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Visit The Hollywood Inspired Motiongate Theme Park

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Are you a big fan of Hollywood movies? What about extreme and fun rides? Well, if you love both, it is a must that you visit Motiongate Dubai to see a mix of these two themes in one themed park!

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You might have read our article about Legoland and Dubai Parks and Resorts on our previous posts. Motiongate is the third place we visited on this one-day leisure trip that we did.

You will love Motiongate Dubai! We assure you. So here it goes! Enjoy!

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Dubai Parks and Resorts – Motiongate Dubai

If you have read our article regarding Dubai Parks and Resorts, you will know that there lie three entrances or should we say four (Legoland Dubai and Legoland Waterpark).

We have bought tickets to theme parks in one day, after visiting Legoland, our last option is to see the highly popular Motiongate Dubai.

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If you’re coming from the entrance of Dubai Parks and Resorts, you will find arrows pointing to Motiongate Dubai. It’s a short walk from the entrance.

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What is Motiongate Dubai?

Motiongate Dubai is a Hollywood inspired theme park inside the huge Dubai Parks and resorts. They have three areas related to motion pictures studios which we’ll discuss later together with the other themed places inside it.

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motiongate dubai
motiongate dubai ride

Motiongate Dubai is home to many familiar movies that easily became one of the favorite movies of all time.

The entrance will already give you a glimpse of the exciting things to expect inside it. The huge facade of the theme park is designed to look like a movie film production site.

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Tickets can be bought on the right side of the entrance and other information regarding the park will be there as well. The place can easily accommodate thousands of visitors daily.

Inside, is a fountain and a circular area which can be used for regrouping and as a waiting area. This will then lead you to a short Hollywood themed walkway.

The said pathway is already picture-worthy. The design is very detailed to bring up the Hollywood vibe. Stores will be present of both sides of the pathway leading to the Motiongate sections.

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Columbia Pictures Zone

Arriving at the end of the pathway are three paths leading to different zones. You can opt to check any paths first and for us we just decided on taking the right path.

We believe that when in doubt, always go right! Lol!

This brought us to the Columbia Pictures Zone. The first ride we went into is the Green Hornet ride.

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Unlike our past experience in IMG World of Adventures(check out our article on IMG and find out what happened why we failed to choose a better first ride), the Green Hornet ride seems to be a good choice. It was exciting fast and very tolerable for the first ride inside a theme park.

It was drizzling when we visited the theme park so the ride was a bit refreshing and cold.

We then went to the Hotel Transylvania and Ghostbusters rides. Both are chill rides good for the family.

We saw the Zombieland ride as well but chose to get on the ride at a later time after we explore all the other rides as it looks intense.

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs(Recommended)

This particular ride gets its own space in our article and the rest of the rides that we recommend for visitors to try.

This is a water ride where you will hop on a donut boat and be brought to Flint Lockwood’s meatball world.

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The river expedition is perfect for the whole family and is so much fun, to be honest. Expect to get wet especially if your luck on that day is a bit on the low end.

Don’t fret if you get wet, they sell shirts just a few meters after the exit of the ride. They also have drying docks outside the said attraction. We tried the drying docks and I must say, it pretty much went well. We enjoyed it too much. Hehe!

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After that ride, we went on to the next zone as Underworld 4d seems to be closed when we visited the park.

Lionsgate Zone

The next stop on our Motiongate day trip was the Lionsgate zone which is home to the Capitol Bullet Train.

The Lionsgate Zone mostly designed to look a little bit like the Hunger Games.

They have rides like Panem Aerial Tour which is a little bit like VR simulator.

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This zone also has the Hollywood theatre featuring a live performance inspired by the “Step Up All In” movie. It is a good place to watch appalling stunts combined with irresistible beats performed by the best dancers in town.

Both of these rides are family and kid friendly so you can all enjoy the experience.

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Capitol Bullet Train (Recommended)

The reason we went to Motiongate is to try and test this ride. We want to see how it will fare with IMG’s raptor ride and Ferrari World’s fastest roller coaster.

The entrance to the ride is full of Hunger games related kinds of stuff so people who have watched and enjoyed the movie will surely be excited and happy to see these things inside.

Without I doubt, when I was asked by Ms. FeebleFeet if I want to ride the Capitol Bullet Train, I simply said:

I Volunteer! 

It was such an exhilarating ride, made me reminisce of a particular ride in the Philippines which is somewhat having a similar roller-coaster start.

It didn’t fail my expectation, it is definitely recommended for all thrill junkies and roller coaster fans.

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DreamWorks Zone

This place is definitely a heaven on earth for kids and DreamWorks movie fans.

The place is beaming with different DreamWorks characters from Kung-Fu Panda, Shrek, Madagascar and How to Train Your Dragons.

This zone is particularly catered to families. Almost all of the rides except for one is pretty much suited for kids.

This doesn’t mean it cannot be enjoyed if you’re not a kid anymore. There are still many things to see, take pictures and experience inside this zone.

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Dragon Gliders is one ride that has caught our interest. It runs on the ceiling of the airconditioned indoor room of DreamWorks Zone.

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Smurf Village Zone

This particular zone is home to the little blue characters. Smurf village is designed to look like an actual Smurf home town.

The said zone is perfect for families. But since we were watching Smurfs when we were kids, we still enjoyed the ambiance of the place.

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They have playhouses inside, a mini coaster, a huge play park for kids and a studio tour.

We just went past this place to get back to Columbia Pictures Zone to test the last ride that has caught our interest.

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Zombieland Blast-Off (Recommended)

The highest tower inside Motiongate Dubai is this ride. We have seen it already after we passed the entrance and made sure that we will try the place.

Similar to its name, the ride will bring you up to the tower while sitting on the circular seats. You will be able to see the whole Dubai Parks and Resorts once this particular ride brings you up.

Then without any signal to it, you will fall back down, free falling while seated which will definitely give you goosebumps.

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We’ll not spoil it here, but it is definitely a must try. We’ll give a hint regarding the said ride.

One of the exciting parts of this ride is the line before the actual ride. The visitors who are expected to take the next ride will be brought to a closed room and will be up for another surprise.

Pretty exciting right? Don’t miss out on this ride. You’ll sure to have fun.

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About the Park

You can get a detailed map of Motiongate Dubai online or you can get one of their maps inside the park.

The place is found inside the huge Dubai Parks and Resorts. You can check out how to get to the said place from this article below.

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The tickets can be bought from their ticketing reception at the right side of the entrance.

You can also book ahead of time to avoid the hassle of lining up by buying the tickets online on their official website.

Park timings will be from 12:00 PM to 09:00 PM on weekdays and closing at 10:00 PM on weekends(friday and saturday)


Recommended rides:

  • Green Hornet
  • Ghostbusters
  • Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs
  • Capitol Bullet Train
  • Dragon Ride
  • Zombieland

This concludes our one day two park trip of Dubai Parks and Resorts. We definitely enjoyed our visit to Motiongate Dubai and had a relaxing, exhilarating day inside the theme park even though there is drizzle and wind.

It was exhausting but a worth it trip. If you plan to visit Dubai you might consider visiting the place. Best visit during the cold or winter months as it is situated outdoors.

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