followers.

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The piece was found during 100 – 300 CE with its arms broken already.

Bracelet with plant motifs | Celtic civilization – France, Auriliac | 200-100 BCE | Gold

We were fascinated by this piece of jewelry which we have found inside one of the dark rooms of the museum. 

This Celtic bracelet with plant motifs is nothing but elegant. It releases a vibe of royalty and nobility in its design.

Christian gravestone adorned with a Nestorian cross

Christian gravestone adorned with a Nestorian cross | Kyrgyzstan | 1300-1350 | Stone

This cross was one of the masterpieces in the religion era of the museum.

The double arm cross covered in gold with different ornaments and symbols within it symbolizes antiquity and grandness in it.

.Dancing Shiva, Hindu divinity

Dancing Shiva, Hindu divinity | Chola Kingdom – India, Tamil Nadu | 950-1000 | Bronze

Most of the ancient religious collection of the old were present at the museum. This means Hindu will also be having items inside it.

The antique item was found in Tamil Nadu, India during 950 – 1000.

Gothic Bible in two volumes

Gothic Bible in two volumes | France, Paris | 1250-1280 | Vellum (calfskin)

The pocket-sized bible also piqued our interest as seeing an old book in its original form is something that is really amusing.

Imagine how it was preserved to be shown in today’s generation. It is extremely worthy of praise.

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Virgin and Child, called the Virgin of Tenderness

Virgin and Child, called the Virgin of Tenderness | Greece, Crete | About 1500 | Oil on wood

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The masterpiece you see was created with oil and painted in wood. This was recovered from Greece during 1500.

It shows a representation of the Virgin Mary while holding a child. It is something that can be related to the Roman Catholic Church.

Reliquary casket made from Fatimid rock crystal plaques

Reliquary casket made from Fatimid rock crystal plaques | Northern France (mounting) and Egypt (crystal plaques) | 1200-1210 | Silver gilt, rock crystal, precious stones, ivory

This lovely container was used during 1200 – 1210. It was used to store sacred relics. The design of the container looks very elegant and any collector or historian will definitely love the royalty look of the said casket.

This is mainly used for religious purposes.

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Allergory of Arithmetic

Allergory of Arithmetic | Frans Floris – Belgium, Antwerp | 1557 | Oil on canvas

We were in awe when we saw this painting by Frans Floris. The detail of the painting was extraordinary.

You will be able to feel life in the painting. We were also curious about what they’re actually computing.

It was truly a masterpiece worthy of being in a museum.

Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel | Abel Grimmer – Belgium, Antwerp | 1595 | Oil in wood

The Tower of Babel is another figure that was famously talked about everywhere. You might have heard of the said tower during school days.

This detailed painting of the tower with the surrounding area and bustling market full of people is spectacular to see.

The action of every character was properly portrayed in the painting.

Collar of the Order of the Golden Fleece

Collar of the Order of the Golden Fleece | Flanders (today northern France, Belgium and part of the Netherlands) | 1500-1600 | Gold and enamel

Another piece of jewelry that was elegantly designed and created. It makes you wonder how do the people of the old wear this kind of jewelry.

It looks heavy at first glance and is definitely eye-catching. Possibly persons of nobility were the only one wearing this.

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In the case of this jewelry, it was used by the Roman Catholic order of chivalry.

Portrait of a Women, called La Belle Ferronnière

Portrait of a Women, called La Belle Ferronnière | Leonardo da Vinci – Italy, Milan | 1495-1499 | Oil on wood

One of the most famous and exquisite masterpieces inside the Louvre museum is this portrait of a lady named La Belle.

A guard was stationed beside it, showing how magnificent the paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci.

It might be famous because of the painter itself but we can definitely say that the way it was made is not easy.

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Altarware inspired by ancient models

Altarware inspired by ancient models | China | 1750-1795 | Cloisonné enamel

They also have lots of wares used for spreading religion and for religion rituals. These wares makes it stand among other altarwares because of the extraordinary and very detailed design of these pieces.

Upper part: Low relief of “Les Sacrifiantes” (copy of the ancient original) | François Anguier – France | 1642 | Bronze —– Lower part: Low relief of “Les Sacrifiantes” | Roman empire – Italy Rome | 100-200 CE | Marble

The original and the copy of the same marble art was displayed in one of the walls inside the museum.

It portrays the old Roman civilization.

Horses of the Sun

Horses of the Sun | Gilles Guérin – France | 1668-1675 | Marble

The sculpture made by Gilles Guerin is one of the biggest masterpieces inside the museum.

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The sculpture represents the service of power portrayed in an art form. This particular piece depicts majestic and dominant.

It emphasizes the duty of the sovereign to protect its people.

Ceremonial armour decorated with grotesques

Ceremonial armour decorated with grotesques | France | About 1570 | Iron

This humanoid form metal is another interesting antique that you’ll find inside the museum. 

A whole armor used for ceremonial purposes during the old times. The design is very detailed and clear. 

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We find the design for the armor chivalrous and strong.

Interior decoration with an Allergory of Nobility
Interior decoration with an Allergory of Nobility
Interior decoration with an Allergory of Nobility

Interior decoration with an Allergory of Nobility | France, Paris | About 1650 | Wood, painted decoration, gold

This sample room depicts how a noble’s room looks like. It is full of paintings, painted ceilings, golden clad wares, and wall arts.

It portrays elegance and a sense of individuality.

Portrait of Voltaire (1694-1778) – French writer and philosopher

Portrait of Voltaire (1694-1778) – French writer and philosopher | Nicolas de Largillière – France | 1718 | Oil on canvas

A painting of the infamous philosopher was also depicted inside the museum.

Voltaire, a French philosopher was well versed when it comes to history and writing. His wits also made him exceptional and his feud with the Roman Catholic church.

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Fight between Creugas and Damoxenos

Fight between Creugas and Damoxenos | Antonio Canova – Italy, Possagno | 1797-1803 | Plaster

Another huge masterpiece is this depiction of the ancient fights in Rome.

The purpose of the sculpture is to show the beauty of eternal and to show individuality.

It was also made to characterized the heroic virtues of the 18th and 19th century.

Napoleon Bonaparte – 1st Consul, Crossing the Alps on 20 May 1800

Napoleon Bonaparte – 1st Consul, Crossing the Alps on 20 May 1800 | Jacques-Louis David – France | 1803 | Oil on canvas

Another painting of a military leader.

Napoleon Bonaparte was a famous identity during the French revolution.

This particular painting portrays Bonaparte’s crossing of the Alps.

Oriental Bliss

Oriental Bliss | Paul Klee – Switzerland, Berne | 1938 | Paint on paper glued onto canvas

This painting which looks like a modern design was made in 1938.

It is a combination of the Arabic calligraphy and flat tints that resembles the east.

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It is a representation of the painter’s memories when he traveled to Tunisia and Egypt.

Fountain of Light

Fountain of Light | Ai Weiwei – Germany, Berlin, and China, Beijing | 2016 | Steel, glass crystals

The last piece on our sample masterpieces came from China. 

This was made using ten chandeliers as material. It was created in reference to the Tower of Babel and it takes the form of the utopian Soviet monument that was never built.

It is a representation of diversity.

A quick tour of the place will take at the least 2 hours to finish. From taking pictures to admiring the collection.

The museum also provides education tablets for rent that serves as an electronic guide for the explanation and story behind the masterpieces.

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  • Louvre Abu Dhabi is located at Saadiyat Island.
  • It takes around an estimated time of  2 hours by bus from Dubai and possibly 1 hour and 20 minutes by private vehicle.
  • Louvre Abu Dhabi entrance fee is 60 dirhams plus VAT of 3 dirhams.
  • The whole museum collection ranges from the old era to the modern world art.
  • The impressive collection inside contains art from known painters like Leonardo Da Vinci.

We can say that we truly enjoyed the trip to the Louvre museum and will continue to hope that one day we’ll also be able to make our trip to the world-famous Louvre in Paris.

The place is definitely for everyone to appreciate art but will mostly be enjoyed by people who are into art and crafts. Historians or those people who love relics and antiques will also find the place interesting.

Our goal during this leisure trip to the museum is to get ideas and to get different perspective regarding things, which we think we have achieved during the course of the activity.

Next up on our list of articles will be another famous attraction in Dubai which is the Dubai Parks and Resorts. Hope you enjoyed our short Louvre article and if you have time please do visit the museum.

It is worth the money.


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