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What To See Inside Dubai Miracle Garden?

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Look and explore inside Dubai Miracle Garden!

The winter season as we stated on our Global Village article is the season of numerous outdoor attractions. One of the attractions that open during this season in Dubai is the Global Village Dubai. Alongside it, Dubai Miracle Garden is another top tourist spot that one should not miss if they're set to visit Dubai during the colder months.

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Not all the photos are ours, the pictures which doesn't have our faces are taken from the Miracle Garden official Website.

Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the places which Dubai is very proud of! Brimming with colors and different scents, this place can definitely lighten up one's mood. Starting November of every year up to the end of the winter season, Dubai Miracle Garden opens its doors to thousands of visitors.

They offer tourists and the residents alike the experience of roaming in a place of wonder. It is one of Dubai's signature creations which made its way to the Guinness world record. Inside Dubai Miracle Garden is a garden consisting of 150 million flowers arranged in colorful different designs.

There will be arches full of flowers, flowers of different shapes and patterns, sculptures covered in flowers, and the most famous Emirate plane attached with flowers of different colors.

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Dubai Miracle Garden Guinness World Record!

Speaking of the Emirates plane sculpted with flowers, it has made its way to the Guinness world record for the largest floral sculpture forming the shape of a plane last 2016.

We're telling you, it really is a magnificent sight to behold. Aside from this, Dubai Miracle Garden was also listed and awarded the world record for the largest vertical garden in 2013.

Flower lovers and nature enthusiasts will definitely love the place. It is a place which is really Instagram worthy. It can also be a place for lovers to enjoy their day.

They have also received the accolade for the tallest Topiary Sculpture with the Disney's first ever character floral display of Mickey the mouse in the United Arab Emirates. It is extremely heavy as well, weighing 35 tons. Imagine how big is that!

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What to expect inside Dubai Miracle Garden?

What can you expect inside Dubai Miracle Garden aside from the obvious garden full of flowers? Lol! Note that it is not just a garden of flowers, they have numerous sculptures covered with flowers as mentioned a while ago. Some of the notable things that you can find while strolling inside the place are mentioned below.

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The Boeing A380

The amazing Boeing plane covered with thousands of flowers is one of the main attraction of this place. The life-size version of the plane was constructed with the help of the Emirates Airlines and the Dubai Miracle Garden team.

The assumed numbers of flowers to cover the plane reached to 500,000 in total. It made the Guinness world record with its installation of these many natural flowers. Truly a one of a kind art, which you can take pictures of. It will test your patience to get the perfect shot to cover the whole plane as it is really huge.

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The Mickey Mouse

A well-known cartoon character, Mickey Mouse has made its way to the Dubai Miracle Garden! Walt Disney has given Dubai Miracle Garden license to feature Mickey and cover it with flowers.

The Mickey Mouse sculpture can be found inside the Disney Avenue.

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The Big Teddy Bear

A 12 meter high bear is situated inside the garden. It is composed of different flowers covering the bear while it holds a huge heart in the middle. One of the newest attractions for this year's Miracle Garden.

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The Lost Paradise and the Hill Top

Two of the most stunning places inside the garden. The Lost Paradise is a cascade which is underground and goes 20ft down. The place contains numerous floral houses and bungalow that can give any visitor inner peace and great ambience.

The Hill Top is on a different level. It comprises flowers of different colors changing from the lower part up to the hill side of the garden. The ascend will feel like you're at the top of a really refreshing view of flower garden and valleys. It has coffee and ice cream shops at the top as well. Making it a great place for a short rest after the wonderful ascend.

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Cabanas and Lake Parks

Miracle Garden is not all about walking as the park have prepared seats for the visitors to rest and enjoy the view of the place. There will be cabanas inside the venue where tourists can rest and just lay down. They can have their family talk, or family bonding in one of the available cozy cabanas inside.

Another lovely place that you can find inside this garden are the collection of flowers near the Lake of the park. It gives an outstanding view of the combination of water and flowers. The colorful flowers positively mix with the vibrant flowers. Together with the fountain sprinkling water around, it truly is a paradise inside the walls of Miracle Garden.

Butterfly and Heart Passage

If you love taking photos so much, then both these places are the best part of the garden for you. Multiple arcs of flower decorated butterfly and heart designs turns into an arc into these short passage ways. Strike your best pose and capture a photo while walking inside these passageways with colorful arcs. The perfect Instagram posts!

Make your friends envious with this beautiful facade that feels like you're in a royalty garden.

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Floral Clock and the Umbrella Passage

Fancy seeing a huge clock covered in flowers? Well, here's your chance as the huge floral clock inside the Dubai Miracle Garden is a floral structure that you cannot miss. The beautiful top view of these amazing design is so lovely, you wouldn't want to go away from this place.

Inside the umbrella passage is a roof covered in umbrellas, unlike the first two passage where flowers were incorporated in the design, this time the roof is only composed of umbrellas. Differently colored umbrellas will welcome you into the said passage while the walls are made of different kinds of flowers.

There are other great places that you can see inside the Dubai Miracle Garden like flower covered Gazebos, A giant tortoise!, 3d floral designs and floral castles. Don't miss out on taking photos on these great designs as it is definitely a place to remember.

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Is it easy to get inside Dubai Miracle Garden?

Before thinking of getting inside the Miracle Garden, check out first our guide on how you can get to the venue itself.

Private Cars

If you're taking a private car, you can just check the google maps provided down below for the exact location of the place. You can find abundant places to park your vehicle.

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Public Transportation

The best way to get to Dubai Miracle Garden is by taking the metro (Red Line) and alighting at the Mall of the Emirates Metro Station. Take a left and down and look for the RTA bus number 105, It will take you directly to Dubai Miracle Garden. It will be a short 15 to 20 minute bus ride.

Cost: 5 dirhams

Park Timing

Dubai Miracle Garden recently opened and will be open up to before summer starts, around April. The park is open from:

  • 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM on Sunday to Thursday
  • 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM on Friday and Saturday
Facilities you can find inside Dubai Miracle Garden

The place provides top-notch facilities for its patrons and visitors. Below are the facilities you can find inside.

    • Souvenir Shops
    • Wheelchair
    • Toilets
    • Parking Area
    • Food Kiosks
    • Dining Areas
    • Prayer Room
    • First - Aid Room

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After reading all this, yes we can answer our question now. It is easy to get inside Dubai Miracle Garden. Just buy the ticket at the ticket outlet and that's it.

Things to consider before visiting Dubai Miracle Garden
  1. Professional Cameras and Drones are not allowed.
  2. Professional Shoots are also not allowed unless approved by the management.
  3. Picking of flowers is strictly not allowed.
  4.  Bicycles, skateboards, scooters and pets are not allowed.
  5. Bringing of food from outside is not allowed, Food and restaurants are present inside the vicinity.

Make sure to follow instructions provided by the management and for more information you can check out their website.

Ticket Cost

Single Entry:

Adult (12 years old above):   50 AED
Children (12 years old and below):   40 AED
Disabled and 2 years old and below:   Free of Charge

Will all these, your trip to the place and exploring inside Dubai Miracle Garden is all set. Hydrate properly and don't forget to bring your money. Hope you like our article about things to see inside Dubai Miracle Garden. Share us your thoughts or comment below what you think/like for us to make an article next time.

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Til then!



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