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Find Your Way to Catanduanes And Wander Binurong Point

Catanduanes - Wander Binurong Point

Before we talk about how you will wander Binurong Point, let us talk about the Island of Catanduanes.

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Before, when we were younger no one would think or know about Catanduanes. Time has changed that same fact, as the years go by many people have become travelers. Ease of flight and traveling allowed many to visit different locations from different countries and provinces.

Most of you must have heard or seen the island of Catanduanes being featured in travel blogs and shows.

This article aims to promote the province more. We hope that this post will encourage you to visit the island.

Catanduanes province is a lone island in the eastern part of the country and is part of the Bicol region. Dubbed as the Land of the howling winds due to the numerous typhoon that comes to the island annually. Residents of Catanduanes are also called Bicolanos or Catandungans.

Catanduanes or Bicol, in particular, are best known for their spicy foods especially the Bicol express.

plane to catanduanes

How do you get to Catanduanes?

We love to come to the province when we were younger, usually we do it in the summertime as the climate in the urban places are sometimes unbearable and classes are over so we have lots of free time.

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It is also near the sea which makes it easier to spend your afternoon by the shore. There are lots of trees and fields as well even if the topography of the island mostly consists of mountains. The fresh air can relieve all the stress on your body.

That makes it great right? But you will definitely ask if it is easy to go to the island? What can you get that is different from other nearby places?


Ways to get to the Island

  • The easiest way to get there is via plane. Cebu Pacific flies to the island every other day with early morning flights back and forth. Plan your visit properly by taking note that only one flight for Cebu Pacific and Philippine airlines are available per day. There is only one airport in the province and it is in Virac, the capital municipality of Catanduanes.
  •  The second way is to ride a bus from different bus locations in the metro. Take the bus going to Tabaco Port. Last time I have tried taking the bus, it took me around 12 hours to get to Tabaco Port so if you have lots of time for wandering this is a better choice for you as a cheaper alternative.
    • Once you arrive in Tabaco Port, take a Roro ( a type of ship) to Virac or San Andres (Calolbon), Catanduanes. Estimated time of travel is around 3 hours.
  • The last one is by bringing and driving your own car. Drive to Tabaco Port, the same place where the bus will stop in order to transfer passengers who are going to Catanduanes. Buy a ticket for your car. A piece of advice, take a ticket as soon as you arrive as there are limited slots on the ship.

There are two travel timings for the Roro and Fastcraft which you can take advantage of, depending on where you're coming from or at what time you think you will arrive in the port.

Other ways that you can try:

  • Legazpi to Virac - from Metro Manila you can choose to take a flight to Legazpi City (Part of the Bicol Region) and then ride a van to Tabaco port where you can buy tickets for the sea travel.

You can check GoCatanduanes for more info regarding traveling to Virac, Catanduanes.

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mountain area catanduanes

Virac to Baras

Virac will be your entry point to Catanduanes as the airport and seaport are located in here. You can choose whether you would want to see Virac first or just go straight to wander Binurong point.

Accommodations can be found in this place, although you can opt to book a place in Baras (the location of Binurong Point) or in Puraran which is near Binurong Point.

For bookings, you can check Agoda for cheap hotels in Catanduanes

Majestic Beach Resort Puraran

We're lucky because we have a place that we can stay in Baras. It is one of the Municipality in Catanduanes, estimated one hour drive from Virac. Baras is best known for its surf spot in Puraran beach.

You can go to Baras by bus or van, which you can find in Virac Bus Terminal and take any of the buses that will go straight or will pass by Baras. Or you can check any local tour group to guide you to Binurong point if you wish to stay and rest in one of the places in Virac.

The province is still developing so you might not get to have a lot of choices if ever you go there. We suggest staying at a place in Puraran Baras directly so that travel from and to Binurong Point will be easy.

Since it is my province, it was easy for us to get to Binurong at a cheaper price because most of my cousins have a friend that they can call on short notice, we just hired one tricycle (three wheel motorcycle) and went straight to the trek start point.

Some of the views you will see while traveling to the trek point and random photos of people.

catanduanes guinsaanan

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The Trek

We arrived at the location of the trek starting point which is located at a beach shore area of Guinsaanan, Baras. It is through a resort like compound which is very spacious and can accommodate lots of vehicles for events and peak seasons.

They provided us with one local guide and we also did sign our names on their logbooks (normal practice for trekking). The trek started along the beach shore up to a hidden (not really hidden, you just can't see it from the parking lot) forest entrance and up to the mountain.

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binurong trek point
binurong trek point
binurong trek point

It took us 40 minutes to complete the trek and arrive at the summit. Just like any other mountain hiking spots, it is very hard to climb when it is raining so make sure to book your travel on a summertime to avoid problems and to make sure that you'll be able to climb the area.

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The trek is very easy even beginner hikers can climb the top. You know why I'm confident that anyone can climb this? I was with my mom and she hasn't hiked any mountain for the last 30 years or so. She doesn't even exercise (haha! sorry mom I love you!). Back to the topic, the hike will consist of crossing small rivers, walking through fields and bushy areas.

Make sure to bring umbrella especially if you will hike and wander Binurong point at around 9 to noontime. The summit is an open field which might be hot in summer. Insect repellants and lotions will be helpful too.

muddy trail binurong

At the Summit

The moment we arrived at the summit the first thing that came to my mind was that it was really hot. Haha!

Which was changed by awe and appreciation for the view, atop the summit you will find a 360 view of Catanduanes. It was amazing, even I'm having a hard time describing how beautiful the place is. I have realized that the news and articles plus the stories I've been hearing weren't all hype.

It was a good plan to wander Binurong Point, it was raining before we came at the place so we were having some tough time deciding if we'll pursue the climb as I myself know that it will be hard to trek on a muddy trail.

The best part about our climb was that no one was there, you can definitely shout your lungs out and no one will even react. It gave me a feeling of tranquility, it was very peaceful despite the blazing hot of the sun which I soon have forgotten. Thanks to the cool breeze blowing at my face.

Even the pictures I have taken below doesn't do justice on the place.

To get better picture quality and effects with your smartphone check out this article

binurong point
binurong point
binurong point
binurong point

Exploring Binurong

We walked around the open field of Binurong Point and took some amazing photos. The edges of Binurong Point are really picturesque which made me wonder, how come I have only known this place after 20+ years? I have been visiting Catanduanes since I was a kid but only now did we discover this place.

It made me realize one thing, that our beautiful province still has lots to offer and places that are very known only to a few. To be honest, even though this is the birthplace of my parents I never had the chance to fully explore the island.

At the farthest part of Binurong point (I described it as the farthest because it was far from where we came emerged from), there's a steep pathway where you can see clearly see the sea water ravaging the mountain.

I carefully checked the place and stood in awe of the view.

It was really beautiful, highly suggested for tourist to visit. You will not have a hard time getting to the place.

After which we explored our tour guide told us the other places in Binurong point, which according to him are still close. He was talking about the different places which he stated as Binurong "points" but I was too mesmerized by the view that I was not able to fully listen to what he was saying.

binurong point
binurong point
binurong point

We also went to a rocky part of Binurong where we decided to rest for a bit. It was a good spot as the wind is blowing strongly on this side. Again, I didn't miss the chance to take good photos.

binurong point
binurong point
binurong point
binurong point

The Pond

On our way back we passed by a small pond, again our guide was saying something regarding the place but I was not able to hear it (I should really improve my focus and listening skills).

It was situated at the lower part of the hill, we were not able to pass by this place early on as we took a different route ascending the hill but on our way back you can definitely see it.

It is a good place to wash your dirty apparels and muddy feet (that's what we did).

It looks a bit muddy possibly because of the rain prior to our trek but we can still clearly see the group of fish that was living on the said pond.

I bet you can even touch it.

pond in binurong point
pond in binurong point
pond in binurong point

After the short break and washing that we did, we started descending the hill. There are some rock formations that you will see along the way as well. Which will make you think about how the heck are those rocks placed? One big rock was placed on two supporting big rocks which made it seem like a small cave-like house.

This was the last part of our wander Binurong Point episode. I had so much fun seeing the place, it really rejuvenated my soul and my itch for traveling only grew. It reminded me of how beautiful the world was created and how lucky I am to still be able to see all these natural wonders.

I hope that the images of Binurong point which we have provided also gave you more reason to visit the island and see the place first hand. There are lots of things you can also do as well in Catanduanes, which I hope I can cover in my future articles.

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We hope you enjoyed reading our article, if it did help you finalize your decision to visit the island or if you have experienced and have seen the beauty of the island, let us know by commenting below and sharing our article for the world to see.


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