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The Only Place You Need To Visit This Summer Weekend 2019 in Dubai

summer weekend

Summer has come!

The start of the summer has officially started a couple of weeks back and we know that every one is preparing or planning a summer weekend getaway this 2019. Well we have found a great place that you can visit during this hot summer here in Dubai.

Bask in the sunlight, play and have fun trying water activities, and bond with your family while the weather is still tolerable. There are lots of places in the city where you can spend your summer weekend but these places all offer the same agenda. A swim in the pool while staying in dope hotels are some of the best ideas during summer but as time passes by, the same old plan sometimes wear us out.

In this content, we'll show and give you something different instead of the usual. We wanted you to be able to maximize your weekend and properly bond with your friends, colleagues and family members. The place that we're describing will give you all this without having to spend too much and will definitely not take lots of your time traveling to the destination.

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Ready your swimwear, clear your weekend plans and start calling your friends. This ultimate summer weekend destination is the only place for you to be in Dubai.

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Summer Weekend Aqua Fun

Yep, there it is. We have given you the best place to visit this weekend. It is a place called Aqua fun. So, you might be asking, what is this Aqua fun that we're talking about and where it is? Continue reading as we provide you all the details you need in order for you to plan your weekend at Aqua Fun.

Aqua Fun is the world's largest inflatable aqua park and is located at the heart of Jumeirah beach. The aqua park covers an area of 5,000 square meters of pure bliss. The aqua park can accommodate up to 500 people in one go which makes it a great place for the family, company team building or friend's getaway! There will definitely be enough space for everyone to play.

Completely Safe Surrounding

They provide top-notch service with nine rescuers and guides who are available from the opening up to the closing time of the park. The place is full of obstacle courses which are very safe to use but will definitely tire out your body in a fun way.

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Burn calories while playing

Not only do you get to have fun and bond with your buddies, but you also get to burn around 1300 calories bouncing and running around the park.

Choose different obstacles

The aqua park is the best place for your summer weekend in Dubai as it offers 100 different kinds of obstacles that you can try to challenge. It comes with stairs, slopes, towers, bridges, curves and many more. The inflatables were also made with the finest rubber quality to ensure that you enjoy your time at the park while feeling safe and convenient.

The place is brimming with positivity, what's great about this place is that you get to enjoy the beach as the place is located beachfront. You can rest while soaking in the seawater after playing for some time in the inflatables, once you're recharged you can go back to challenge the other obstacles that you have not tried yet.

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summer weekend
summer weekend

FeebleFeet Summer Weekend - Aqua Fun Adventures

We were actually seeing the place in our social media channels being shown by some of our colleagues and wanted to try it a long time ago but was only able to visit it last weekend. Here is what we experience.

But before we start, we'll tell you first how to get there.

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How to get to Aqua Fun:

Public Transportation:

Take the nearest metro station from your place of origin. Go to red line DMCC metro station and alight. From the metro station, follow the pathway and walk towards the Dubai Tram. From the Dubai Tram, take the tram going to Jumeirah Beach Residence 2 and exit from there.

Take note: Most of the people who use Dubai metro sometimes to forget that there is a different machine for tapping your metro card in Dubai Tram and since there's no barrier to stop you from going directly to the trains, people sometimes forget to tap first in the Tram machines. They have security personnel in the Tram stations that regularly checks if you have tapped on the Tram machines before entering the train.

Once you're out of the tram station, just walk straight to the beach and from there you can see the inflatable aqua park floating at the front side of the beach.

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Private Vehicle

If you're driving or if you have your own transportation, just drive to Jumeirah Beach and find proper parking. Once you're in Jumeirah Beach, just locate the Roxy Cinema or Sofitel. These are the landmarks closes to Aqua fun.

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Ticket Prices

Given all this, you might wonder how much does this cost for you to enjoy a whole day in the sun bouncing? Here are the ticket prices.

This was taken from their website:

summer weekend

The price is exclusive of tax so just add 5% to that to get the total amount that you need to pay for you to be able to enter the aqua park. They have ticket packages for birthdays and corporate team buildings as well.

When we arrived at the location, we first dropped our bags into one of their tents and proceeded to change while taking pictures for our summer Ootds. While we were taking pictures we noticed that they have paddle boards and kayaks.

Since we went to the place to relax and play we opt first for their Kayak rental.

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summer weekend

Kayak Experience

We paid 120 AED for 1-hour Kayak rental. The staffs were very accommodating during the time that we were preparing to go Kayaking. The life vests they provide were numerous so you won't have problems with that one. After the Kayak was ready for use, they gave it to us and then they let us play on our own without giving us many problems. It was a very delightful experience.

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So we went and test our skills Kayaking. The scenery of Jumeirah Beach is certainly a great view that will be very hard to topple. It provides an ambiance of relaxation even if your backdrop is full of skyscrapers. The scenery is quite amusing, to say the least. It is a combination of nature mixed with urbanization. We took our time switching roles on paddling while the other one enjoys the view and take videos and pictures of the surrounding.

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If you're interested to see our video, you can check our Vlog channel on Youtube at this link.

After quite some time, we raced with our colleagues to see who can paddle the fastest. We showed it in the intro of our Vlog as well. Then, something happened! Our colleagues brought their GoPro while Kayaking and during the race, the GoPro accidentally fell in the water and immediately sink to the bottom of the deep blue waters of Jumeirah.

Again, the staff of Aqua Fun didn't want to spoil our fun by losing the GoPro, they helped us recover it from under the sea, which is why we were very thankful to the whole crew for the best service that they have given us.

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Paddleboarding Experience

Since we recovered the GoPro, we rested for quite a bit to try another activity that they offer. After a short rest, we took on their Paddle Boards which again costs 120 AED. It is our first time trying paddleboarding. The calm waters of Jumeirah don't allow for visitors to surf, which would have made this trip 110% better if they have surfboards as well. Nevertheless, we took turns trying the paddleboards and again enjoying the scenery while exhausting our arms in the process.

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Paddleboarding actually is a good workout for your body as it tests your core through balancing and your whole body strength. Paddleboarding is quite tricky but definitely possible to learn by consistently practicing on board. Of course, it is much easier with instructors to teach you the proper way to use it. We were lucky that the staff of Aqua Fun were knowledgeable and accommodating enough to teach us how to use one.

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We enjoyed the view of the sun as it settles down while standing up on our paddleboard. We just rented one and took turns paddling while trying to maintain our balance. It will soon be night time which is why we opt to finish our short paddleboarding and went straight to the final and main point of our visit to Aqua Fun.

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summer weekend
summer weekend

Aqua Fun Inflatable Obstacle Course

We have ascended the inflatables after returning the paddleboard back to the main tent of Aqua Fun. We were accompanied by one of their crew members to the starting point of the whole course.

Safety Precaution: Make sure to be mindful of how you ascend on the inflatables as there are lots of barnacles under the floating inflatables that might scratch your skin which may cause wounds on your body. It happened to one of our friends, so make sure you always practice precaution and safety.

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Tip to follow: If you're a complete beginner and in no way confident with your balance, we suggest you bring socks for the inflatables. It helps in managing your balance as the floor of the inflatables is too slippery without it especially if the flooring is wet with saltwater. If you think you can handle it and would love an additional challenge to the already challenging inflatable obstacle course then, by all means, lose the socks.

We started with a short jog and fast walk on the somewhat wide pathway. We were then introduced to a series of bridges with fewer flooring. At this point of the course, you will have to bunny hop your way to the other endpoint without falling of the water. That is the main objective of the floating inflatable obstacle course.

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To not fall off the inflatables.

After that first obstacle, there were obstacles that will need your arm strength like the one where you have to walk sideways on the high walled inflatable, swing to cross one endpoint to another and there were slightly slanted pathways.

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Our main favorite course was the swing as it is extremely challenging to cross. We were most of the time falling or finishing the course barely passing it. The part where you have to jump off the high inflatable cliff was also a course worth noting.

I did a somersault on this part as the open deep water is very inviting.

It took us one hour for each of us to cross around 70% of the course with an eventful inflatable cliff jump version. There are other obstacle courses as well, but we opt to finish it as it is almost closing time.

It was at the same time too tiring for us already. The sun has settled down, the night breeze has come and the city lights has one by one started to lit up.

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The obstacle course is seriously no joke. It is surely a great place for bonding with all ages, although I must admit that there is a risk of accidents due to slipping or wrong falls in the water. This should be noted and your body should be properly rested as this park will definitely test your strength and if not careful might invite accidents to happen.

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summer weekend
summer weekend
summer weekend
summer weekend
summer weekend

Aqua Fun is a great place and is indeed the place that you should visit during these summer weekends. The place is huge that it will not be a problem if there are a lot of tourists. You can swim and play and dine in one place altogether.

The experience was quite new even for us and we definitely enjoyed our visit even though we got bruises and wound scratches as we deemed it worthy because of the memorable moments we gained from it.

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We were laughing at the whole encounter and never once did the Aqua Fun staff who accompanied us left our side. The price was definitely worth it.

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We would love to get back there again probably with more friends with to play and laugh with.

This ends the article. Hope you had fun with our pictures and experience. Visit and experience the wonderful Aqua Fun this summer and freshen up with the coolness of the sea. If you have suggestions or comments or if you liked this article, let us know by commenting on the article below.


summer weekend
summer weekend
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