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Where To Go For Karaoke In Dubai? Sing Your Hearts Out!

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Singing our heart’s out!

Wondering what happened why we didn’t update for quite some time now? We got caught up with different projects and took some time off from the digital world to recharge ourselves.

Well, we’re back now and this time we’ll be updating this travel blog more as the ber months are coming here in Dubai, meaning we get to have more time outside as the heat of the sun lessens and the humidity subsides. In the meantime, we will talk about a place that we frequently visits to recharge, relive some stress and just do some old good singing.

If you’re a new expat here in Dubai or if you’re here to visit a friend or family, even if you’re simply traveling and you suddenly wanted to sing. We have the best place for you to do the singing without anyone bothering you or having a sour face because of the way you sing. Lol!

The place we’re talking about is possibly one of the affordable and best place to do karaoke in Dubai. The place is called Makati Bar and is located inside Asiana Hotel. Read on to learn more about the place.


As we were saying Makati Bar, possibly is one of the best place to get hyper while singing your favorite song. Before we go there, let me give you a short background about the word “Karaoke”.

According to wikipediaKaraoke (/ˌkæriˈki/Japanese: [kaɾaoke] (About this soundlisten)カラオケ, clipped compound of Japanese kara  “empty” and ōkesutora オーケストラ “orchestra”) is a way of dining interactive entertainment or video game developed in Japan in which an amateur singer sings along with recorded music (a music video) using a microphone.

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Isn’t that amusing? We have been doing Karaoke since we first start singing but I have no idea that this is where Karaoke originated and only until recently while creating this blog did I found out about it.

Makati Bar – Asiana Hotel

Let’s get back on the topic of the place where you can go wild and sing your favorite song without annoying your neighbor here in Dubai! Makati Bar is a comedy bar located on the 7th floor of Asiana Hotel in Salahuddin Road, Dubai.

Makati Bar is an open bar where you are allowed to drink an alcoholic beverage while listening to other people or the comedians for the night singing. It opens and is available for dinner around 9pm daily. If you’re planning to go on thursdays, we suggest that you go early as the place is small and can only accommodate a number of people and they have around 5 Karaoke rooms only.

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The place is a good place to dine in as they have lots of dishes to choose from. Mostly filipino dishes. They have good music that plays as well all night long so you won’t definitely be bored chilling in the said place.

They allow smoking inside the bar as well for smokers.

The Karaoke Room

As we said earlier, there are 5 Karaoke rooms more or less inside the bar. These are private rooms where you can dine and sing at the same time. The room is equipped with televisions and a surround sound for the best singing experience.

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They will also provide you with two microphones so that you can have an option to sing in tandem or just go solo on your favorite songs. Their song book consists of new and all time favorite songs. Song genre and language varies as well to accommodate different nationalities. You should know by now that Dubai or the United Arab Emirates as a whole is home to 40+ different nationalities.

The best part about these private rooms is that it is completely yours and your friends only. You can smoke, drink and dine inside without other people hearing or getting bothered. You can rent the place for a minimum of 3 hours for AED 300 or approximately USD 80.

You might think that this is expensive but if it shared with a group of 5 people the sharing of the karaoke room goes down and goes pretty cheap. Not to mention that the amount paid is consumable.

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Consumable meaning the amount you paid can be used to buy any of their available drinks and food for you to dine in. Of course, any food and drinks that exceeds the original amount paid will be charged on your final bill as well.

The room can actually accommodate more than 5 people. The room that was given to us can easily fit 10 to 13 people inside the room. We just said that a group of 5 will lessen the amount as we were 5 in total when we went to the said place.

If you want to see our actual full video regarding our Karaoke Night you can click the link – Click Here

Makati Bar Map

How To Get To Makati Bar – Asiana Hotel

You might be wondering – okay it looks nice! But how do we get there? Take it easy, continue to read on and we’ll teach you how you can get there with ease.

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Follow the directions below on how you can get to Makati Bar – Asiana Hotel.

Public Transport

If you’re planning to take the public transportation, then this guide is for you.

1. The first thing you need to do is to find the nearest metro station in your place.

2. Once you identified your location and which metro station is near your place. Take the metro and get to Union station – red line.

3. Alight from the Union metro station – red line but don’t tap your card and go outside, instead follow the directions going to green line metro station.

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4. While looking for the green line metro station waiting area inside the Union station, you will notice that there are two choices, take the green line metro station going to Etisalat.

5. Once you’re in the right metro station waiting area, ride the train and alight at Salah Al Din metro station.

6. After alighting the train, find the direction going to reef mall, walk past it and you will find Asiana Hotel. This will take around 5 to 10 minutes walk depending on how fast or slow you walk. Lol!

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Private Transport

Private transport going to Asiana is easier. You just need to put in your maps Asiana hotel or Reef Mall and google maps will provide you the right place. They do have valet parking so no need for you to find parking on your own. Just make sure to validate your ticket to one of the place you went to inside Asiana Hotel. In your case, it is Makati Bar.

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Review of Makati Bar

If you’re looking for a place to hang out in Dubai especially if you’re located around Al Rigga or Deira then Makati Bar and Asiana Hotel is one of the best place to go to. Aside from Makati Bar, inside Asiana Hotel is another bar but we’ll talk about it on our future post.

Makati Bar place is not that big so if you want to get seats or if you’re bringing a big group with you to party or sing til the morning comes, we suggest that either you call them before hand and inquire if they can accommodate you or just go to the place very early.

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The room is quite spacious like what we said earlier, it can fit up to 15 people maybe.

You can smoke inside the room or at the bar, you can get alcoholic drinks as well as get good food.

The variety of food inside is amazing and delicious so you won’t be disappointed. The serving time is pretty normal, sometimes quicker than expected. It was a really good place to dine in.

The quality of the equipments like the microphone and the background music were really good. There have not encountered major problems except for the weak batteries of the karaoke remote control.

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The list of songs numbers in the hundreds so it is more that enough for a 3 hours of singing or more than that depending on how long you prefer to stay.

All in all, we definitely recommend the place to anyone looking to relieve stress and for people who are going through trials and problems. This is a place to just sing, chill and forget about the daily challenges of life.

Make sure to bring money, Although the price is pretty cheap compared to other places, you might not be able to notice the number of food and drink that you’re ordering so make sure to bring extra.

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This is it for our blog about the best place to do Karaoke in Dubai! To get updated with the latest article on our blog, you can sign up on our mailing list or visit our site from time to time to see new articles.

Til next time, thank you for reading!



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