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Why did we start a travel blog?

Why did we start a blog? You wanna know why?

Hi readers, Welcome to our site!

After careful consideration, reading and watching youtube tutorials we have now launched our website for travel and leisure. Before I share what to expect from our site, let me share quickly how we came up with the idea.

We went to visit Jordan last March and like many others, we don’t know what to expect or have the slightest idea on how we’ll get there (it was our first travel outside Dubai). So what we did is we searched online for tips, advises and how to instructions to get there.

While looking for information, we had a hard time researching on how we should do it and what needs to be done for us to be able to travel and maximize our time and be able to visit most of the attractions with our limited vacation time.

Reasons include why we had a hard time was that we only know few friends who had tried going to the said places, very little number of helpful guides from the web, we also don’t have the luxury of time to research real hard on the subject and so on.

With all the constraints that we experienced, we wondered how we could share our experience with other people and to a larger audience. We thought it would be for the best if more guides will be there to provide information regarding a certain place or certain process to arrive at the said destination.

This is where the idea to write our experiences, our colleague's experiences and other people’s experience into a blog site to help lessen the time, energy and to ease up the search for planning future getaways.

This is not to say that the other already existing blogs are not helping or are giving vague contents to the readers. We just wanted more information to come on the web to give a better research experience to the people looking for ways to travel.

Our team is composed of Filipinos who are currently working in Dubai. Expect the contents that we'll publish mostly consist of places in Dubai and Philippines. We'll still post contents regarding other countries that we will visit in the future or places that our friends or readers have visited and have allowed us to publish their experiences too.

We will be updating the site and put more content on it as we move along. So make sure to visit it or subscribe to our social media pages as we will share the link here once we have new updates on our website.

We look forward to your support and hope that the content that we’ll add here will help you decide, plan, give you ideas on what to do in places that you want to visit. For our first content, we’ll write about our experience when we went to Jordan. Look forward to it.

We at FeebleFeet are very excited!

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