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Top 5 All Time Best Places to do Shopping in Dubai

Why is Dubai the best place to do your Shopping?

Dubai is one of the top tourist destinations in the world is also home to the best places for all your shopping needs. The tourism of Dubai made it possible for the demand for the products to reach sky high numbers during the years. The supply, in turn, was colossal making it one of the best place to be if you want to buy products from great deals.

Not to mention, zero tax! Meaning the products you buy will not be subject to tax. The one who will benefit the most from this zero tax will be the tourists who visit Dubai for 3 days to a week or 2. Dubai has implemented Value Added Tax early 2018 so residents will have to pay this fee when buying products. Still, this doesn't mean we can't benefit from the sale that is happening all year long inside this beautiful country.

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You might be visiting the country and the wonderful city of Dubai, and definitely, you will wonder where to buy souvenirs and bargained products which you will not usually get from other countries. We at FeebleFeet love the sale periods as it usually happens around the whole city. You will find bargains everywhere, buy 2 get 1 deal, up to 80% off and sometimes buy 1 get 1 deal on branded items.

If you're still reading, you should be excited by now. In the next couple of paragraphs, we'll show you the best places to do your shopping in Dubai. Expect to see bargains like no other. In our home country this is rarely seen and only here in Dubai have we experienced this kind of sale.

Dubai has shifted its focus to tourism instead of solely relying on its oil business. This turned this lovable city into a city of dreams. Don't get us wrong, there are lots of places in Dubai that will surely swipe or eat up all your money in one go but it doesn't mean that the whole city is like that.

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Dubai's market doesn't solely focus on those who have lots of money, it specifically caters to those who have money. There are lots of cheap deals and places where you can bargain here in Dubai, you just need to know where.

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Without further ado, here is the list of the top 5 best places to do your shopping in Dubai!

Dubai Mall

This is pretty explanatory, one of the largest malls in the United Arab Emirates is home to multiple international brands. It will take you a whole day to roam around the Dubai Mall. If you're lucky enough to visit Dubai during its sale days you will see how crazy this particular place tends to be. A lot of tourists and residents alike will flock to Dubai Mall just to grab one of their deals.

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Brands like Nike, Adidas and Under Armour products will be sold on discounts that it sometimes breaks your heart if you don't have enough money. But don't let this disheartened you, getting one of the products on sale will definitely an achievement for you. It is very hard to find products that you like to be on sale and here in Dubai, it is very possible.

The huge lists of known brands have boutiques inside Dubai Mall which is why it is one of the top 5 best places to do your shopping in Dubai. You have all your shopping, activities and leisure needs in one place.

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Another perk of shopping in Dubai Mall is its accessibility. Dubai Mall is nearby one of the metro stations of Dubai.

How to get here:
  1. From your initial place of origin, get to the nearest metro, if you're in one of the red line metro stations then just take the train and alight at Burj Khalifa metro station. If you're in the green line, first take a ride to the nearest red line metro station and transfer from there, then follow the first step.
  2.  After exiting the metro station, turn right(there is actually signage with an arrow pointing you to Dubai Mall. Just follow the pathway with multiple walkalator and you'll find the place.

It is that easy, which makes it to our top list of places to do shopping in Dubai.

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Karama Shopping District

This is one of the mysteries we have since living here in this beautiful city. How come very few appreciate the greatness of this place? Karama Shopping district as we call it, not sure what it's really called outside. Lol! But this place is a treasure place for people who loves to bargain. The place has all your souvenir needs and everything you actually need.

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From phone cases, cheap bags, leather shoes, sports paraphernalia and the like. Karama as a whole is home to all great product finds. Mainly because it is very near residential areas, residents find a lot of cheap things here and take note, not just things but food and services as well. We have heard from someone that you can actually get a haircut for women for as low as 5 AED or if the conversion is good, around 1 USD! Get out of here! - this might be your reaction now, but we're telling you its true.

A great thing about the whole place is that if you think the price of the products they're selling is a bit too high for your preference, you can start a battle of a bargain! This will test your wits and patience to get the best price for the product you have chosen.

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Don't worry, the sellers in this place will not think you're cheap to haggle, they're used to it. It makes your shopping a bit more fun. The best part? It is again near a metro station. You can start your tour of the place from the known place called "Al Attar" and "Karama Centre". These places are your best bet for everything about mobile phones and accessories. The place is brimming with souvenir items and cheap clothing that you can definitely get for a good price.

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If you feel that this place is a bit crowded, then walk till you find LuLu Hypermarket located a few meters away from Karama Centre. Cross the pedestrian lane to the park and find all those commercial buildings with graffiti. Once you see these buildings, you will know that you have reached the Karama Shopping District.

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Unlike the first two mentioned places, this district will have a much better number of products from Sports products to formal wears and even travel accessories. Again, this place is used to getting haggles from visiting customers. As a tourist, try to haggle as well. We assure you, it will be worth it.

How to get here:
  1.  From your initial place of origin, get to the nearest metro, if you're in one of the red line metro stations then just take the train and alight at ADCB metro station. If you're in the green line, first take a ride to the nearest red line metro station and transfer from there, then follow the first step.
  2. From there, take the exit 1 of ADCB metro, then walk straight to the exit. Once outside, for Al Attar, just go left until you see the end of the driveway. Go right from there, and the busiest place, full of people will be the place you're looking for.
  3. If you want to go directly to the shopping district, from the exit, go straight to the residential areas, get past it and you will definitely see the commercial buildings where the graffitis are located. The graffitis are your landmark.
  4. It is a bit complicated but if you think you're lost, it will not hurt to ask. But don't ask for the Karama Shopping District, only a few people will get what you're saying, instead ask for the Karama park location. From there, a few meters away will be the graffitis.

There you go, it is that easy. Don't miss your chance to visit this place when you're in Dubai.

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Mall of the Emirates

3rd on our list of best places to do your shopping in Dubai is no doubt Mall of the Emirates. This place doesn't lose to Dubai Mall when it comes to the number of boutiques, restaurants and activity places that you can go to. They have a wide variety of entertainment and products to choose from.

The main advantage or should we say the main point on which place you will visit for your shopping is your main point of origin. If you're coming from Abu Dhabi, then Mall of the Emirates is nearer compared to Dubai Mall.

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You can also visit one of the famous attraction which is the indoor below zero degrees controlled weather place which is the "Ski Dubai". If Dubai Mall, has the main attraction Burj Khalifa, Mall of the Emirates has Ski Dubai. Although, everyone's first choice would still be Burj Khalifa.

Mall of the Emirates boasts hundreds of known brand boutiques as well. And we can assure you that the prices of the products here do really drop every time a sale period is coming. The mall gets more crowd than usual during these busy days.

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Another reason why you might choose to go to Mall of the Emirates instead of Dubai Mall is the number of crowds that goes to Dubai Mall. It gets really suffocating to visit Dubai Mall during these periods as the influx of customers will be too much even though the mall can really without any hardships accommodate this number of people. - Quality over Quantity Hosting. Not Unlimited from $2.95/month.

If you want to properly and peacefully shop for sale products, Mall of the Emirates is a possible choice instead of Dubai Mall. The walk from the metro station to the mall is much shorter as well, giving you more energy to use for roaming this huge place.

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Mall of the Emirates is also near residential areas which makes it easier for residents to visit it. A number of well-priced hotels can be found near the mall as well.

How to get there:
  1. From your initial place of origin, get to the nearest metro, if you're in one of the red line metro stations then just take the train and alight at Mall of the Emirates metro station. If you're in the green line, first take a ride to the nearest red line metro station and transfer from there, then follow the first step.
  2. Exit the station and again, go right, follow the trail, it will lead you to the connecting entrance of the mall.

These two malls cannot really be removed if you're visiting Dubai and would like to get bargains from products that you would want to buy and bring home back as a souvenir.

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Gold and Spice Souq

Our next list is a combination of two famous products in Dubai. The Gold and Spices market in Dubai is well known and well visited as well. We grouped it together because you can get to this place in one go as both are located in the same venue.

Let's start first with the famous spice market or the Spice Souq. In this place, you'll find all your spice ingredients in bulk numbers. You can get it cheap and you can definitely bargain for the prices of these products. Sellers will fight their competitors just to win your favor.

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Get hold of peanuts, tea products, coffee products, numerous kitchen/cooking spices, herbal medicines and the like. Go from one store to another and check every piece of products every store has to offer.

The place is brimming with old Dubai products as well, what we mean by old, is those cultural products they have. The place was once called the Old Dubai, meaning Dubai has retained its design so that tourist will have a glimpse of how Dubai looks during the past times. You can find good silk in these places as well. Like the Karama Shopping district, The spice souq is full of souvenir items that you can bring back to your loved ones once your Dubai vacation is over.

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Let's go to Gold! Yes, Gold! Just reading the word makes your eyes shine, we know! The Gold Souq, located just beside the Spice Souq, is glimmering with authentic gold pieces of jewelry. The fanatics and the collectors will definitely love this place. The gold here is so cheap that you would sometimes think that it might be fake. But don't be discouraged, we can assure you that the gold they sell is pure authentic gold jewelry. The place is regulated by the Dubai government.

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Once you enter the place you will find the largest gold jewelry in the world at the right side of the main entrance of the Gold Souq. You can get earrings, necklaces, engagement rings, wedding rings and other pieces of jewelry inside this long pathway.

It is actually a famous place for couples who were planning to tie the knot. They get the same ring of their choice by paying lower than what they usually see in their home countries. Or the same price will not get you the same quality of jewelry when you buy outside of this market.

How to get here:
  1. From your point of origin, find the Al Ghubaiba Metro Station in green line(we're assuming that you already know how to get to the green line and red line of the metro station). If you live near Baniyas square or Rigga then just ask the residents how you can get to the place as it is nearer from the said places.
  2. If you followed our first direction and went to Ghubaiba, you can exit the metro and ask anyone for the port. Once you're in the port, again ask anyone if they know where to find the 1 dirham Abra ride(Click this link to read an article about the Abras of Dubai).

Trust us, not only will you get bargains on goods and products that you will buy, but you will also enjoy riding the Abras.

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Dubai Outlet Mall

Our all-time favorite place to do our shopping in Dubai and definitely most will not argue if I will say that this is the best place if you want to shop for branded products.

Dubai Outlet Mall is home to crazy sales deals all year long. This is where you will almost always find buy 2 get 1 deal, up to 80 to 90% off on all products, sometimes a buy 1 get 1 deal as well. This mall consists of brands and boutiques who sell their products at a lower price compared to what's in the usual malls like Dubai Mall.

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We always go straight to Outlet Mall if a huge sale period will happen. We know that we can get the best deals from this place. Sample of deals that we got here is 50% off on Lacoste watches, Buy 1 get 1 on all Adidas products, aside from the sale, they also give further 40% reduction. Sale on luxury brands is usual in this place like Charles and Keith.

You can also be sure that all the items they're selling are original as these are licensed boutiques. You can get it in the mall but you cannot haggle the final sale price that they offer.

The only downside with Outlet Mall is that you will rarely see recently released brand products here. They don't sell those newly released pieces of stuff, all the newly released products go to the other boutiques. Don't get us wrong, the products they're selling are all brand new, it's just that it has been a few months since these products were advertised in the market.

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It is still a good deal! 2 weeks ago we went there and found that they're selling Adidas NMD for just 200 dirhams. From 600 dirhams to 200 dirhams real quick! Imagine that!

Another downside to Dubai Outlet Mall is how far the place is from major metro stations. You will have to take RTA buses or a cab to get to the place. You can check the buses that go to Outlet Mall from the RTA website.

This is one place that no one should miss if they want to maximize their shopping experience in Dubai.

Bonus Places:

Deira City Centre

This place is pretty much like Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. During sale months or periods, the numerous shops located inside this mall will have their product prices drop. The best thing about this place is that it is near the airport. Less crowded than the two big malls mentioned above.

The location and how you can get to this place makes it a great shopping place to visit in Dubai.

Gold and Diamond Park

If you're far from the old Dubai location of Gold Souq, there is another option which is very near Sheikh Zayed Road where you can buy all your jewelry and gold needs. This mall is made up of around 90 legit stores who sell gold and jewelry to its patrons.

The best part about this place is that you can haggle here as well, like how you can buy gold from Gold Souq. It is airconditioned as well so it is easy to walk and do shopping compared to the open-air pathway of Gold Souq.


To summarize, here are our top 5 all-time best places to do your shopping in Dubai.

  1. Dubai Mall
  2. Karama Shopping District
  3. Mall of the Emirates
  4. Gold and Spice Souq
  5. Dubai Outlet Mall

Aside from these 5, you can also check Deira City Centre and Gold and Diamond Park. - Hire talented native English speaking writers to create articles for your website!

It is fairly easy to shop in Dubai, with numerous places you can visit to get your intended products. With proper planning and timing, you can definitely maximize your time in the city while getting a hold of the best products for the best prices that you can get for it.

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Our main favorite place, Outlet Mall, is the place to be for all your shopping needs. It is no doubt a great place for tourist and residents to find great prices for the products they need.

To see more of the places to see and experience in Dubai, you can check our whole blog with contents mostly about the beautiful city of Dubai.

Wait for more of our contents as we give you Dubai Itineraries!


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