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Fun-Filled Color Run

Have you ever heard of color run event? Any idea of color run? If you know color run already and have signed up for the next one, read on to know how you can have a fun-filled color run.

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Bored of the usual routine you have? Looking for new things to try that is both good for your health and is fun? Color Run event might be an activity that you will be interested in.

What is Color Run?

Color Run event is an international fun run founded in 2011. They hold 5 kilometers, untimed fun run in which participants numbering to a thousand joins in the said event. With the name itself, the fun run implies an event full of colors, from the event place to the participants getting their white outfits doused with colors.

The participants run the 5k and get sprinkled by different colors which are found at the stops in every kilometer. According to color run website, the ideas are very simple. First, the direction from Color Run event organizer is that you go at the starting line with your clean clothes and clean self then, end the race dipped and soaked with the different variety of colors.

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Go home with a smile and look like a rainbow with the combination of colors that was thrown at you. Very exciting right? It makes you want to register already and have a wonderful and fun-filled color run event.

But before you register, we have some awesome tips to make it much better! For you to be able to fully enjoy the event it will not hurt to follow some good reminders.

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fun-filled color run

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Tips to Remember - Pre-Color Run Event


Make sure to register

It is actually pretty explanatory but we'll still mention it as it is also very important. If you want to experience the color run, the first action you must do is to actually register in it (Don't be rude and think that "yeah this is obvious already").

Yes, we want you to register and register as soon as you can. Usually, Color Run events hold up to a number of participants only, which means if you miss the number of available slots then you're doomed. It means no Color Run for you on the said date and you will have to wait for the next event date.

During the course of the event, we have seen quite a few people whom we are guessing have missed the registration slots. Therefore, have also missed the opportunity to participate in the event. They are actually in there waiting to line up and buy event tickets.

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Although there might be some cases where the event will still release a few tickets during the event, no one would want to face the hassle of lining up together with the other participants who have failed to participate.

So for our first advise, register after receiving notice that the registration is already underway so that you will not miss the event or be excluded due to the number of participants versus the number of slots available.

Check the Color Run kit

Once you have registered, make sure that you have everything with you. Color Run usually provide of what is inclusive in the registration kit. They have a checklist of what you will receive and the add-on items that you can purchase.

They usually have different Color Run event packages for the participants. We have chosen the regular one although the socks which are available for the upgraded package is a bit tempting we cooled our heads and went for the regular one. Lol!

The kit usually has the normal running shirt which in our case was the limited edition dream world tour race shirt, an embroidered headband, a cool temporary tattoo, welcome card, rainbow pencils, and some discount cards from participating brands. This might differ from every color run event but yeah you get the idea, you will have to check your checklist every time you register so that you won't miss out on any item.

The upgraded kit contains an additional VIP parking bib, a tutu ( yes a tutu!), party socks (the item that almost tempted us to upgrade), and sunglasses. An upgraded package will contain items that they usually sell separately as well if you don't want to get the upgraded one.

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It is a must that you check the items included in your freebies as it includes fun items which will be usable in the event itself.

Be early

At the time of the event, be sure to arrive at the location on time. You will regret the fact that you didn't come earlier than what is expected.

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By coming early to the venue, you will save time looking for parking, preparation for the fun run, be first at the registration booth if there is any registration needed and lastly, be able to relax before the start of the event.

Being early starts with the getting up early, giving ample time to prepare the things and food you need for the fun run and many more other things that you might need to give ample or more than expected time. This is to lessen the probability of forgetting something or getting more time if ever you get lost going to the venue.

fun-filled color run
fun-filled color run
fun-filled color run
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During the Color Run


Participate in the Pre Run Warm Up

The advice regarding being early can get this perk connected to it. The early you are to the venue, the more time you get to fix yourself up and be able to participate in the pre-run warm up.

Usually, fun run, marathons, and other running events have this warm-up session which is being led by a group of fitness guru or in some cases fitness influencers.


Not only are the warm-up session fun, it can make a big difference once you actually start running. So make sure to participate and let your body loose before you start the fun-filled color run.

Enjoy the run

Once the race starts, just follow the crowd in the starting line and start moving! Practice caution and always observe safety. Usually fun run like Color Run is safe and emergency first aiders are present around the vicinity of the area.

The run is more fun rather than really competitive, most participants also just walk after a couple of minutes jogging. Which means no pressure to you.

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You might be someone who doesn't really do much fitness activity or is just leisurely do fitness activities when you want to. This fun run is not that competitive so no need to rush your way to the finish line.

Savor the moment, experience the fun of running with the crowd, counting down to the start of the run, and enjoy getting soaked in colors.

Play with the colors, just be sure to not get into your eyes as the color are made of chemicals which might irritate your eyes or worse.

Stop at every station

We highly recommend that you try every station with different colors. Don't just run into it and pass without at least stopping and just be in the moment. Sounds cheesy, yes!

But I assure you it will be much more fun if you stop by, play with the colors, sit on the floor and just fill your whole body with the color powders.

You can even take a color powder and help the event staffs to spread colors to other participants. Socialize and make the most of your fun run.

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We were able to experience a bubble blowing machine as part of the Color run stations. It was so much fun playing with the bubbles, like we came back to our childhood. We stayed a little bit at the bubble station and played with the bubbles to our heart's content.

We recommend that you do too if ever there are special stations like this.

Take photos

You will find different expressions during the run, different scenarios, amazing color combinations, and impressive running costumes that people prepared for the event. Don't miss these chances and take pictures, you will be amazed by the photos that you were able to capture after.

One thing to consider first before you decide to bring your cameras and phones for capturing photos. The color powder that is being sprinkled during the run can damage your cellphones, cameras, and other electronic gadgets. It is best to wrap it in something that can protect it like a waterproof case or the like.

Some of the possible cellphone protectors can be found below.

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You can find great tutorials online on how to cover your camera as this cannot be solve simply by buying a case or waterproof protector. The good thing is there are lots of great tutorials in Youtube that you can watch. This include step by step procedure on how to actually wrap it up.

If you're worried that your expensive camera might get stained in the process, then we suggest that you only bring your phone to take pictures. Atleast a simple waterproof pouch can definitely protect it.

Once this is solved, take those amazing photos! Make sure you document the things that you have done so that you will have something to look into after some time.

fun-filled color run
fun-filled color run
fun-filled color run
fun-filled color run

Post Color Run

Interact with the different booths

Once you're done with the 5 kilometer run, you will find yourself at the finish line grounds where a number of booths are placed. These booths offer different interactions to the participants.

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Some do sell food and drinks for the thirsty, promotional booths that allows you to test out their newest product, and many more. The booths placed inside the venue differ for each event. So make sure you check what they have to offer as it might be something that you will regret missing.

They sometimes have fun activities together with advertising a product, if you still have the energy you can interact with them and participate. The activities that they may be offering can be something like a virtual game, a physical game, or maybe a question and answer activity.

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It will be definitely fun so make sure you try it.

Participate in the post run party

The run may be finished already but it doesn't mean that the event has. At the finish ground where the booths are located, a stage will be built there. This will be the stage for the after party.

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Participants are being received with music like you're on a festival, this time the people around you will be full of colors already. Everyone will look dirty but in a cool rainbow-themed way.

There will be intervals where they will throw the color powders up in the air to put more colors to the participants. As if you haven't had enough of the colors. There will be dancing, singing and partying prepared for the participants. Chances are there will be some raffle or giveaways to a lucky few.

Even if you don't get lucky, the crowd and the party music will still put you in a good vibe. Color run events are a fun way of interaction, a place to start your fitness journey and be active. This is a good way for people who rarely goes active.

The idea of putting colors while running is a great innovation to doing things actively. It encourages and it entice people to get active, which is why it is very popular in multiple countries.

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Make sure that you follow our great tips! You might know this tips already but it is good to be reminded as sometimes we tend to forget things. Enjoy your next or first fun-filled Color Run!!

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fun-filled color run
fun-filled color run
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