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FeebleFeet Top 5 Shawarma Places Near Burjuman

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Find out our own favorite top 5 shawarma places near Burjuman area. We'll show you the different places and prices of the food that they offer to their customers.

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Dubai is known to be a place of extravagance and high-end venues. It is full of high-rising buildings with automated systems and marvelous architectures. Truly a modern city! The cost of living in Dubai have become pricey mainly because of these magnificent factors. Dubai has become a hub as well for tourist to visit.

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The number of things that you can do in Dubai is too many that you will need at least a full month to finish. The coexistence of different nationalities also brought multiple choice of food to eat and restaurants to visit. The number of fast food restaurants is also increasing as the years go by.

You will have to plan and really budget your wallet if you plan to come and visit Dubai. The attractions and places to see can get costly if added together. Don't be disheartened yet, if you really are in a tight budget. We have something for you that you can try.

Shawarma Places near Burjuman

If you actually know where to look, you'll find cheap places to eat around Dubai. One of the favorites to be consumed by most of the residents living in Dubai is the food called Shawarma.

Shawarma is a dish that hailed in the Middle East. It is made by slow roasting meat on a spit. The meat can be made from veal, turkey, chicken, lamb, and beef as such. It usually made by wrapping the meat with different sorts of bread combined with different vegetable ingredients, there are times that fries were included inside as well. It is then filled with some sort of mayo garlic sauce.

It usually depends on the restaurants and cafeterias how they make their Shawarma wraps. It will differ slightly from the taste to the ingredients included inside the wrap. And that is what motivated us to do this and check the Shawarma places near Burjuman and list our top 5 favourite Shawarma places.

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shawarma places
looking for the best shawarma places in town

We have been living in Dubai for almost three years now and we have tried a number of Shawarma cafeterias and restaurants. The best thing about these cafeterias and restaurants is that not only do they serve Shawarma, but they also have a number of food choices on their menu that you can choose from.

This article will show you as well the different dish that you can order from these cafeterias and restaurants. Its main goal is to actually promote Shawarma and to provide an adept knowledge on cheaper but also good tasty dishes in Dubai. Not only will it be a good experience for you, but it can also help you spend less on food.

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We have chosen places near Burjuman as it is a very accessible place for everyone. Burjuman lies at the heart of Dubai, where you can use either the red or green line of the Metro station or take several bus transportation depending on your destination. Here are our top 5! Enjoy!

5 Shawarma Places that we love

In no particular order, we will be listing below our 5 most visited Shawarma places. Therefore this is biased against our standards. Lol! We only listed the places that we love to eat. This is to clarify that we were not in any way compensated nor did we received any form of payment from these 5 food places.

1. Hot Burger (Karama)

This place has been an all-time favorite for us. In the past one year that we have lived in Karama, we ate multiple times from this cafeteria. They serve mouth-watering Shawarmas and you can choose if you want to have it normal or spicy. We prefer the spicy one the spicy flavor blends really well with the sauce and chicken Shawarma that they're serving.

They only serve chicken Shawarma in this cafeteria which is not a problem because we assure that you will not look for other places once you have tasted their Shawarmas. The best thing about it is that it will only cost you 5 dirhams(just check the conversion rate if you're unsure of how much 5 dirhams worth).

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Honestly, almost all the Shawarma being sold in cafeterias will only cost this much but if you're buying from the mall or high-end places in Dubai then definitely it will be much more than that.

Tips: We always eat our Shawarma by first dipping it in a bowl of garlic mayonnaise sauce. This way, the rich flavor of the garlic mayo will combine with the Mediterranean taste of the slow cooked meat and again will hit the flavors of the bland veggies and fries in it.

You can always ask the guys from the counter to give you garlic mayonnaise sauce. They will sometimes charge you for this, but if you're lucky you might get it for free.

Aside from Shawarma, Hot Burger also offers a wide variety of grilled chicken combo dish and different kinds of sandwiches. Another thing that we like from this place is their fruit shakes. The fruit shakes are really good and you can always try to order one. It will only cost around 8 to 10 dirhams. Our personal favorites are the Banana and Avocado shakes.

It is best to visit Hot Burger on a cold evening as there are no seats with air-conditioning.

How to get to Hot Burger

It is easy to get to Hot Burger if you're coming from Burjuman just take the metro station going to UAE Exchange and then alight at ADCB metro stations. Take the exit on the zoom side(exit 1 I think! Lol!) and go straight to the long pathway going down.

You will see a supermarket on your left side(Al Manama), just go straight past the stop light. Enter a lively pathway full of people eating. Once you arrive on the other side, you will see 2 Shawarma Cafeteria places, just check out the signage for HOT BURGER. It is very easy to find.

hot burger shawarma
2. Strawberry Cafe (Burjuman, Exit 4)

The next Shawarma place that we'll be featuring is a place which is very very near in Burjuman. Out of the five places that we'll feature in this article, this is by far serves the best shawarma we have ever tasted in the 5 dirham category.

The pita bread is perfectly cooked and again we choose the spicy over the normal flavor. They also only serve chicken Shawarmas.

The normal flavor is very good as well especially for people who have a low tolerance when it comes to spicy food. You can enjoy the rich taste of the meat with their own Shawarma sauce. The Shawarma is also filled with fries and veggies.

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The garlic sauce that they provide is also far better than the other 4 that we're featuring on this content.

Aside from the Shawarma, we also love and always order their grilled chicken meal. The meal consists of a whole or half chicken which you can both order depending on your appetite. It will also come with a bowl of garlic mayo sauce, a bowl of hummus, a plate of veggies and of course bread to eat with the chicken.

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The chicken has two flavors as well, normal and spicy. And as you guessed wrong, we don't go for the spicy one rather we always take the normal one. The chicken is a bit salty but tasty, you just need to put small amounts on your bread and dip in garlic mayo or hummus.

They have a variety of other dishes as well, mostly the same as the first Shawarma place.

How to get to Strawberry Cafe

This one is very easy. If you're in Burjuman station, take exit 4 and walk straight to bank street. take the second right on the street road then find the second left. Once you take the second left, you will see on the far right side of the street a very bright signage. You will know that you have come to the right place.

Another way is to go straight past the parking after getting out of the exit 4 of Burjuman Metro station, locate Holiday Inn. Then go straight at the back side of Holiday Inn, make a quick right and then a left and you will again see the bright lights of Strawberry Cafe.

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Strawberry Cafe doesn't have air conditioned seats as well, so we advise to go at night or on cold days. They will start cooking the Shawarma around 4 in the afternoon.

You can check out the maps we have embedded on this article as well.

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Strawberry Corner Cafeteria
shawarma strawberry
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3. FFC Cafeteria (Fahidi)

This third one was a recent discovery that immediately caught our attention. The place looks similar that the first two Shawarma places.

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We were looking for a place to eat after visiting a place in the vicinity and after eating their Shawarma, it became an instant favorite. The Shawarma that they serve taste a bit like chicken curry, so imagine the overflowing sauce within it.

The taste also didn't disappoint us as we love curries. The Shawarma, as usual, can be bought in either normal or spicy flavor. The way it is wrapped is also different than the normal 5 dirhams Shawarma.

The foil was printed with the cafeteria name and well prepared. The ambiance in the place is also good.

Aside from that, they also have the same menu of other sandwiches and dishes. The dish we like to order from this place aside from their Shawarma is their fried chicken. It comes with 2 pieces of chicken parts, a bread, a soda of your choice and coleslaw salad. The coleslaw is especially good considering the price of the meal.

It is actually better than the coleslaw salad that the fast-food restaurants are serving. We always get a second serving of the coleslaw from the said place.

It is again best to visit it at night or in winter as it will be very hot if you go on summer days. No air-conditioned room.

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How to go to FFC Cafeteria

From Burjuman station, take the green line going to Etisalat. Alight by Fahidi Station and take the exit going to Baqer Mohebi Supermarket. It is in Al Waleed Rd/D79 and Al Rolla Road.

Follow the route going to Baqer Mohebi. The driveway before Baqer Mohebi Supermarket is a parking lot and on the opposite side is the FFC Cafeteria.

To simply put, you just need to exit Fahidi Station and continue walking up to Al Khaleej shopping centre. Go right on the first corner, and head straight to Baqer Mohebi. It is that simple.

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4. Jabal Al Noor (Oud Metha)

Fourth on our list is also an all-time favorite not just in the Shawarma that they serve but also our favorite when it comes to eating Biryani. The Shawarma that Jabal Al Noor uses a different kind of pita bread, unlike the other four places that are being mentioned in this article.

It is a bit soft which makes it easy to eat. The taste of the shawarma almost indicates a mix of Indian and Middle Eastern taste to eat. Assuming the place is own by an Indian businessman.

The filling of the Shawarma is a combination of veggies and fries. It tastes great and cheap as well. The size is a bit smaller compared to the other four which will definitely make you crave for another serving.

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Jabal Al Noor is also a place where we eat Biryani meal. Biryani is an Asian dish most famous in the Indian subcontinent. It is a mixed rice dish which is then paired with either a grilled or charcoaled chicken or beef/lamb, sometimes fish as well.

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We love the Hamour (a type of fish) Biryani and the grilled chicken Biryani. They have a wide variety of dish with Chinese influence in it as well.

How to get to Jabal Al Noor

Locating Jabal Al Noor is very easy. From Burjuman metro station, one just needs to take the green line going to Creek station and alight at Oud Metha metro station. It is just one station away from Burjuman.

After passing the electronic pass of the metro station, take a left opposite of where the zoom counter is and simply go down the exit. Walk towards the Pakistani or Indian School or St Mary's Church. It will all be on the same route.

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Simply, you just need to walk in the opposite direction of the road going to Burjuman. After a 5 minute walk from the station, one will find the first restaurant in the right. You have arrived at Jabal Al Noor. If not then you'll have probably passed by it.

You can visit this restaurant even in summer or hot days. They have a fully air-conditioned room for their customers.

Don't miss out the chance to order one of their Biryanis or Mixed Fried Noodles. You can probably find other Jabal Al Noor branches near your place aside from the one in Oud Metha.

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5. Bin Awadh (Fahidi)

The last place on our top 5 list of best shawarma places goes to Bin Adwah in Fahidi. They serve good shawarma with the same authentic flavor and ingredients in it. The noticeable part of the dish is the bread that they use in making the shawarma roll.

The sauce is really good as well. We always take the spicy flavor one as it adds more kick to the taste as a whole. All of the shawarma we ate on this escapade contains additional veggies on the side.

Bin Awadh also have a variety of dish in their menu. We ordered their grilled chicken as well to know if it tastes the same as the one in the strawberry cafe. To our surprise, it is a bit spicier than normal and the bread is really good.

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It is almost the same as the other pita bread but a bit more crispy which compliments the flavor of the grilled chicken. It opted us to ask for another basket of the bread (the bread was served of baskets, per order of the grilled chicken meal)

We got lucky as the owner of the cafeteria decided to give it to us for free.

How to get to Bin Awadh

The cafeteria can be located in the same place as FFC, from Burjuman metro station, just take the green line going to Etisalat. Alight from Fahidi metro station and take exit 2 going towards Al Khaleej Shopping Centre.

Take the first right and walk towards the direction of Baqer Mohebi. Before you arrive at Baqer Mohebi, you will find a noticeable big tree situated in the middle of the cafeteria. It is surrounded by lights encircling the tree.

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It first got our attention because of the ambiance of the place which will be a good place to hang out during the winter months. Not advisable in summer as there's no air-conditioned room.

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Shawarma Places

There you have it! We have listed the best shawarma places that we've been to near Burjuman. The 5 shawarma places are in no order of the best and the worst. We love all of them, we'll leave it up to your taste buds to know which one you like the most.

Shawarma is definitely a good dish that you can get when you visit Dubai. Not only is it a good source of energy as it equates to one full meal, but it is also cheaper and can save you lots of money that you can use for other things during your travel adventure.

Cafeterias in Dubai have tasty dishes in it as well that you can get if ever you get tired of the taste of Shawarma (which we believe, will be after numerous times only). Not only are those tasty, but it also costs cheaper than the normal restaurants as well.

Hope you enjoyed our shawarma trip! For more articles regarding travel and leisure in Dubai, you can check out other articles on our blog. Til next time!!


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